Sunday, May 2, 2010

Marcia's House On Stage

Marcia's Santa Barbara home has just been staged for sale. The wet El Nino year (or is it La Nina?) has done something marvelous for the landscaping which can often be more about cutting back than anything else.

The few things Marcia and Richard added often came from thrifting. Something they're old hands at.

These sunny scenes came just before yet another unseasonal rainfall.

The lush garden is typical for Santa Barbara. Gorgeous!

The cheery porch is as much a pleasure to look at as to sit on!

The welcoming front door.

Marcia and Richard are used to living with their beautiful and extensive collection of art and antiques. Most of their fine pieces are family heirlooms. The majority of their things are put in storage to showcase the wonderful architecture of the home. The side benefit is that they already have a head start on the eventual move! These upholstered pieces were simply switched with those in another room of the house.

The re-arrangement of accessories gives a new pleasing aspect to the dining room.

The table stays set with just the beginning requirements of a beautifully laid dinner party (we had that later).

Even the china collection is edited a bit to show it off it better.

Great-grandfathers portrait (really) was switched from living to dining room as if he might join in the dinner conversation! And grandmother's tea set stands ready.

Very little was changed in the breakfast area where Marcia displays her beloved transfer-ware collection. Some of her pieces are souvenirs from a "girl" trip with her daughter to England. (Or France?)

The movable kitchen island was removed and opens up the space to appear much more spacious. I love the creamy cabinetry!

One of Marcia's own works is showcased above the bed.

Marcia and Richard's daughter and son are already away at school. No hardship to pare down this room.

Rachel Ashwell's sheets appear in the loveliest places. This old iron bed turned up in one of their treasure jaunts.

As did this lovely lady. One of many in Richard's collection on temporary reassignment.

This guest room was one area that may have been most dramatically altered. It was their teen-aged son's room. More need saying?

I've always said that I liked my house best the day we got the keys and it still sat completely empty. I've been working hard to get it closer to that these days. Jermaine from French Kissed Santa Barbara) says that we should stage our homes to dwell instead of staging to sell. In agreement, Marcia thinks she will have her new home staged when she finally gets to move in. Bravo! Ciao! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Marcia's house looks like my dream come true!! So gorgeous! I believe I'd never be inside if I had that yard and blue sky, but the colors inside are so inviting, too. Thanks for sharing the home.


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