Tuesday, July 2, 2019

My New Ironstone and Summer Farmhouse Dreams

July does it for me every time! Gives me that summer farmhouse feeling. Thank goodness you don't have to have an actual farmhouse to get it! (the feeling that is), elsewise wherever would some of us be?

Just a few props are needed. Blue dishes will help. I have one solitary piece of these blue bird plates, faded to just the right stage.

I love the crackled and crazed stage of ironstone too.

I gathered up this stack of small flour sacks together. I always think I will use them for something. (I could.) But I love the look of a little stack of them just sitting there in a neat pile. Our grandmothers used them for everything!

A grain sack table runner and old woven tablecloth holds it all underneath.

This little tureen is my most recent ironstone find. It is a very old sample with lovely details, and fits the bluebird platter perfectly. 

It was the beautifully aged and stained maker's mark that won me over.

Made over 150 years ago, and we can still use it the same way today.

Another old piece I just found may be just as old. It was only four and a half dollars. Already a star in my pitcher collection!

Great unique shape and rim and handle details.

A few unique scraps of antique hand worked linens in the mix too. They add so much to the story!

Happy summer farmhouse dreams to you too!

I hope July is good to you!



  1. I always swoon seeing your collections. I too love antique pieces worn and showing their use and age.

    Enjoy your day


  2. Hello Dear One,
    I always look forward to your posts. So lovely. You have given me such a sweet idea of what to do with my grain sacks that have no images on them...stack them up in my displays. Thank you.

    Enjoy the holiday,

  3. Your stoneware and linens are always so pretty. Have a wonderful 4th.

  4. Jacqueline,
    Breathtakingly beautiful photos of utilitarian items!
    I always ave the greatest sense of peace after visiting your blog!
    Blessings, dear friend!

  5. Beautiful, Jacqueline. I love the sweet blue wiht the white!

  6. How beautiful everything in your home is!! I love to see the pottery, especially as the items come from factories in Staffordshire where my ancestors worked - which is the reason I also collect pottery/china.



  7. All the various shapes in white! Lovely!

  8. Always so lovely Jacqueline!

  9. Beautiful ironstone and linens too. They always make me want more when I see your collection. What a sweet little tureen. I could see flowers in it. And the linens just sitting there being pretty is so special.

  10. So lovely, Jacqueline! I always love seeing the beautiful old marks, too!

  11. Love that last photo with a glimpse into the rest of your lovely home!!

  12. So so lovely Jacqueline! Thank you for sharing your 'farmhouse' style with us~ (to find 'anything' 150 yrs old is amazing to me : )
    I love July~ We are just now starting to get consistently warm/hot weather here in MT; it's been rainy and cool so far.
    Beautiful ironstone and linen post! Hugs, karen o

  13. Love these finds. I always want to retreat to a cottage in the summer. I love that tureen and pitcher. So beautiful.

  14. Oh my-- I love collecting linens too and your post is making me want to go scouting some vintage beauties. Something about white linens in beautiful condition. And I love how you make ironing just look so wonderful :) glad I found your blog.


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