Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lacy Whites at Cabin & Cottage

Nothing shows off the textures of white quite like lace. Sometimes just a touch can make all the difference-- like the bit of lace at the edge of this lamp shade. But a lot of surfaces have a lace-like quality that mimics the real thing. White on white embroidery has that effect. This urn lamp even has lacy handles.
This lacy sheer flocked curtain panel has a tracery pattern that shows off best next to a dark surface or through a sunlit window. And chiffon and lace go together like a pinafore and a little girl! So sweet.
A lacy cloth draped over almost anything brings romantic drama to a space.
The airy flower garland border of this picture frame compliments the lace worn by the Victorian Lady pictured within. Who is she dreaming of?
But lacy cream-ware china has to be my all time favorite. Here it's layered on whitework napkins with a narrow hand crocheted lace trim.
And who thinks of metal as being lacy? But here's the proof. Iron porch trim often has a lacy pattern.
As does this leafy metal chandelier.
Even an ornate ceiling tile has a lacy look.
The French can make anything lacy. Even a wooden clock!
And then of course there there are the numberless types of lace itself.
Hand made and crocheted lace in ecru.
A lace edged shelf adds so much to a space and really dresses up a linen closet.
Here fillet lace and cut work hand towels drape like flowers from a wicker basket.
The ever popular Pineapple pattern doily layered over a fleur de lis runner.
And antique french silk curtain panels! OOOh la la! Can you say "tres chic"?
Finally lace tablecloths. Can one ever have enough? Though a little goes a long way--my preference is to have only touches of lace in a room--I never tire of admiring lace's endless variety and intricate beauty. Different white color tones layered together is especially pleasing to me.

Have a Happy White Wednesday! And thanks again to Kathleen at Faded Charm for hosting my favorite post of the week, and where you can find links to much more white! Au revoir! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh my look at all the lace.....what could be more gorgeous!!! I love your photos, everything looks wonderful.
    Margaret B

  2. Loving that chandelier and ceiling tin!

  3. You're quite right about metal being lacy. But oh, the lace. Hope you'll stop by if you have time. Jane F.

  4. all of the lace is beautiful! and i love that ceiling tin.

  5. The chandelier is gorgeous and the shelf with the collection of lines just breathtaking!!!

  6. Your laces are just gorgeous. Each photo was so yummy. The chandy and the iron work are my faves!

  7. Hi, thanks for dropping by to see me and leaving a comment, it is so good to hear from everyone.
    I love your lace, it would be great to stop by your shop and browse!

  8. Great photos, and I love the chandi! Also a bit fond of the iron piece with the rust. Have a wonderful WW!
    Take care, Sue

  9. Simply elegant! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Oh my what a beautiful blog site you have!! If you had never visited me I would have never known about your lovely site, so thank you! Everything is just gorgeous, especially that metal chandelier and the stacks of linens. I have a weak spot for vintage linens and chandeliers.
    Have a great day!

  11. All is fabulous in this post! I am partial to 'real' lace, even if I love each and every detail of the photos you shared! I have lace curtains, lace in my towels, lace on my pillows and even my wedding dress was entirely made of French lace!;)) Would you tell I love lace??
    Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment!

  12. everything looks so gorgeous...i am so loving the stacks and stacks of beautiful linens...*sigh*...utterly lovely!!!

  13. Hi Jacqueline!
    Your images are just gorgeous! And I couldn't agree more about just makes everything that much nicer.

    I wanted to thank for the wonderfully thoughtful comments you left on my last post, they really did mean so much to me.

    All the best,

  14. Hi, I'm new to your blog, but have to tell you, this is the most beautiful post. All of your lace is exquisite! Oh, to be closer to your shop...

  15. Couldn't find you to thank you Sandra--thanks for popping in and giving me a good word.

    And thanks to you all for the lovely feedback.

  16. I LOVE vintage lace so much!! You have some amazing pieces!! Thanks for showing us all your beautiful treasures!!


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