Sunday, November 3, 2019

Life Unscripted & A Few New Things

Hello friends! I missed the entire month of October blogging, and this basket is almost as close as I got to decorating for it! I have been living an unstaged life for quite a while now. Some seasons of life are like that, don't you think?

I use my market baskets pretty constantly, but I have a habit of stowing stuff in the large wicker baskets when I don't have room for stuff, and they are usually all over the place. So handy! I was real pleased how good they look stacked up together at this end of the dining room.

We have had a lot of visitors over the summer and early fall, so not much has changed decoratively speaking. But I have managed to take a break for finding treasures now and then. Nothing is so relaxing as mindlessly picking through other people's stuff! LOL!

This little garden sieve charmed me and has found a temporary spot in the empty frame that I change out now and then.

It in turn frames a favorite teeny print of mine and gives it a bit more presence. (Oops! Even fuzzier than I thought.)

A change of table linen is rather constant. And these just got folded from the wash. I thought they could make a nice backdrop to show you a few recent finds!

More on these a little further on...

For now, this is what's happening on the little patio. We had to scramble to bring in the house plants when the overnight temps took a sudden plunge. I wish I was one of those persons who had it all together both inside and out!!

But my Swedish ivy and shamrocks survived life on the patio over summer and even rewarded us with a little bloom when we brought them in.

These guys are sort of a record for me keeping houseplants alive. I'm so proud!

(Hope it lasts!  :0))

I was thrilled to find a couple of new marmalade pots! They are not so cheap here and was happy to pay 15 each. I love the patina on the left one.

I can't tell you how cheery it was to find this little china creamer with the fall leaves on it!

Berries on the other side.

That just might be it for the fall decorating around here!

I also wish I had one of those so chic kitchens that I see all over. But ours is so small that I have finally given it over to pure function. It is usually full of a thousand people all cooking and cleaning together.

We did manage to get an installer for the range hood between guests a couple of weeks ago. We have been without one for a dozen years. Taking out the overhead cupboards made the room breathe so much easier even though we lost so much storage. 

I thought I would hate it, but I don't. And that little wooden wall rack with hooks that I already had fits perfectly underneath it! Adding a standing pot tower is next.

A precious new transfer ware trivet tile.

And a pretty little piece from an old clock! Not sure where I will use it yet.

This is the eensiest gathering basket I have ever seen. So cute! It may end up as a Christmas tree ornament.

I also found this larger one full of stone eggs. They are so hefty and smooth, and have a bit of a flat side so they don't roll. I just like having one in my hand like a worry stone. Who can't use that!?! Haha! There are exactly a dozen. Come on over and try one out!

Finally, I came across this adorable sampler that I am sure was waiting especially for me and my little cottage house. I love the fall colors, but also the evergreen trees. Thanks so much to the anonymous hands that stitched it up!

So nice that you stopped by!

Thanks for checking in.

Hope it's a great week for you!



  1. Jacqueline,
    Great finds!
    I adore the glimpses into your kitchen. . .a first for me!
    LOVE the eggs!
    I made a sampler similar to your recent find in the early 70's
    and framed it in a similar frame for my beloved Mother-in-Law.
    I, too, have not posted much this past month.
    Life has been busy!

  2. Hey J! Sweet post!

    Boy do I love love love that little creamer with the leaves on it. It is adorable!

    I like your above stove area too. Ours is too low with our microwave hood thing, and have been trying to figure out what to do. I like the idea of the old ceiling tin protecting your wall in back too.

    As always, I love visiting your sweet home. ♥

  3. so many things to love here, J. your kitchen is wonderful. I love a working kitchen; it looks like many delicious meals made with love were created there. I love seeing all your lovely linens and especially those doggies. Happy Fall!

  4. Lovely post, Jacqueline. I'm so curious about the stone eggs. Are they antique and did they have a purpose (like warming cold feet under covers in the winter, or ? ? ). Perhaps they have always only been decorative but kudos to the maker to get them so smooth and flat in the right places.

  5. Love your kitchen and all your recent finds!! I have some milk glass eggs, I was told they were put in the hen's nest to encourage the laying of eggs.....

    Happy Fall......cleo

  6. Sure wish you sold your stuff on line. I definitely would purchase one of those mustard pots. Can't find any where I live in South Carolina.

  7. Lovely post today Jacqueline! đź’•

  8. Hi Jacqueline,
    Oh where to start! Always swoon when you post. Love all the baskets. What is it about baskets they are so addictive!!!! Love your pretty frame with the new print inside. The piece from the top of a clock is awesome. Can't wait to see what you do with that. I love seeing into your sweet kitchen. You must do a post on that awesome kitchen. The little fall creamer is a great find. So sweet. Love it all. Enjoyed your post.
    Hugs and Happy New Week.

  9. Nice finds. Love the teeny basket.

  10. I love the little looks into your sweet cottage!! You have a decorating style I love. You made some wonderful little finds. Have a great day! Hugs,


  11. I simply drool every time I look at one of your blogs. Thanks for showing us your beauties.

  12. Oh my goodness! $15 for a Dundee is fabulous! They are so scarce here and when I do find one it's upwards of $40! And love that piece form the old clock, it's marvelous

  13. So many fun treasures on this post. I've never seen stone eggs and rarely see a transferware trivet on my hunts. But, then, it seems I don't get out much any more. 2019 has not been kind to my old body -- one surgery that turned into more than I bargained for; then some other minor aches and pains. However, I'm so blessed to have had a joyful life. We had an early winter as the paper this a.m. said we had almost 20 inches of snow in October. Beautiful today though!! Take care -- I always enjoy your posts.

  14. I want to live in every single one of your photos. Such elegant, simple beauty. So fresh and yet so warm (which isn't always easy with white.) Love the baskets and your dear kitchen. Mine is very tiny too, and not nearly so cute!

  15. I've been looking for a Dundee jar for a long time. Rarely see them here in Georgia and when I do, they're way too high priced for me. Saw one yesterday for $84. Had to leave it. Enjoy your posts.

  16. My favorite thing - those those wonderful Staffordshire English dogs!! They look gorgeous!

  17. I know what you mean about life and some stages just getting out of hand. I feel like that lately. So today I am trying to grab back a bit of control. Love all your new things, especially new marmalade jars and transferware. Happy Fall/Autumn!


  18. I love looking through your house at all your baskets, lines and especially those white staffordshire dogs and I think That is either Prince Albert or his son on the staffordshire horse?



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