Monday, January 29, 2018

Good Things Come In Threes

It seems like it has been a while since I did a little loot shoot here on the blog, but that's because I haven't been out beating the bushes that much in the last few weeks. But it's about time!

And it doesn't take a very big pile to bring a big smile to my face either. A little sparkle, a bit of china, and a few pretty pieces of linen will do it for me every time.

In this case, everything turned up in threes. The silver pieces were sold as a set, and I found a trio of little square plates in one of my all time favorite patterns of white embossed china.

I didn't even know that this pattern, Rose Point, came in a square salad/dessert version, as I already have some round ones. But these are thick and sturdy, and I am thrilled to add them to my growing collection. The mark is shown below if you have taken a liking to them, but I already did some checking around for a fourth plate to round things out and nothing has turned up yet.

I did say three. But you might have noticed a fourth plate underneath. Since I am crazy for embossed plates I have been known to bring home the odd piece here and there and already had a single square plate in house to join the others while I am waiting for a match to turn up. (But, of course!)

This is a Homer Laughlin pattern of which I have not researched the name. Maybe you know it! I just know I love it too. See the mark below. 

The silver sugar and creamer are handsome enough, but I could only take the irresistible little tray if they came along with. And they were priced very well all together. 

The tray is the perfect size to carry a cup of tea to bed or chair side. (Or for the butler to carry in your letters. Ahem.) Maybe to hold a glass of water or to set a vase of flowers upon. There are interesting details engraved at the center, and adorable little ball and claw feet.

I also thought you might enjoy a closer look at the three beautiful pillow slips I found on my hunt. This one pictured here is a single, but having only one would never deter me. A cozy bed made up with interesting different laces on the pillows is nothing but delicious to me! Pile them on!

I am always in awe of the hands that produced such pretty embroidery and crochet lace. 

The other lovely pair of pillowcases is more vintage and unusual to me. A wonderful pattern of cutwork and embroidery. Thrills me to the core. . . .

So nice that you came by to share in the joy!

And wonderful to have comments from friends old and new on my last post.

Thanks so much for stopping in to say hello!

Another January nearly done.
 Many happy moments ahead to you!



  1. Absolutely lovely! How lucky you are to make such great finds.

  2. The Rosepoint is so pretty!

    Seeing all that lovely silver reminds me that it's time for me to polish the silver. I like having it out in the winter and I've been neglectful. Well, it's cold and snowy here today and I don't have to leave the house till late afternoon so maybe that's today's special task! Thanks heaps.

  3. Oh Jacqueline love all your new treasures. That silver tray with the cute feet is adorable. I love love love the white embossed rose plates. Love that they are square too. How sweet. You found some beautiful things. Have a great new week.

  4. The cream, sugar and tray are so beautiful!

    I have some pillow cases lsimilar to yours that belonged to my great grandmother. Maybe some day, I'll actually use them.

  5. I adore white linen cutwork ---- yours are especially lovely and unusual. Hope you have enjoyed the special feeling of January. Even though it hasn't been cold, I have been hunkered down most of the month trying to avoid the flu. Fortunately no flu, plus good progress on some cleaning and organizing tasks. Take care. Sally

  6. Now this makes me want to find all my vintage pillow cases and get them out for a viewing again. I use one for a awing over a vintage bathroom mirror.
    Love the silver set also in the style it's in
    It's always exciting to see your posts

  7. Totally delicious finds. I love the Steubenville plates, and I let quite a few pieces of that disappear from my own shop. But, you can't keep every gorgeous plate your run across, or can you? lol.

  8. Hi Sandi! @BarberryLane Designs
    You definitely CANNOT keep every plate you like! Haha! I think I have already tried.

  9. I am swooning over those pillowcases. Love, love!!! The little feet on that silver tray make it oh so cute. And love the plates too.

  10. So beautiful, I am always swooning over all of your treasures!

  11. Jacqueline, I'm smitten with your little tray with cream and sugar. That would have definitely come home with me. Pretty finds, indeed!

  12. Beautiful pieces Jacqueline! Are you watching Victoria on Masterpiece? These items keep me in that mindset, which I don't mind a bit. Our housekeeper and butler are both MIA if you can believe it. Haha. And yes, as a boy mom x3, I do agree that good things come in sets of three!

  13. So very pretty! You found some real treasures. Love the silver. xx K

  14. Oh My!!! I wish we had your type of "bushes" here, what wonderful finds. Absolutely adore that little silver footed tray, the engraving is very unique. Your linens always look exquisite. Happy February~~~

  15. The silver pieces are gorgeous, and the linens are beautifully done. You must have some real special shopping places that no one else knows about to get away with such pretty things!

  16. Oh my gracious, absolutely SWOON-worthy!!!!

    Love, love, love!!!!!

  17. Oh my, Jacqueline...those pillow cases are so beautiful!!! I love putting them on all the beds, and daybeds! Those little dessert plates are darling!
    You sure do find the most delightful pieces.
    I hope you have been enjoying the winter.


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