Sunday, September 22, 2019

What's New For Fall

Hello friends! Thought I would pop in and show you a a bit of what's new. I'm not one to change everything up for each season, but I do find myself constantly making the smallest of changes here and there. 

I've been trying to get my sitting room to work better. I recently got rid of a couple of chairs that no longer worked in here. One chair and ottoman was replaced by a new recliner from Lazy Boy. They have a good number of really nice chairs to chose from that look nothing at all like something you find in a man cave! And taking out the ottoman freed up a bit of precious floor space. There are also a couple of new white vintage clocks up on the mantel that I found recently and couldn't resist. 

The hearth has been cleared off a bit so we are ready for a cozy fire when the time comes. I'm also always trying to simplify things by having fewer accessories. That can be tricky when you still want things to be cozy!

A nice quilt goes a long way toward that don't you think? And grey is my new neutral color. I have had this lovely quilt for a while, but the pillows are a new update for this space. I got a whole bunch from Target and love how the stripes energize the room without taking over. 

This past summer we painted this fab little antique table that I had tucked away in storage for a decade. It had a dark brown chippy paint that appealed to me but that never quite fit in. I should have taken a "before" picture because you would be utterly amazed! It's my new favorite.

I'm also loving the new macrame pot holder my sister made for me. Now if I can only keep that spider plant going! But isn't it sweet?

Also not new (but now more prominently featured) is my summertime cotton boll wreath that feels more fall to me.

I also like brown transfer ware for fall and so let my collections show more this time of year. I recently de-clutterd the top of this cabinet which had a hundred tiny things that ended up on top. I added a big basket to the middle of things. My dining room is overflow for some of my kitchen things too.

This little Johnson Brothers set of a sugar and creamer comes out in fall too! We actually still keep sugar in a sugar bowl. Do you?

But the creamer usually has spoons or flowers or whatnot inside of it instead of cream. And it makes a little cheery splash of whimsy and color amongst all my white china too. 

I also had a ton of various small things on this hall cabinet. I wanted it to make a better statement as it is seen straight back from the front entry and really everywhere from the front rooms of the house. 

The painting was a thrift store find, and the big bunch of dried hydrangeas were shipped to me from Santa Barbara a few seasons ago by my fabulous sister-in-law. The copper double boiler belonged to my mother-in-law. Are there any more cozy things to surround yourself with than that?

I'll be featuring more of the dining room in my next post.

 In the meantime I hope you are having fun making your own fall changes!

Hope it's a wonderful start to the new season for you!



Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Love the pale beauty of everything! So relaxing and peaceful. The chair and pillows are so pretty. Happy fall! xx Karen

Sandi Magle said...

I love the little touches of wood, copper and the brown transfer ware...all which makes your Fall vibe so pleasing!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Your new recliner is wonderful, when we shopped there last Christmas for my husband a new chair, they were just getting in a few newly styled pieces. Love the new grays you are using. I'm in love with your "new" painting and the basket with the lovely dried hydrangeas. Sometimes the small changes are the best. Enjoy the new Fall season, xo

Jeanie said...

Copper pots, cotton and autumn transferware. Oh my! I love every single photo. I feel completely at peace here!

Pat said...

Perfect timing. . .first day of Autumn!
Love your new Lazy Boy recliner!
The quilt and throw pillows in hues of gray are so serene and tranquil.
I am quite smitten with your petite table!
Oh, those legs (of the table) have feet. . .with toes!!!
Gorgeous Autumnal touches throughout you vignettes.
Adore the texture the baskets bring. . as well, as the brown transfer ware hues!
May your temperatures cool down, just enough to light a cozy fire to warm your hearth!

Roosterhead Designs said...

Beautifully done Jacqueline! I sure enjoyed my visit here today; as I do each time I stop by~
(I do not keep sugar in a sugar bowl ; )
I love grey; and it is like a new white to me.
I'm sure you've noticed how grey can be warm or cool - depending on the shade, so it fits into any season!
The stripes are clean and add great texture I think~
Have a wonderful week. We are coooling down in MT - expecting our first snow in the lower elevations soon. Hugs, karen o

Marilyn Miller said...

Love your little painted table and new chair. Dried hydrangeas are always nice this time of year. Love Johnson Bros. transferware too.

Katie Mansfield said...

I love the new painting. You have some fun new finds!

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