Friday, April 29, 2016

Windswept Roses

We have a few tea roses that reward our benign neglect with spectacular blooms year after year, We manage a feeding or two, and an occasional deep soak along with the routine spray of the automatic lawn sprinklers.

We have had wildly variable temperatures and lots of wind this spring. Including today. But our very first blooms deserve a note of appreciation even in their battered condition.

They will never make a respectable calendar page. A little too sparse and ragged for that.

But what joy those first soft petals of spring bring with them!

Especially when you haven't been paying that much attention.

The roses from this bush (of which I cannot tell you the name) have the most delicious spicy scent, and they are clearly just doing their job! In sunshine, rain, or windy days. So we do not demand perfection. Even for showing off.

A David Austen Bride's Dream rose like this one looks flawless no matter what moment it chooses to unfurl.

So thanks for indulging our humble little celebration of windswept roses!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Perfection ... And a bee too. Great photos. Thank you .... Still waiting with anticipation near Vancouver Canada for the roses to unfurl. The clematis and lilacs are a picture at the moment.
    Regards Janine

  2. Happy Weekend to you J1
    The roses are divine... all roses are perfect :-) you are ahead of me, my first opened yesterday... I Instagramed it, learning the ropes!! You must come over and play!!

  3. Beautiful!!! I love, love, love roses!!

  4. David Austen roses are great aren't they? I have a number chosen for their fragrance. Because there is no point in a rose if it doesn't small lovely. At least we think so.

    Yes happy weekend. We have a bank holiday Monday. So probably instead of doing something fun I will be hoovering and cleaning. Somehow that's always how it turns out!

  5. I can just smell that beautiful rose. So pretty. Hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

  6. How beautiful your roses are, even the raggedy ones that have been buffeted by colder winds before unfurling.

  7. I think they are fabulous! And that one with the window frame and pink rose -- definitely calendar ready. The wire rose trellis too. Don't sell yourself short here!

    I do wish I could turn on a fragrance button on the computer because my little office would be so fragrant! And I'm a tad envious. For my post today I had to go seek out flowering trees at MSU. Soon enough, I hope!

    Happy weekend!

  8. I do have a weakness for all roses and yours are beautiful. The Brides Dream is particularly gorgeous. I love just a blush on a cream white rose. And then soft pinks are just to swoon for. Thanks for sharing your rose garden.

  9. So pretty, Jacqueline. I have always heard how roses are tempermental and hard to take care of, but your's AND mine, say otherwise. It seems to be a beautiful rose year..Happy Weekend..Judy

  10. Isn't it nice when just out of the blue something in the garden like these beautiful roses surprises you. Nature is so full of joy.

  11. They're so beautiful! I can only imagine the perfume!

  12. I so enjoyed this post Jacqueline. I love seeing what grows where and I guess I was thinking since you live in Arizona that you wouldn't have a lawn. It is so lush and green and lovely. The roses look so pretty against your house! and I'm sure you make them very happy or they wouldn't be so lovely.

    I have missed some wonderful posts here, like the little shop you shared in your last post and the amazing guest house you are renovating. It is something I could only dream about staying a french chateau! What a gem this will be.

  13. Love seeing your roses! Our's are doing well in spite of the wild winds we've had here in the valley.

  14. They'rre just so lovely - nature is truly a gift from above.

    I wish I could plant my face deep in them and just inhale heaven! ♥

  15. I love to see roses. I wish I had more sunny areas for more. Yours are all beautiful. You have to love something that doesn't require too much attention and gives you such beauty in return!

  16. Jacqueline, your roses are beautiful. I love the whole setting of your yard.

  17. Wonderful Jacqueline! and yes, Hurray! for the first blossoms~
    I was able to trim a few lilacs to bring in; before we got snowed on this (past) week-end : /
    I enjoyed the photo's you shared of your beautiful roses~ And the green lawn as well! : ) Take care, Karen O


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