Thursday, May 6, 2010

Conflicts of Interests

No you have not stumbled upon some 'Autumns of a past life' post. You are looking at one of my major decorating conflicts. Am I in love with all white rooms? Passionately. Do I get all giddy and cheerful in the presence of soft pinks and greens together? For sure. Is there a dark old English side board fetish lurking somewhere in my psyche? Ahh. . . guess so. And in my dining room too.

This look originates from a past life staring at Brambly Hedge picture books and wishing myself into those teeny little mouse size rooms of my inner life. I would like to say that these were books from my childhood--but no. I discovered Jill Barklem, a British illustrator now mostly out of print, when my own children were young. Her illustrations are chuck full of charming little cottage rooms OVERFLOWING with stuff just like this.

I LOVE brown transfer-ware. Especially aesthetic movement era with birds and geometrics. And I have a very small collection because I'm, (a) out of room and, (b) I want to find it for nothing. So these are mostly stumbled upon, and some irresistables. Also here is my entire doggie collection. It will probably never get any bigger (see point (a) above). But I am completely charmed by and attached to it now.

For a long while things have just collected here while I have been concentrating on my shop. But blogging has a way of making you have a serious look around. I've never changed this sideboard seasonally except for Christmas. But I'm going to have fun (a) dusting off and (b) putting things away for a couple of seasons. Thanks for sharing my treasured conflicts and "before pictures." Now I'll go dream up something for "after."

"Spring was moving in the air above and in the earth below and around him, penetrating even his dark and lowly little house with its spirit of divine discontent and longing."
Mole in The River Bank chapter of Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham.

Au revoir, ciao, and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. You totally have me hook, line, and sinker. I'm just an Engish Cottage Junkie and this is just what I love!!! The transferware in geometrics, oh gosh I love it. I have a bird pitcher and a super old plate, and the dogs, hold me back, they're darling. Love, love, love this, can I come and visit?
    big hugs,

  2. Great post, love the brown and white. Don't you just love vintage doggies! I collect all white ones (we have had two all white huskies). It is getting harder and harder to find them now.

  3. Love your brown transferware. I do collect vintagey china with the theme pink roses. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Cool post! I too have a wonderful hoosier cabinet full of my treasures! It has yet to be shabbied, something about the brown probably is giving my husband false hope that things will go dark again....but oh no, right now I am on the shabby train baby. Now where is my mouse hole...

  5. What an absolutely beautiful collection! Have a great Friday, T

  6. I love your colection of brown and white tranferware and the dogs too. you have it all so well displayed.


  7. I love it the way you've displayed your aesthetic movement transferware with all the doggies! I have collections of both too! You've got some wonderful pieces!

    Stop by my's all about English transferware!

    Thanks for sharing your great post...found you via Romantic Home!

  8. Yep thats me too! Conflict of interests! If I had my choice I would love an all white house , but that is not gonna happen so I just mix it in. Also love a little brown transferware. All of my pieces I have picked up for a quarter or so at yard sales. I think I have three or four pieces now. Oh shoot, I may have spent $2.00 on one piece. :)
    Happy Friday!!

  9. Hi there, your post just lured me in. Love all the browns and beiges, yes, and whites. Beautiful vignette and I'm sure whatever you do to change it up will be fresh and just as luring to me. I'm new to your blog and loving what I see!

  10. Jacqueline, Your brown transferware and little dogs sitting on the white lace are so charming! I can't wait to see your "after" pictures. I know what you mean about conflict of interest. I love white and really love to see the White Wednesday posts. I also crave color, though, and have painted most of my rooms in lovely colors with beautiful names like "glorious gold", "sunporch yellow", "coral serenade", and "heart to heart"(pink)--and love, love, love them! I also have my mother's and my mother-in-law's dark wood china cupboards that I wouldn't think about painting white. Ah well! If we have to have conflict in our lives, this is a nice one to have! Love, Kay

  11. Thanks to all of you for commenting. This was a really fun post to do.

    For Kay: I remember being so surprised by all the red and citrus colors that you have. (I don't know why.)But it makes sense in Oregon, no?
    Thanks for stopping by!!!!! JQ

  12. Hello My Dear it sounds like many of us agree with you. I too have a conflict but have made the best of it as I can for right now. If you check out my archives you will see what I mean.

    I love your idea of changing for the summer season. I try to do that and I'm to the point where I have enough of each season to do the change. Have fun!
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  13. I, too am a lover of Brambly hedge...having been a kindergarten teacher and Brit, they were perfect and loved by them (and me. And I, too am an Aesthetic movement lover but as I love any color as long as it's blue, the blue predominates over the brown...but only slightly! And salt glaze, and...
    Love rooms...lovely post.


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