Thursday, January 25, 2018

Winter Tea

Welcome to my winter tea!  I have tea in a mug almost every day, of course, but these frigid days just call for something extra cozy.

I have been thinking of a bird theme for a table to go with my birdie teapot.

This transferware dish will serve well enough I think. A few of my favorite cookies are just the thing too. Biscochitos are a local tradition for the holidays in New Mexico, but they are found here year 'round. I can never eat just one! (Understatement.)

This arrangement is set up on a corner of the dining room table. And although I have pulled out some things that don't get use every day, there is always a stack of china or silver that becomes a part of the scene. Today it is my embossed white plates which have been used and shifted from place to place ever since Thanksgiving.

The patterned teacups liven things up a bit. I like how the soft floral dresses things up, and the ruffled napkins also add to the tone I'm after.

I'm not with my sister for her birthday today. (Happy birthday, Victoria!) But a small celebration set up like this would be just perfect. 

The vintage embroidered cloth is one of several I have along this theme. There is often one of these on the table.

So much of this is familiar by now to those of you who are long time visitors to the blog. I hope you feel right at home! A lot happens right here in this corner of our simple little house.

But it seems that it's the familiar things that give me the most comfort in the winter months when everything is turned more inward.

The days have flown by since the first of January. And more daylight is returning. But we still have the coldest months of the year ahead. 

I will need lots of visits and nibbles with friends over the weeks to come. Everybody just has to put up with the stacks of dishes and linens in all the corners. (And they do! haha!)

One of my more recent ironstone pitchers is ready for a bouquet.

And a basket full of linens each waiting for a turn. . . .

I have been busy with a lot of things that have waited through the holidays. But Januarys are always like that. For you too?

So nice to have time for something a little special today.

Thanks so much for visiting!

Hurry back again!



  1. Those ruffled napkins are wonderful. Are they vintage or new?

  2. Thank you Sugar! The napkins are from a past season at Pottery Barn.

  3. My goodness, pretty everything is. I am smitten with those ruffled napkins, too. The brown transferware is really pretty and you don't see much of it here at all. Lovely- xo Diana

  4. I love all of your beautiful dishes and the way you combine them with the linens and lace is very magical. And, lovely.

  5. Oh my!It is always a pleasure visiting you!Adorable teaset!Beautiful cloths and linens!Wonderful pics.Hugs!

  6. Your collections are stunning! How I wish I could enjoy a cup of tea with all of your special things! Just lovely!! xo

  7. I adore this post Jacqueline. Your brown transferware, cookies, and linens are so lovely. So fitting for a Winter's tea. Great photos.

  8. It is so beautifully set up -- I feel as though I am at your tea table. The cookies look delightful and you know I am a sucker for brown transferware. Yes, I will be by soon for my cuppa!

  9. I always love seeing that birdie teapot and all the white and transferware. So fresh and perfect to go with tea time.

  10. I am swooning over the bird theme. Oh that teapot! I do love the slower "inward time" of Winter. As always I love these "visits" with you. The idea of stacked linens and dishes are vignettes in my way of thinking, especially in your cozy home.

  11. Hi Jacqueline, I’ve been following your blog for a while. I like everything romantic floral vintage.
    Beautiful post. Thank you.

  12. Jacqueline, as always your post is full of beauty. The brown and white transfer ware with the gorgeous antique linens paints a glorious picture. This is sheer delght!

  13. I always enjoy your posts the most, and wish I was anywhere near your shop----! Such la lovely, serene setting you have created here. I guess we should all, spoil ourselves sometimes...simply a lovely way to do it!

  14. Your wintertime tea is absolutely gorgeous, J.

    Hope you're keeping warm.

    Sorry I have been MIA again.

    Hugs. ♥

  15. Visiting your blog to me is like those "familiar things that give me the most comfort in the winter months". Thank you for the coziness, Jacqueline.

  16. Your posts always take me back to my childhood days. I remember laundry hanging on the line drying, a soft breeze making it sway gently on the line, birds chirping, the scent of the lilac water my mother used on the laundry in the air . . . It makes me wish I could slow down my life enough to do some of those things again. January for me is really hectic, which, in a way, is a good thing because I'm too busy to mope about how much I dislike winter. Our holidays are not officially over until January 6th - Epiphany, when we have our Open House. After that comes packing the Christmas decorations all over the house, and giving the house a good cleaning - especially the guests rooms, organizing everything that was moved during the holidays, writing thank you notes, updating the address book . . . and just when I'm catching my breath comes my birthday at the end of January, and the culmination of an event I plan for work at the same time. So, thank you, your post has giving me breathing space.


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