Sunday, August 6, 2017

New White Pots and a Few Other Finds

Today I'm showing a few of the lovely white pots I got from Guy Wolff pottery this summer. If you missed that post click here.

We've been gone so much the last few weeks that many things are still finding a place to land between trips. But I knew you would want to see some of what I found on my wanderings.

I found this little sugar bowl in town, but I don't think that I have shown it before. I can hardly pass up a piece of brown transferware! But anyway it rounds things out here with all its sweet details.

Mr. Rooster found his way home with me on my last flea foray a few days ago. Maybe someday his mate will turn up!

I mostly pick up linens on my travels because they are so easy to pack and also that I really can't help myself! Haha! This is an unusual net lace runner with white threads in the mix. Just so pretty!

I end up with wonderful snippets of things from here and there. Lace bits, grain sacks, and various handiwork.

You can hardly tell the pale pink in this wonderful hand-stitched quilt, but the star pattern in the stitches is plain to see. I got this somewhere deep in the heartland when I was passing through.

This wonderful crewel embroidery is from the Arts and Crafts Era that flourished between 1880 and 1920. It had a very small price tag because of its strange beauty. Not everyone's cup of tea, but highly valued to those who know its worth.

Hand done in silk yarn on a buff linen/cotton cloth.

The trim has metallic threads and is in perfect condition. It is suggestive of fall to me with its darker hues. I so much admire the beauty of the work and design.

I was lucky to find this crate and bottle together in a local market. There is no replicating the age of that wood!

The shutters were a local find as well. They will lend character to any display, but I might have a window they will fit for a farmhouse vibe.

Another short pot with a Greek Key design.

And a larger one with a pie crust edge. But don't you love the embossed crown marking? It will look sweet someday with a little rosemary or evergreen popped inside.

It sure is nice to be back Home Sweet Home for awhile, even though there is plenty of summer still waiting outside!

It always makes me a little sad to see school start up again. But I don't count summer over until September 22nd! So much left to do!

Happy Days ahead to you!

Have a great new week!



Salmagundi said...

About 10 years ago, I passed up a brown transferware sugar bowl and I regretted it. So, I have been looking for another brown sugar bowl ever since; and have not found one. Great find for you ---- I'm still amazed at all of the wonderful brown transferware that has come out of Albuquerque. My best finds are from there!! Enjoy the rest of the summer. Sally

Georgina Malcolm said...

Those Wolff pots are stunning. Very covetable.

Debra Oliver said...

Love your wonderful vintage finds, J. Of course the GW pottery is totally my cup of tea. The pie crust edging is my fave. beautiful. glad you've had a great trip!

donna baker said...

Always such beauty. I do love whites and creams too. It soothes the beast in me I guess. Takes my breath away.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Oh my...such a lovely post...just full of beautiful goodies!

Junkchiccottage said...

Love the white pots. They are unique and beautiful. Love seeing all your fun finds. Have a great new week.

Constance said...

You found some very beautiful items. I love that Arts and Crafts piece, it is adorable and the colors were quite amazing. The texture in the embroidery as just elegant.

Naomi said...

The Wolff pottery is new to me but I really like it's look. I love shades of white in home decor and the matte finish on the planters is very appealing to me. What is the story behind the Wolff pottery?

That piece of embroidery is just amazing. I love the subtlety of the thread colors. A great find. I am envious of the shutters! I have been looking for a pair for a while.

I'm a blue and white transferware gal, but the brown is lovely in its own way. It makes me think of a sepia-toned photograph.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds.

Burlap Luxe said...

OH Jacqueline,
I like you love Wolff pottery, and that bottle create is all that I wou.d have snagged up as well.
You have some great finds and as always home foto's that draw you in.
Enjoy your week ahead of you, and all that it inspires.


Beatrice Euphemie said...

You found some wonderful treasures, Jacqueline - especially those beautiful clay pots. There is something truly magical about things made by hand, and you found some great examples in your travels. I love the 'strange beauty' of the arts and crafts linen. That era was so unique and artistic. Your little sugar bowl is so sweet, too. I agree that there is nothing better than 'Home Sweet Home', especially after a long road trip. Enjoy these languid days leading up to fall. xo Karen

helena frontini said...

Everything is so beautiful.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Always a pleasure to read your posts as we learn so much. Thank you for providing so much info about the pieces you show.

The Charm of Home said...

Beautiful light in these shots!

Jeanie said...

Love the linens but Guy Wolff is making my heart sing. Really big, loud songs!

Haworth said...

What lovely treasures, Jacqueline! Each one is so perfect for your beautiful home. The embroidery, the lace, the quilt.. so precious. And I, too, love brown transferware and have a few pieces. I do love those flower pots! Rosemary would be perfect inside. What wonderful reminders from your travels, Take care...

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