Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vintage 4th of July

What is more iconic to the 4th of July than watermelon!? I place it way ahead of fireworks!

As usual vintage linens are a front and center feature of any important occasion at our house, and the 4th is no exception. My vintage red checked quilt serves as the foundation. And vintage linen stripe towels make fabulous napkins for a big job like juicy watermelon!

My small and growing collection of vintage rose drinking glasses is perfect for the occasion and takes you back to "grandma's house" like few things can.

I learned to embroider when grade school was out for the summer, and have never gotten over the cheery appeal of vintage embroidered tea towels in all their variety.

I would always want some vintage metal lawn chairs at any backyard Independence Day celebration. Cool during the hot day and perfect for fireworks with a spread thrown over when the evening gets chilly.

The size of the table and the melon tells you how many are expected each year. Sometimes it's thirty, and sometimes only three!

But no matter how many guests there are, a game of croquet before the show starts just seems like the right thing to do. And the kids would never let you get away without it anyway! And there's nothing that has quite the same character as an old painted vintage set of croquet balls and mallets. Game anyone?

Ready for the WORKS?
Here's wishing you a VINTAGE happy 4th of July!
Thanks for stopping by! Ciao! for now!


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  1. Your table is lovely. I am in love with that red and white quilt.

  2. Everything looks yummy! What a great VINTAGE tablescape. Thank you for being a part of the Vintage 4th of July Blog Party. xo Joan, your hostess

  3. love your 4th July setting.. the vintage linens are just lovely..

  4. I like the way you celebrate the 4th! That quilt is fabulous, and so are all of the linens. But my favorite is the rose glasses. How pretty!
    Happy 4th!
    Carol~~Old Glory Cottage

  5. You have gathered some wonderful things! They certainly evoke a delightful mood - a wanting to spend leisurely hours relaxing, enjoying fresh produce and playing games on the lawn! So Victoria! Thank you for stopping by my July Victoria post! I sure hope we have a delightsome gathering! There are so many wonderful blog parties - so much fun to learn and share with lovely ladies such as you.
    God Bless you today!

  6. love it all! would also LOVE to spend the 4th at THAT table!

  7. That quilt is just scrumptious! Happy 4th of July.....tomorrow is our big day. Canada day!

  8. Hate the noise of fireworks. But love watermelon. And I truly love your quilt and all your displays. You're so creative and talented!

  9. Love the vintage setting. I'm with you on the watermelon being an icon of the holiday.

    Happy 4th! And Happy Rednesday!

  10. Lovely table setting. I love the vintage linens and the quilt for a tablecloth. Also the rose glasses. So cute. Happy Fourth!

  11. Nice post about special vintage the photos with the croquet mallets in them!

  12. What a lovely table setting. It's all so cheerful!
    Great job.

  13. What a Beautiful Setting ~ Now I want some Watermelon..... Happy 4th "God Bless America"

  14. very nice, love everything, so comfortable feeling.

  15. Love the watermelon.....what would 4th of July be without that....Happy fourth of JUly!!!!

  16. This is one of my favorite post! It is so sweet and so inviting! Love it!

  17. Your first picture of that watermelon just screams "SUMMERTIME"! What a wonderful collection of vintage items you have. I think I'll take a peek around the rest of your blog, it looks so inviting!


  18. My mother had those rose glasses. Thanks for the memory. Happy 4th

  19. It all looks GREAT....wonderful pictures..check out the Giveaway at A Baby Changes Everything

    Have a safe and happy Fourth. Celebrate America

  20. Your table setting and picnic arrangement is wonderful, such soft colors.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Hoilday

  21. It's all so lovely - I hope you have lots of fun!


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