Monday, August 21, 2017

Late Summer Changes

I've started a few changes to the mantel with the change in the weather. It will probably get too hot again, but for now the days are cooler with our afternoon rains. Low 80's are a rarity for us in August, and it leaves me feeling just a suggestion of fall.

I go fishing around for my favorite linens this time of year too. The rooms can take a little more accessorizing as I think a few more cozy thoughts.

But I also thought that the cloudy day and the eclipse might give me a better chance at taking pictures of the hardest room in the house to photograph. I think I was wrong! It was just as hard as ever.

Nothing stays put on my hearth for long. I like a change up here too often, and it's one of those handy spots to lay something while I'm thinking about its future.

The new Wolff pots found a place on top of the cupboard for now.

The living room is usually much too casual for taking pictures anyway. It is a hard use room. Full of plump and clutter.

But since I find myself here so often I want to be looking at something soothing. We keep the collections down, and color and pattern to a minimum. That's where a little texture comes in with linens. It's a way to add something interesting without fussiness.

The heavy linen underneath often gets laid on the coffee table where we sometimes eat. The one in the middle was on the mantel covering the dark wood all summer. The one on top will get featured on a chair or table at some point.

The inset lace is fashioned from rickrack.

A throw with a pale tan color and stripe is new to the room. Since it is all cotton it's a good between season weight. Wool will come much later.

I also love this heavy crochet throw that puts me in a French Nordic mood.

Maybe a tad early for the sheepskin, but the light color still works for late summer. We mostly use it to pad the bench nearby for extra seating. 

We still have short end-of-summer jaunts planned in the coming weeks, but it feels like time for settling in. I need to catch up on some reading, and the new shows will be starting on Netflix! This spot has us all ready for action.

So what did you do for the eclipse? I watched it on the weather channel while I did my tweaking and shooting. Ready for the next big thing...

Hope it's a great new week for you!

Happy Days!



  1. I love your cozy and warm style. Just dreamy.


  2. I'm just so into a pop of wood at this time - and yours is just right. It seems to add an interest to any vignette don't you think?

  3. How lovely, Jacqueline! The linens are just beautiful! I am finding I am craving neutrals right now, too (but I'll pull out some color for Halloween lol). I am feeling whites and wood...and it definitely has been feeling like fall here all August.

  4. Beautiful linens and pics! Hugs

  5. I just love your style...vintage, country, antique togther i a cozy style!
    Have a happy week, take care.

  6. Jacqueline, plump and clutter is what makes a house a home and your's always looks beautiful no matter what. I watched the eclipse on TV too. It was a beautiful sight but kind of passed us by in northern CA. Nice change from politics though..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  7. I always love seeing your "tweaking" and those linens to swoon over. I was in California during the eclipse, but still saw a partial one while I was out and about shopping with my cousin.

  8. All so bery lovely... I always enjoy visiting with you. I did not watch the eclipse For some reson I wasnt interested in it.. Happy Sunday Love and hugs Janice

  9. All pretty. I'm just not ready to decorate for fall yet. I did change the tablecloth to the vintage black eyed Susans (which looks great with the real flowers of the same name in a vase) but that's about it. Soon pillows will change, white birdhouses will hit the basement till Christmas, autumn tones will return. But no, please let summer last a bit longer!

  10. It's all pretty and cozy and I could settle into that chair to read any season! I won't decorate for Fall till October but I do tweak a lot in between!

  11. Beautiful! I've seen that lace before but never recognized it for what it was. The eclipse here was at 97% and it was still plenty sunny out. Hard to believe that just 3% of the sun is that bright. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.

  12. I love all your linens. The textures and hand work is so special. My family collection has me connecting with their shaking the hands of long lost relatives, you never met. Love this post, lovely! Sandi

  13. Such a beautiful room, Jacqueline, hard use or not! I love the subtle changes you've made to mark the gradual slip into 'nearly Autumn.' Oh, it's hard to imagine the summer is nearly over, although the cool mornings here in New England don't leave any doubt! I, too, have been trying to make some subtle changes in my surroundings to reflect this passage of seasons. Take good care.


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