Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Park City Off Season

I'm glad we got a chance to see Park City in the off season, uncovered by snow and ice, and hoards of people. An old mining town, there's still plenty of gold and silver to be had at this popular resort. Shopping, restaurants, Victorian buildings, more restaurants, and more shopping.

Something to catch your eye in every window, and this time of year a different kind of footwear than snow boots!

Park City is a cozy homey relaxed place. Great for beating the summer heat. Utah is still blazing hot this year on the last weekend of August.

I like the way the town celebrates its history, and the vintage touches everywhere, like this old porch settee out front of the Park City Clothing Company.

I'm not much for western wear, but was charmed by this flashy gal dressed to the nines outside the shop.

But of course there's something for everybody here.

We got in a pleasant stroll down the tidy main street, with its old buildings and old time flavor.

The old brick City Hall is undergoing renovations.

The Pizza and Noodle joint is so popular it overflows into the street. . . .

A terrific vantage point from which to see all the comings and goings and beautiful people.

We didn't actually take in the Museum. Only the shop. You find the most interesting things in museum shops. Don't you think?

More vintage.

The end of summer is a wonderful time to get around, especially in the mountains.

Even the season has its patina on like old leather and tea stained linen. It's still August but the leaves are turning on the high hills. We are into the yellowed pages of summer. Each one telling its own narrative of joyful days in the sun.

Our last stop in town before we head to camp is the deli and a "Picnic to Go".

Maybe we'll be back in winter. . . .

For now it's time to move on. There's still some summer action out there to be harnessed. Time to peddle on and squeeze out the last sweet drops of summer fun.

Hope it's still happening out there for you too!
Great week to you!



  1. Wow Jaqueline,
    This post and the town reminds me of a scene out of holywood films. Utah. Park City.
    All foreign names to me, but i sure would like to visit that town. It has lots of charm
    I can imagine that it must be super hot.
    Those shoes..never seen anything like them!
    enjoyed reading this post
    thank you so much for leaving comments on my post ..
    val xxxx

  2. Love this post. So interesting to see different places in Amerika.

    Hugs Bente

  3. Hi Jacqueline: Glad you had a little vacation. Looks like an interesting little town. It's funny, how all the old gold mining towns sort of all look alike. Looked like lots of good shopping and I love those bees wax candles and that styling moose.. .Happy Tuesday..Judy

  4. Looks like a lovely place, Jacqueline, with so much to see. The little tin dish set was my favorite, and the white embroidered blouse. Wishing you a pleasant week, too!

  5. Enjoyed seeing Park City. I have never been there, but reminds me of some Colorado towns. Love all the photos, thanks!

  6. What a picturesque town...I'd love to visit and shop!! Thanks for the tour!


  7. thanks for sharing this sweet town, and shops, jacqueline! that moose(?) is a hoot!

  8. That was a beautiful trip, thank you! :) I love all that old time charm and creativity! :D


  9. Park City is very cool indeed. I used to live only 40 min. from there...a suburb of the Salt Lake valley.
    I love that white shirt you posted, LOVED IT. The moose was funny.
    I haven't been there for 5 years now.
    Enjoy your last bit of summer

  10. This looks a really interesting and fun place to visit.

  11. What a neat town to visit! I love the flowers in the planters and the funny moose with it's stylish boots and jeans! I think it's great that places like this have been kept up.

  12. Jacqueline,
    What amazing photos of Park City! Too cute, your gal dressed to the nines! Ha! I adored the vintage buildings and the glider! Thanks for taking us along!

  13. A charming city, indeed! Love the moosey gal!


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