Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Vintage Summer Finds

I thought you might enjoy a look at a few things that I turned up over the last couple of weeks! 

I took this market tote with me to a small local vintage show and picked up a few small linens. I wish I could have filled it up! But I did find this fab little wine crate in a junk shop that I almost never visit. I love the lettering. 

So many ways to display with it. Looks great all on its own too.

This is one of the new small linens that I found. 

But my favorite linen finds came from one of my regular flea market visits a few days ago. I just love thick towels with hand crochet trim.

And aren't these monograms wonderful? I don't even know what that second one is! Care to guess?

I don't have a scale collection. (If you can believe that!) But this one ticks off all the "must have"  boxes for me. 

Did you spy this great little kitchen clock sitting there? No longer working, but in the perfect stage of foxing and aged white. Makes my heart go tick tock!

A sweet friend just gifted me this adorable ironstone pitcher. Love those curves. 

I found this little stool at the vintage market show. Always great for displays.

I adore everything about this pretty sugar creamer set by Meakin. 

And this little bunch of tiny doilies that I got for pennies can tuck in anywhere.

This little zinc pitcher was the only thing I came away with at one of my regular markets. It's keeping company with another grey enamel pitcher I already had. Makes me feel so summer farmhouse!

Everything gets shifted around a bit of course, and I have changed up what I am now looking at in my dining room wall frame.

I use tear sheets from old magazines here and there. Love these summery images from Bella Grace.

I hope you're beating the heat and those wild summer storms!

More happy summer days ahead!



  1. I always love your wonderful "whites" and linens, but I have to say I have serious "puppy envy"!!

  2. What beautiful linens! Those doilies you bought for pennies are sooooo precious. They seem to be made in Venice embroidery.
    As regard the monograms, I think the second one is a I.
    Greetings from Italy,

  3. You always make me happy. Love your finds but the gifted pitcher stole my heart. Love the shape and the linens too.

    Finally found a shop close to us and found some treasures I just showed.


  4. Such great finds Jacqueline! And you always display them so beautifully! 💕

  5. Always so pretty Jacqueline. I love the tote. That is beautiful. Have a great week.

  6. My favorite item is the champagne box...amazing detail...and age. Lots of lovelies in this post, the monogram could be a D or a U, B. Amazing detail on that--probably from European German script from the mid-midlate 1800's. I know the church records in Denmark had a period where that script was used and books of that time that are basically illegible!

  7. You have such an eye for beautiful lace and linens, Jacqueline. Not to mention all of the dishes, and ironstone you find. The way you put things together for displays, and in vignettes just amazes me. What an inspiration you are. I love coming here!

  8. Jacqueline,
    Amazing Summer finds!
    I adore the wooden box!
    I'm guessing the second letter to be a "T".
    Love the new arrangements and the tear pages in your frame.
    The cool whites are quite refreshing,indeed.

  9. I always love the Bella Grace pictures, but hadn't thought to save for inspiration. Love, love all your white finds. The pitcher that was gifted to you is similar to one I have that is cracked and doesn't hold water, I just can't bear to get rid of it. I thought the beautiful edges towels were pillow cases, but never the less they are beautiful.

  10. I don't know what it is with me and dials today but I'm really zeroing in on the clocks and the scale! And of course, the white ironstone pitchers! Lovely!

  11. What sweet finds - makes me want to go hunting today!!!

  12. Wow what a haul! I love it all, and every artfully displayed vignette as well. Simply stunning!


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