Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sharing My Roses

It's the middle of January and already the days are flying by and disappearing into the flurry of the new year! I thought I would stop in to say hello and to share my roses before they are too much on the wane. I actually like them best when they have relaxed into themselves and have more of a droopy softness.

I'm supposed to be busy with Saturday things. It's still early, but I have already officially cancelled one or two items from my to do list for the day. But some weekends just need to turn out like that!

A few moments spent surrounded by a few favorite and familiar things seem what is most called for this morning. They give me the quiet space to gather my thoughts. To pause in the minor madness and collect myself for a little while, even on one of the busiest days in my week.

I have done mountains of laundry in the past week or so freshening up all the guest beds from the long holiday. Most of our people came after Christmas and into the New Year. Lots of tablecloths and towels into the mix too.

Most of the house has been put to rights. I'm never in much of a hurry, but I don't like to wait until the leftover decorations start to bug me. The greens that I had in these jugs for Christmas stayed lovely and soft the whole season. I'm not feeling like a big change, so a cheery bouquet is enough of a move forward for now.

I have a big appreciation for sameness, and am not one to change things up all that often. But this bread bin is sort of a newer addition to the collective. It leans to the farmhouse flavor that is so fun to have at the moment.

And of course I am never very far away from the beauty and pure energy of a few pretty linens. 

This big basket in the corner of my dining room has turned out to be such a good system for me. So informal and easy. Everything I need is at hand, and I sometimes even iron! Though not so much lately.

All that surrounds me seems to say. "Stop and smell the roses. Gaze on something pleasing for awhile. Enjoy what you have in life."

I hope it's turning into a great start of the new year for you!

So nice that you came by!



  1. It's looking peaceful, happy and lovely at your home. I like your white world far better than I like mine! I'll bet the temperature is better, too!

    And isn't it nice to check off your to-do list early in the day. At least a start! Three cheers!

  2. As always, your place just stuns. We are like in that I love cream and whites. Hope your new year is a good one.

  3. Just came across your webpage, Love it! Your Saturday sounds alot like my Saturday, plans we had vanished when a soft chair, pinterest and fireplace came into play. Have a relaxing weekend. Take Care.

  4. Everything there has such a sweet, serene feeling to it---the white is so peaceful and romantic, I think. White roses are my very, very favorite! xo Diana

  5. Lovely. You have the most amazing collection of beautiful linens, they seem to always make everything look better no matter how they are added but you really have the technique down!

  6. Lovely whites! I almost bought roses at the market today. Now seeing your roses I wish I had. Next time!

  7. How nice to have roses in January!

  8. My faves are white roses. They are just so beautiful. Thank you for sharing yours. I love that beautiful faded transfer ware you have too. Everything is romantic, pretty and serene Jacqueline. Happy Sunday.

  9. Roses ... lovely linens ... chippy furniture ... old ironstone - you do it all so well!

  10. Your roses are lovely. Your home is so calming and serene.

  11. What a beautiful, relaxing home you have. Love all the white ! Your roses are beautiful and make me long for summer, though I am enjoying the peace and calm of winter. So glad I found your blog...will stop back often !

  12. **sigh**: ) beautiful; tranquil pictures Jacqueline;
    thanks for sharing with us~
    This time of year seems to be so -different-
    depending on what area of the country you find
    yourself; but seemingly quiet, no matter where.
    I like your relaxed approach : ) and all the
    "droopy softness' you have shared here~
    Take care, Karen O

  13. As always, beautiful! Your linens are so amazing. Dianne

  14. So glad that you were able to 'stop and smell the roses', Jacqueline! They are certainly worthy of contemplation, along with all of your lovely linens and china! Love that beautiful basket brimming with lace. Hope you find many more sweet moments to savor in your busy week. xx Karen

  15. I love your white roses. Everything is so soft and calming. Very lovely!


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