Monday, April 25, 2016

Another Look & Styling the Shelves

The new guest house has a few built in storage areas. They seem so practical and space saving. But I couldn't wait to start arranging a few things to make the place homey.

I want to keep everything light in the main room since it has few windows and tends to be dark. Silver is also great for reflecting light. I got lucky and found the plaster medallions at a local nursery. They are an unusual item for our location in the desert southwest. I was inspired by Brooke Giannetti's book "Patina Farm" and her use of plaster fragments in decorating which you can see much more of by clicking here.. 

This is all only a start of course. There will be endless tucking in and tweaking to come.
I'm still considering that top shelf, for instance. I'd love to find the right sign or architectural fragment.

A new find has landed here. For now, full of short glass church candles.

A couple of reproduction jars with a French vibe. . . .

A bank of shuttered cupboards underneath. Empty for now.

The long view to the kitchen is to the left. And more built in cupboards and shelves.

The carved door lintel is original, and the old front door has just had a beautiful new finish restored.

There is a great little courtyard just outside that begged for a bistro table. It's a fine spot for birdwatching and greeting the day. This property has no lawn and we plan to play up the Mediterranean style landscaping.

If you missed the first peek click here.

It's so nice that you came by for a look! 

Wishing you a terrific new week ahead!


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  1. I love built in shelves and cabinets. They just give a house character. The mirror is so lovely.

  2. I can't think of a lovelier place for anyone to stay than here. Clean, light, beautiful. Your accessories are quite perfect and you're so right about the silver! Very nice indeed!

  3. What a fun project! Your impeccable taste shines through. Sally

  4. Oooo Jacqueline I'm in heaven! : ) This is such a lovely space.
    I always enjoy watching you create~ And how fun is this?! to start from 'empty', and fill in with 'just the right' things~ Sigh* Thank you for keeping us in the loop; I know this is not all glamorous! and you have put a lot of hard work in. You inspire so many with your style and confidence~ Enjoy! Karen O

  5. How wonderful. You have great ideas- I appreciate your thought process. Looks spacious and classic for your area- a treat for out-of-towners!

  6. Oh Jacqueline, how lovely!!! I want one! I can't think of anything more fun than fixing up and decorating that adorable guest house.

    Can't wait to see more.


  7. Your place is cute! Love the medallions and the french bottle and crock.

  8. Happy to find your blog today. So wonderful your pictures! I'm the newest follower:)

  9. Hi J,
    Oh I am so excited about your little cottage!!! It is beautiful, those built-ins with the shuttered bottoms... swoon!!! It must be so fun to have a whole new house to dress up, looking good!!!

  10. What a sweet guest house! I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

  11. I love the use of your reproduction jars and the medallions. It does add so much texture to your display on the shelves. Your beautiful room gives me a sense of serenity and absolute calm as well as a bit of nostalgia. I love the elegant simplicity of your bookcase. Beautiful!

  12. What a fantastic new space you have there. I love the shelving and the door and the patio with the bistro table! So cute all of it! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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