Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lavender Festival

The Lavender Festival is a newish tradition here, tucked away in the old part of the city in the little Village of Los Ranchos which I tell everyone is the real Albuquerque. While the Duke of Albuquerque was busy in 1706 building a church and town square to make a name for himself in what is now Old Town, ranchers and farmers were eking out a living along the Rio Grande river in small villages like Los Ranchos, the ranches. 

The festival has only been held a few years, with a year off in 2011 to find itself. It's well atttended by enthusiastic and forgiving crowds looking for entertainment and the luscious scent of lavender. About here is where I would like to place a colorful photo of lush lavender fields like the ones you see in Tuscany, but we don't have those.

David Welch Poster

Here is the romanticized version of the fields from the 2010 poster by the talented painter David Welch, a local watercolor artist. And here is his website. I have seen him working at his easel in the village along the road that winds through the small farms and the beautiful large estates in the rural heart of town.

What the festival does have is the Los Poblanos Farm and their wonderfully marketed line of products. The farm owns the fields, and has varying degrees of success with the crop from year to year, as you may see from photos of former years if you wish at the official website of the festival HERE. They have a little local history at the site too.

There are other lavender vendors of course, but none as extensive as this local source.

Wonderful products from an event still finding its legs in our community. . . . There are also lovely photos of  The Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm at their website that are quite worth looking at HERE. It's a perfect time of year for little local events and fairs. I hope you're enjoying getting out and about to some of them.

So glad you stopped by!



wendy said...

amazing all the things you can do with Lavendar
so soothing
soooo relaxing and peaceful
It is a "balm of goodness" for sure

Fresh Vanilla For C said...

Wish I was there!! I can smell it from here:)
Have a great night

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

A Lavender Festival! How wonderful!!

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Do I smell a lavender product giveaway in your future, Jacqueline?

Hee hee, kidding. Kinda.


Thanks for an amazing post and I am going to check out that site right now!!

Danielle said...

Mmmm, I can practically smell the lavender! I wish I could be there at the the festival! What a treat!

Danielle xo

PS Check out my latest giveaway, Jacqueline. I bet you would love it : )

Angie said...

You're killing me! Sure wish I could have gone!! I wish I had known about it - I would have told my mom and sister to go.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

What a great festival...I'd probably go broke shopping for all those wonderful goods...

Maggie Ann said...

Who doesn't love lavender? It is so special. I love lavender soaps in the summertime, along with some mint now and again.

Anne@A Little Fur in the Paint said...

What a wonderful event, Jacqueline! I adore lavender...wish I could have gone! ♥♥

SizzleandZoom said...

This inspires me to grow some. Miss it in my neighbor's yard. said...

C'est génial.... un festival consacré à la lavande!!!!!
En France, et plus particulièrement en Provence, nous avons d'immenses champs de lavande et une grande production de produits dérivés.....
mais malheureusement pas de festival...... quel dommage!!!!!!
Bonne journée

Ineke van den Akker said...

SUPER! Just love this!

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I bet it smells heavenly! The graphics and labels are wonderful, too.

Snap said...

I adore lavender and it is something else I could grow in Albuquerque that I can't grow here! Fun post.

trash talk said...

Their packaging is every bit as lovely as their product.
I would never have connected lavender with N.M. if not for this great post.
I'm off to look.

On Crooked Creek said...

Does a trip to the local Farmer's Market count in getting "out 'n about"??? Probably not! Lavendar is the one thing that grows well on this side of the well, in fact, it nearly destroyed my rose bushes in the front flower bed. I've moved it to the back garden areas...where it is NOT doing well. Guess I'll have to re~think that next year. Last year I was able to get three bountiful harvest from two plants (bushes)! Nothing this ear...pooh! I do love the history in this post!!!

Carole said...

I can just imagine how divine the whole place must have smelled. Sadly no lavender farms in CT.( that I know of) you have to perfect climate for them.


Bella said...

Hi J,
That looks like a zen day! I like the honey lavender soap combo... sounds divine :-)

A Super Dilettante said...

My dear Jacqueline,

It sounds like a great festival. I love the farm shop and its quirky designs. I adore lavendar scent. I used to buy dry lavendar at Laura Ashley's shop but they stopped selling them for some reasons and I miss it quite awfully. My grandmother would be in her element as she loves lavendar. She often puts dry lavendar under her pillows because she said it helps her sleep. Lavendar is for the ladies!! Have you seen a film called Ladies of Lavendar? What a charming tale and the music is beautiful. Have a great weekend. Best wishes, ASD

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Oh a Lavendar Festival...if only I lived closer.
We attended the Lilac Festival on Macinac Island some years ago...the scent alone!

Cindy said...

It all looks quite charming! They are doing a great job with packaging too, the soaps and all the containers are really very pretty!


The Zeigler Homestead said...

A Lavender festival sounds wonderful. Reminds me of the Lilac festival that is held every Spring near Rochester, NY. The smell is heavenly!!

Envoy-ette said...

I want to plant some lavender now!

Haworth said...

Oh my, I'll take one of everything! HA! How lucky to have them so near to your home. I think I'll be going off to their website very soon...
I hope you had a great time at the festival and brought a few sweet scented lavender items home?

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