Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jane's Cottage Garden

These cheery lady vases belong to my very refined mother-in-law, Jane. They are most at home on the table in her tiny patio garden where she often entertains her other "ladies" as she calls her many friends, acquaintances, and fellow bridge players.

Jane loves to set a pretty table, and her cottage garden is as charming a setting to do it in as any you will find in a story book.

A twig birdhouse wishes you welcome at the gate where a charming little potted plant has been carefully placed in the bird's nest.

A few of these whimsical touches are hallmarks of the diminutive garden space.

Lush blooms cocoon visitors at the table, and many an informal garden party has taken place here. It's perfect to wander out in the morning for coffee and linger over the daily paper.

One of her favorite garden features is this goldfinch feeder. But birds of all feathers surround the place, and it's a great stage for birdwatching.

And now the lush potato vine is all in bloom. Spectacular!

The patio always looks wonderful, but the extra moisture in Santa Barbara this year has produced marvelous growth in every direction. Especially for the geraniums!

The blooms have become the size of globe chrysanthemums or hydrangeas!

And the vine has become larger than ever in the corner it has always loved.

It's only a matter of what gets planted season to season. Jane's garden will always be a part of her life. When she saw these pictures, she said,"Gosh the pictures turned out so nice they make things look almost better than they really are!" But of course the opposite is true.

Happy Mother's Day to my darling Mother-in-Law, Jane, always the brightest flower in her garden.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! I wished I could jump through my computer and enter the gate in that second picture---so inviting. I have never see geraniums so large and lush. I plant them in pots here in OR every spring (it's the only flower the slugs won't eat, and we have lots of slugs!) I love them (geraniums, not slugs!), but they're not anywhere near that large and beautiful! What a lovely lady Jane is, especially in that pretty blue.
    Happy Mother's day to you, too, Jacqueline!!
    Love, Kay

  2. Thanks Kay! As Always. Happy Mother's Day to you too! Thanks for checking in. I always like knowing what you think.

  3. Jacqueline, I popped over to this post from the thumbnail at the end of today's post. So glad I got to see this one. Your MIL's garden is amazing. Those geraniums are truly amazing. Wow!
    Love her little group of ladies. I have one of these ladies. I need to pull her out of the cupboard and enjoy her. They look great in their flower hats. ~ Sarah


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