Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Working With Linens

I don't do this as much anymore really. Work with linens. It's a phase that I have moved a bit away from since I am less involved with selling vintage these days. But it gives me great satisfaction when I do. And it is something I love that can never leave me.

I still acquire new things like this beautiful hand crocheted pillowcase in a design that I have never seen before. And that creamy color!

There was just the one, carefully put away for safe keeping no doubt. But it is now the stuff of dreams when it graces a cozy guest bed.

My recent summer guests have just vacated the premises, and it only takes a day or so before I am back to sorting things out in the linen nursery again. I have given a few new pillowcases a soak and couldn't wait to give them a press to see how they turned out after.

I thought I was done with pink, but here I am again!

A heartbeat did not go by before these were in my shopping basket. And the pink is just an accent color after all! But along with the pink, a few other things have gone. The suitcase of small toys under the bed. A trove of baby things and small girl stuff. And armloads of pieces of linen things that I have been trying to tell myself the truth about since my sewing days are over.

I have a way to go, but you should feel how liberating it is. Moving along to someone else things that you will never use makes so much more room in your head. (Not to mention in your house!)

 I will always have stacks of baskets. Stacks of dishes. Stacks of linen. But beautiful things in boxes don't make any more sense to me than boxes of books. They should be kept where they can be enjoyed or else given way.

It takes some consideration and care because I do regret having let some things go. 

So there will always be linen days for me.

And one or two things on the nursery window sill from bygone days to keep me company.

I have always sorted out more than just linens at this ironing table anyway. . . .

Many more lovely summer days ahead to you!



  1. Everything is absolutely beautiful! Love all of it

  2. I so love just looking at your beautiful linens

  3. You do such a great job with vintage linens. 💕 Just beautiful Jacqueline!

  4. Jacqueline I always love serena your linens. If I lived near you I would have purchased from you.

    The creamy monogrammed pieces get me everytime.


  5. Sweet one, I always look forward to your posts. So beautiful. I must ask how do you get the wrinkles out of your vintage linens? I have a very good iron of the boiler type and still so many of the wrinkles do not press out. What is your technique or do you have a product you use before ironing?

    Thank you,

  6. Dear Arisha, I dampen the article with a spray bottle. Wrinkles iron out if the cloth is damp.

  7. The linens are simply beautiful -- so fresh and crisp. But what really grabs me here are those sweet nursery bunnies. I adore them!

  8. You have the most beautiful linens! I always love seeing your blog and pictures. Have a sweet day. Hugs,

  9. Absolutely breathtaking!! Can't find the words.....

  10. I have a love affair with my ironing boards. I inherited my mother's that she bought new when she married in 1937 -- it looks a lot like yours in the pictures. She loved to iron, and would even iron her cleaning rags because they looked better in the drawer -- fond memories of my mother. I don't use it for ironing as it lives on our back porch where it is usually used as a surface to serve food. My other board my mother gave me at my wedding shower in 1958. I use it every day as it is adjustable which works for my failing eyesight. All of these years, I've used it for quilting; I even wrote in long hand my notes on it for my three books. I do all of my scribbling notes for designing my quilts on it plus pressing tiny pieces for the quilts. And, occasionally, I do iron linens and shirts!!! It is never stored away in the closet. Thanks for reminding me how important those boards are to me.

  11. Lovely Post. Ironing boards, not so much. Part of the reason people don't use linens so much, or pass up on Granny's is the ironing. Older linens look great just a tad scrunched..or if you hang them out on the line they get soft-pressed by the wind.
    When I had my shop I sold tons of clean-unpressed linens from displays, when people realized the softness of the fabrics meant they didn't have to iron.

  12. Such a lovely post and beautifully photographed! I, too, love old linens and use them in my home and in my sewing.

  13. I love old linens and have a number of pieces myself. I have the sheet to the pink pillowcases and absolutely love it even though it is put away for now as that isn't the current scheme for our bedroom. But, I know they will come back out in a couple of years and make me smile. I too had to give away a number of pieces as my collection was overflowing the hall linen closet but I kept my most favorites. Now that we are getting our yard closer to my hopeful romantic look, we are using some old linens and tablecloths for the outdoor tables and it brings a huge smile to my face to see them blowing in the breeze.

  14. What beautiful linens. I especially love the white on white ones and have one set I bought from you. I love that set of pillowcases.

  15. I love looking at your Linens collection. It reminds me of a few of the pieces that I have, mostly pillowcases with crochet trim or monograms. I used to display them all until I was invaded by clothes moths about 5 years ago. Can you believe that I am still fighting them and killed two that were preggers just yesterday? At least they can't get to my linens because they were all washed, sealed and stored. They are away from harm but also away from my enjoyment.

  16. Hello to you Jacqueline and thank you for sharing these photo's with us~ Such beautiful pieces you have. I agree with your sentiments too <3 Some things must go with time; others - probably never~ I have let so much go since moving and it feels good to live with 'less' around me, but I have a ways to go.
    (and yes, a few regrets . . .) Thank you for sharing with us, sure love to visit here. Hugs, karen o


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