Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ironstone, Linens & Transferware For Spring

Okay, what season would I ever be without these cottage basics? I only mention spring because it's strongly associated with cleaning up your act, and I iust finished doing a bit of just that!

Sweeping in corners is not exactly my strong suit. But a light case of spring fever sent me clearing and dusting. Thank goodness that's done for the year! Haha!

I am liking things a little more pared down these days, but there is the ever present search for a place for things you aren't using at the moment. Always a challenge in a little house. I do love decorating with things from nature and I keep my nests and twig wreaths year round.

This darling little number is dressing up the twigs for the moment. I don't buy every vintage baby gown I come across, but this beauty was truly exceptional with its flawless and deep hand crochet hem.

Just have a closer look. . . .

That gorgeous lace is as exciting to me as spring blossoms, and will last longer!

It's nice to have a mini changeup in this busy corner. (The set of little cafe fruit bowls are a recent find too.)

This chair seemed to need a little festoon today. And a frothy towel waits with the empty metal basket until it's needed again for who knows what. (Maybe a stack of creamy plates!)

I'm keeping less on this bench for the time being. It seems to be breathing easier already!

A dreamy little guest towel. Just because.

Now, where do I put all this stuff?

It will all make an unusual centerpiece for the time being. I'm thinking white roses in this transferware pitcher. I haven't had those in a long time. . . .

A super sized basket holds a TON of table linen right here. It lives at the corner of the dining table ready for anything.

Just looking at it makes me happy.

Happy Spring days to you too!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!




  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely treasures!

  2. simple loveliness ... and a basket of linens, just because, definitely makes me smile.

  3. Eggs and nest. What a lovely sigh escaped my lips. So beautiful! The simplicity and beauty of your mostly-white space is heavenly.

  4. Another stunning post of your pretty white cottage life.

  5. Jacqueline, the simplicity of your white and light always brings a smile for me. The vintage baby gown is exquisite, and seriously, if you have no place for that white teapot with the acorn finial, well, you can send it to TX.....Austin, TX that is. Ha!
    Thanks for sharing today. You've inspired me to do some spring cleaning of my own.

  6. I always love visiting with you. Everything is always so lovely and beautiful and peaceful... There is never anything that I don't love. Happy weekend with love Janice

  7. Beautiful and peaceful post! Thanks for sharing.


  8. Just looking at it makes ME happy too!! : ) LOL
    Lovely lovely post Jacqueline!
    I want to comment on every single image but have to get back to work ; J
    I must say that the transfer ware pitcher is sooooo exquisite! I love it; am in awe. And the baby gown is something I would not pass up either! cool wire baskets~
    Have a great week and thanks for sharing these serene photos~ Karen O

  9. Such beauty and joy here. I just love your posts (and home :). Enjoy the week! Xo, ~julie

  10. Lovely whites, laces and soft beauties for spring! Blessings, Cindy xo

  11. Jacqueline,
    YES! White Roses are a must for your pitcher, dear friend!
    Such refreshing Spring Clean posts!
    Doing a 'tad bit" of Spring Cleaning here on the Prairie, too!
    Gorgeous linens in your basket!

  12. look at you ready for anything, a gorgeous pile of goodies! the hem on the dress is swoon worthy.... its always a treat to visit you pretty pics...

  13. Your images are just lovely to the eyes! I found you via Shabbilicious Friday! Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for sharing with us :)

  14. As much as I love looking at all your creamy white décor, I fear I would become bored with mostly whites and accents of brown. I have often considered painting all the furniture in my place white (the walls are now soft white because I love that color as a backdrop for everything else), but I hesitate. What if I hated it? I would not be able to paint all of those hand-painted pink roses back onto the dusty blue Chintzware cabinet. And I love the palest of pinks way too much.

  15. That transferware pitcher is gorgeous! The light and airy feel for spring is so perfect! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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