Monday, July 24, 2017

A Visit to the Guy Wolff Pottery

I have been wanting to buy a few white pots from the Guy Wolff pottery since the first time I laid eyes on them. I'm sure I saw them online somewhere. They aren't offered anywhere near me, so when I remembered that Guy Wolff Pottery is in Bantam, CT, I had to include the shop on my recent trip itinerary. Turns out the Pottery is only about a half hour drive from my son's home in CT. We usually fly, so I was not going to pass up the chance to haul a few pots home with me this time!

I called ahead hoping to learn if there were indeed any white pots left. The traditional designs change every year, and there is not a complete inventory listed on the website. The outgoing message I got, recorded by Guy Wolff himself, gives one a clue to what a regular person Guy is for being so famous. (Martha Stewart and Oprah made him almost a household name.) The message said something like, "I'm unavailable right now, probably making pottery or taking care of business, but that's the reality."

I didn't expect to see the potter himself, but he appeared shortly after we entered the shed, full of banter about pots, local color, the business, his visits to NM, and the local celebrities. Which turns out there are a ton of in this absolutely gorgeous part of the country not far from NYC. Martha herself pops in, and has commissioned some of her own pots. Here is a link to a blog post she did with tons of wonderful photos.

There is a great deal to learn, both about the pots and about Guy Wolff himself. Just google his name and a large number of interesting links and articles come up. His website here is a good place to start. He is an interesting and personable man of wide and varied talent, and ready to converse about all of it!

He even pulled down a beautiful antique instrument that was given to him as a gift (similar to a banjo but with fewer strings) to play for us. He is an accomplished music maker too!

But I was riveted on the gorgeous pots (made either by Guy, or his wife and potting partner, Erica, whom we also met). I selected a good number and variety of mostly small white flowerpots. They will make wonderful gifts if I can bear to part with any!

I can't tell you how hard it was to choose! But we will return again as often as we can.

There is a wider variety of course, and I took just a few shots around the shop of the many other wonderful terracotta and salt glazed pots. 

We took home a couple of beautiful glazed beakers (tumblers) as well.

This shop was the highlight of our New England visit. And Guy gave us a few recommendations of other sights in the area to see.

We will never forget the generous welcome we received here on a beautiful summer morning in July!

Erica's beautiful garden (which has been featured in a garden magazine) and the family farmhouse share the property. I couldn't help but contrast how different life is in the desert southwest!

No doubt you will see my new pots appearing in future posts.

Happy days 'til then!



At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Pots are so beautiful. Amazing color making them look vintage.

sweet violets said...

Oh, lucky you!!! I have 3 pots bought long ago.....still love them!!

Georgina Malcolm said...

Lovely pots. And the hostas are v impressive. Ours are chock full of holes. We have very enthusiastic slugs.

Claudia said...

I was there a couple of months ago. He is such a lovely man, as is his wife - I ended up spending about 2 hours there and, like you, bought some of his white pots!

donna baker said...

I know of him and love the light ones. I didn't know he did glazed ones. So pretty.

BarberryLane Designs said...

Ah, this brought back memories of my other life. I was a potter for about 40 years or so, until my hands/back/knees gave out. His work is so honest and straightforward. I love the finishes, and thanks so much for sharing the tour. LOVE the barn! Sandi

Cynthia said...

Aren't these pots gorgeous??? Thank you for the link, Jacqueline. . .Now I'll be obsessed with getting one of these, myself.

Art and Sand said...

Oh, what a fun place to visit and the pottery looks beautiful.

Jeanie said...

I first saw him on Martha -- he had a head of hair then and was loads younger but filled with personality! And those wonderful pots. Oh, Jacqueline, I would have gladly been on that trip with you -- how lucky to meet the man himself and to come home with some of his work.

Georgina Malcolm said...

Thanks for visiting. I haven't had much luck with my project to get rid of some stuff this year. I still have piles and piles of bits I want to get rid of, but are also interesting enough to post. But I've been ill since March and still need to rest a lot. But there will be more to come when I next have some energy.

Marilyn Miller said...

Just seeing your pictures of those incredible pots make me tingle with desire. How I would love going here. They are beautiful!

Haworth said...

Oh I am sure those white pots will look perfect in your beautiful home, Jacqueline. Yet another place I hope to visit one day! You are certainly having a lovely holiday. (By the way, when I buy gifts like that I usually have to buy one for myself... otherwise I never give them away!) Take care. xx

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