Thursday, March 24, 2016

Vintage Finds

The days fly by, and it's been an active springtime for me. As much as I want to simplify, I seem to add more to fill my days instead. All the grandchildren have different times for Easter break, so lots of visiting going on. My cup runneth over.

But no matter the season or stage of life there is always room for vintage! And I still manage a stop or two at my favorite getting places. 

I thought you might be interested in a peek at the latest booty. (Which all tends to run toward the same type of thing, I know.) 

Up first is another gorgeous old bottle! You can't really see the lovely faint purple of this old bubbly glass with a scrap of a label still clinging to it, but it is a pleasing old thing to behold.

A stack of linens in a basket caught my eye in the soft early light too, with their pleasing texture and beautiful old monograms.

I have discovered a wonderful new local artist that makes these adorable mixed media originals from his own photography and vintage scrap. His name is Mikel Robinson, and here is the link to his website for you to see more about him.

These samples are about the size of a small postcard. I love the nature themes best, and want to hang them in groupings. The old elements incorporated are so soulful and just stunning. I will show them again when I have them hung the way I want.

And I was so lucky to find a gorgeous stack of lacy linen this week from a single source.

Nothing gives me more pleasure to use, or to gift. . . .

The following pieces of natural Irish linen with the white embroidery are my very favorites.

This one is a runner, and the larger one with shamrocks is a small tea table coth.

Simply luscious!

I hope it is a wonderful Easter Weekend for you all! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  1. Thank you for sharing Jacqueline! Oh my! (I feel like MY cup runneth over right now : )
    That artist is amazing and I hope to peek into his website. And what a wonderful array of new (old:) linens you found; the love never ends, does it? Great bunnies and bottle. Bunnies are one of my fave's always~ Blessed Easter to you! Karen O

  2. Dear Jacqueline, I always enjoy your posts and thank you for the time and energy you apply to give us our "linens" fix.
    Regards Janine

  3. I tried the link but was unable to get Mikel's artwork. Do you have a name of the website? I love all the pretty linens and silver and other antique finds you share, Jacqueline! The bunnies are so sweet. . .

  4. Thanks to Cynthia for alerting me about the link! It's been fixed. But the web address is just in case.

  5. Wonderful bunnies and all things white. How I do love the white. Happy Easter!!

  6. I love looking at your lovely white linens and the lovely collection of unique art pieces. I'll be sure and check out his site.
    Have a wonderful Easter.


  7. Jacqueline, it's all lovely, both words and images. Thanks for the link to the artist. Wonderful work. I think a piece or two would look great on an easel in a glass front cabinet or open shelves. Total charm. thank you for sharing this find.
    Happy Easter Weekend to you. Enjoy the time with the grands!

  8. OH this post is beautiful, Jacqueline...and I love the artwork! Wishing you a wonderful Easter!

  9. Lovely, lovely linens...I am quite envious.

  10. You have found some lovely vintage goodies, Jacqueline! I do love the white embroidery on the Irish linen - so beautiful:) The photos are wonderful - thank you for sharing the link! Wishing you a lovely Easter. xx K

  11. Your Easter bunnies are beautiful, white on white! And I am inspired to try the same after looking at Mykel Robinson's work. Thanks for the link.

    (I thought of you when doing my current post on Edith Wharton's The Mount; all the stone work outside, the peek in the windows!)

  12. Simply gorgeous! I especially love the Irish linen with the shamrocks. ~sigh~
    Thank for sharing! Happy Easter!

  13. Jacqueline, you always share the most beautiful items so beautifully photographed. Thanks for sharing the artist information. His work is outstanding and I really love what you have acquired and anxious to see how you display them. I did go to his website and ordered the "Wooly" print. I love it and can't wait to find an appropriate frame to display it in..Happy Easter to you..Judy

  14. Ohhh, love the lacy linen with the roses patterned lace!

  15. Lovely, lovely finds. I just love the linen with white embroidery. The artwork is so unique. I like Mikel's Etsy shop.

  16. Happy Easter Jacqueline, as for all your treasured finds they are wonderful.
    The artist with his mixed media, altered art, it's a favorite of mine as well. I have sold in my etsy little sweet pieces of wood layered with old pieces and then art attached to them... Such a sweet display of treasured finds here.

    I am off to enjoy Easter and all the spring beauty, perhaps even create a bit later today.
    See you soon dear.

    Happy Easter.
    Happy Spring beauty.


  17. AWESOME finds - you have the magic touch, ma'am! WOW!!

  18. Just beautiful! I hope you had a lovely Easter! Thanks for sharing at HSH!


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