Wednesday, August 29, 2012

At Mirror Lake

 Sometimes I just need a good dose of piney woodsey. We have our own forest nearby in New Mexico, of course. But Mirror Lake in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah has a drama all its own.
The lake is small enough to take a gorgeous walk around the path at its perimeter in under an hour. Even though it rained off and on the entire weekend, we had time to sit for awhile along the banks and watch a pair of falcons dive for fish and carry them off for their young. 
We also spotted wooly mountain goats on the slopes of the bald mountain.

Audrey wanted to find an interesting treasure for her "possibles" bag.  


What she found was a tad too large, so we hung it from a tree and made it the camp mascot!

Everyone I saw had a big camera lens hanging from their neck. I saw some impressive nature shots from around the lake. But there is really no way to capture the scent of pine, the feel of cold mountain air, the warmth of a good campfire, or the call of a falcon. 
The peace and beauty of such a place stays with you only so long.
  So you just have to keep coming back. . . .

It's just about time to start packing up for September!
Any plans for the holiday weekend ahead?
Hope it's good. . . .


  1. Beautiful pictures.
    What did she find foe her possibles bag after all?

    Cheers, Gee

  2. It looks so idyllic! I can just imagine how good it smelled!
    We plan to be home since we live in a very touristy town we'll probably try to avoid the masses! All the campgrounds up here will be full of visitors and lots of campfires! We'll probably have our own little campfire on our patio! Hope your weekend is great!

  3. Oh, Jacqueline: What beauty and you captured it all in full glory. I can just smell the campfire and the woods and hear the silence. What a wonderful adventure. We are going camping also,but not in such an inspiring place..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  4. Piney that. Hope it sticks with you for a little while. <3

  5. You certainly captured it for me!!!
    I have never been to that State, but I have been out to our western provinces, here in Canada.....and this reminds me of Banff and Lake Louise...lovely photos Jacqueline...enjoy your long weekend...we will be at the cottage, with some of our kids and their significant others...
    Full moon expected...perhaps a bonfire and some fireworks...but we are in for a HOT weekend here...I hope the summer goes on forever...

    Linda :o)

  6. Now that is my kind of vacation get away...much better than sitting on a hot beach for me.

  7. Looks wonderful and a lot of fun/ Maria

  8. Gorgeous pictures.. It really looks like you had a splendid time. We are headed to SF and then onwards to Durango, Pagosa Springs, Creed, Wolf Creek, La Veta....and then home. Hope to get some trout hooked on this trip! xo marlis

  9. Jacqueline,
    I couldn't agree more about all the other senses that are actively engaged in nature! Your photos will keep those memories alive! Lovely views!

  10. Hi Jacqueline. This lake looks like a nice place to relax and enjoy nature. I also enjoyed your post on Park City and your one of the backyard picnic (including the ant!). There is a definite chill in the air today but it's going to be hot again which I don't mind a bit. I'm dreading the winter already. I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend coming up. Blessings, Pamela

  11. Beautiful photos.It looks so serene and peaceful! What a beautiful getaway!

  12. What a perfect escape. Just beautiful!

  13. You've been to so many amazing places lately. I've enjoyed coming along for the ride through your blogposts.
    It's so beautiful here... wow
    and i love Audrey's "possibles" bag.


  14. Beautiful scenery! I just love the mountains. There is nothing like it : ) I hope you had a wonderful time!

    Danielle xo

  15. Oh my, that looks so beautiful there! What a wonderful getaway.

  16. Hi Jacqueline-

    I could scroll through your photos all day! The pictures around this lake...gorgeous.

    I am curious as to what that creature was, that was hung in the tree? It looked like a turtle?
    The possibles bag is delightful!

    Glad you had a fun time with family.

    ...I loved the 2 previous posts before this too! Pat

  17. Wow - looks absolutely amazing!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  18. Looks like you had an amazing time! Lovely pictures!

  19. A very impressive place.
    Great photos Jaqueline.
    lots of memories.

  20. What a beautiful area. I love the smell of a piney mountain lake :)

  21. What a beautiful peaceful place to visit! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  22. Oooo such beauty! I can dream of being there!

  23. What a lovely place, Jacqueline! Your pictures really capture the majesty as well as the peace and quiet. I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend.

  24. What lovely photos. I had no idea that Utah had areas like this, I've always thought of it as a desert region.

  25. Your last couple of posts certainly has me a little "homesick" for Utah where I lived for 28 years.
    Camping...mountains, lakes...My Favorite thing.

  26. You did a beautiful job of photographing the lake and surrounding pines (and Park City).


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