Thursday, September 26, 2019

Transfer Ware In Fall

I love brown transfer ware any time of year of course, but to me it seems especially suited to decorating in fall. My heart still beats faster when I see beautiful old dishes like that in a fall display.  So my own pieces get shown front row and center when the weather changes as well. 

I did a little recent dust off and straightening to the dining room shelves, and thought you might like a fresh look. 

I find over time that I acquire new favorites and tuck way older pieces for awhile or even pass a few things on. Things change gradually. One of my more recent additions is that small teapot on the top row. It was too whimsical and sweet for me to pass up.

Here's a closer look.

Another new piece is this little tea leaf pitcher I found not long ago. I have a thing for pitchers I guess! (understatement)

Mustard jars and marmalade pots are hard to resist
 when they turn up.

One of my favorite tureens, a gift from an old friend, comes out more this time of year. Great for soups and stews, but so cheery sitting on a shelf nearby.

And who doesn't need a few sturdy ironstone bowls to show and serve things inside in fall? The pitcher was a new find this past summer.

Just a bit of pattern among the white goes a long way for me. That Rosa pitcher by Meakin is a long time favorite of mine.

Chippy white textures go with everything!

The large transfer ware pitcher in the center here matches the small one shown on the hutch at the top of this post. I have a few more pieces in this set that I will pull out for displays this fall.

And of course, linens!

I found two of these grain sacks with graphics at a great price this summer. Great on a wall or thrown over a chair.

I also seem to use more silver this time of year. 

This small engraved compote from a pub is one of my favorites. Possibly from the famous one in Times Square.

So it's nice to start out with all my chickens and ducks in a row, so to speak. Surrounded by cozy things that I love.

I'm really enjoying all the online fall features! 

Looking forward to more.

Such a cozy time of year!

Happy days ahead!


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  1. Jacqueline,
    I adore your collection of brown transfer ware!
    Amazingly enough, your new tea pot on the top shelf is where my (detailed) eye went first! So~o~o sweet and petite!
    Your pieces are unique and yet, blend so well with one another.
    Always filled tot he brim with inspiration!

  2. I also noticed first thing that darling teapot on the top shelf. And I hoped that there would be a close up...….thank you!!! Very sweet!!

  3. Swooning this morning over all the pics. You have a fabulous collection of transferware. Love love it all.
    The dog statues are amazing too. Very pretty for fall. Happy Friday.

  4. Thank you for that beautiful share Jacqueline! Perfect for this time of year. You have some great 'recent finds'!! My fave was the leaf pitcher ; ) but loved it all~ Hugs, karen o

  5. Your ironstone collection is beautiful. I need to dust and do some tweaking to my collection. I never find the beautiful brown pieces and I just love seeing yours. Happy Autumn and thank you for sharing.


  6. I noticed some acorns on one of the metal display table fronts, how appropriate for your vignettes, Jacqueline. I don't have any brown transferware pieces, but always love seeing what you have. It looks lovely mixed in with your white linens, and other ironstone treasures. Happy Autumn to you!

  7. You have many interesting pieces...the Pig and Whistle--there is also one in SW London...if that is English silver? I love all the ironstone and your lovely linens. I may have to try that for spring, edging my shelves---so pretty! Happy are certainly ready for entertaining.

  8. You have some gorgeous pieces there. I swoon at the mustard jar. I need to begin a hunt for one of those now!

  9. I always swoon a bit when I visit you here. Love, love the brown transferware, which also is brought forward for my teatime in the fall. What a sweet little new teapot. And of course I love all the white and the linens too.

  10. Oh Jacqueline, I'm always in awe of your beautiful collected linens and chinaware. I love this dresser filled with all your cosy pretties and the new additions. You inspire me to keep collecting!
    Thank you for sharing your fall gorgeousness at Create, Bake, Grow and Gather this week. I'm delighted to be featuring your fall vignettes at tonight's party and pinning too.

  11. So many amazing vintage treasures!! Love that ironstone pitcher with the lead on it!! Sooo cute!!
    -Emily @

  12. Always like seeing all your pretty stoneware and especially your stafforshire dogs and man on the horse, maybe Bertie Queen Victoria's and Albert first son?

    I need to tuck away some dishes I know I have way way to many out on display, however I love seeing them all

    Happy Fall


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