Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Grain Sacks & Feeling Farmhouse

One of the things that I like about a neutral color scheme is how easily it translates into different styles.  Tweak it one way or another and you can get a whole new feeling for a space.

I recently stopped into a very small shop in a very small town and found a wonderful stack of grain sacks. Now if you live in farm country, that is nothing remarkable, but here in the desert southwest we have to get a little lucky.

I selected four of the best samples, and they washed up so nicely that I may have to go back for some more!

They add a lot to upping the farmhouse feeling around here, and I like that each one is different. I have always enjoyed seeing the luxury of a simple stack of vintage grain sacks and now I can have my own!

Even though I love the graphics and clean lines, I like a more romantic farmhouse style for myself than what you get with a strictly primitive style.

A few curves and softness adds to the appeal.

And nothing beats a beautiful stack of textured linens!

I usually keep the cupboard doors closed in the living room because I like a less busy tone, but I need a few sweet cows that are usually hidden away to add to the ambiance today.

This covered dish never gets enough press on the blog.

Ironstone jugs are a weakness of mine too.

I have been thinking about at a lot of light blue lately, but brown transferware, especially in the lighter patterns and colors, seems to have no season.

Who ever saw a farmhouse without an old dish cupboard?

Finally, this old flowered bowl adds just the right amount of romance to that farmhouse feeling for me.

The aged color, the rose sprays, and all that crazing just capture my imagination and transport me to another time.

I even love the speckled underside, and would display it on that side too.

I love the difference that just a few small changes can make once in awhile!

Are you feeling like changing things up a little lately too?

A little goes a long way for me.

Well, here we are at the end of March, and I know it is going out like a lion for a lot of you.

Wishing you many beautiful days ahead!



  1. Simply fabulous post Jacqueline~ You have a way of sending me on a teeny vacation each time I visit! : ) lol Loving the peaceful state of your photo's; your home, really. Loved the cows! I really like animals incorporated.
    I enjoyed these images and the chance to imagine what I would do with those great grain sacks~ And the crazed dish is wonderful! There's so much charm in warn dishware don't you think? Lovely visit and thank you! for sharing. I took a mini visit to see my family in MT and came home (Colo. Spgs.) to snow! Yes, out like a lion ; ) Hugs to you, Karen O

  2. What a great find those grain sacks were and seeing in your dish cupboard was lovely, especially the neutral colour wave and all the interesting china you've collected.

  3. Jacqueline,
    Amazing vintage grain sack finds, dear friend!
    L o v e the full bushel basket of "fresh from the clothesline" linens!
    Mm~m~m. . .I can truly, imagine that heavenly scent!
    Simple changes are the letter of the day here on the Prairie, too!
    Adding a "touch of blue" in small doses to our upper level Living Room today!
    Gorgeous ironstone. . .loved peeking into your primitive Farmhouse cabinet!

  4. Happy Spring! You did awesome finding those grain sacks! I love my visits to your blog...


  5. Beautiful grain sacks...and I love the beautiful old floral bowl!

  6. Wow, I hear you about not being able to find sweet grain sacks in the desert southwest, Jacqueline. I look all the time, but seldom find a nice piece. So happy you found a nice stack! Love the brown transferware too, I have only 1 little pitcher that I picked up last fall and Love it! Enjoyed seeing your change ups! Blessings, Cindy xo

  7. Everything is so beautiful - I love your farmhouse touches. And the grain sacks are fantastic! Not to sound greedy, but if they are a good price and in good shape... snatch the rest of those up! :) I don't think you'll regret it! They can be hard to find! Hope you have a great weekend! ~julie

  8. You always find the best things.

    I love your grain sacks.

  9. Looks like you found some gems! Love the open cabinet and the treasures inside! Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Your home is always so beautiful and full of vintage love! I would have passed out had I come upon those great grain sacks. I can never find any that are affordable. Love how you are displaying them. My sister and I have just started collecting brown transferware and it is also very hard to find, but that won't stop us from being on the search!

    Thanks for a lovely post.


  11. Ahhhhh just Ahhhhhh! Love that cow dish that is super duper amazing. I need one of those. The cabinet looks so fabulous. Just beautiful Jacqueline.

  12. It's all so very beautiful, Jacqueline. I love the graphics on the grainsacks - and of course, all your gorgeous linens & dishes.
    Happy April!

  13. I have several grain/feed sacks -- mostly from our part of Colorado. Your stack is great. I must look for more! Sally

  14. I love your cow dish and don't remember seeing it before! The grain sacks are wonderful and the whole place looks so lovely. Cozy and happy and very comfy!

  15. Jacqueline, yes, yes, yes!!
    I too have been wanting to change it up a bit, adding more pale limpid tones of course, and the faded age of pieces with colour.
    Your grain sack find? ...what can I say but wow! And so wish it were my find :)
    I am working with some vintage navy so washed out that it looks like a old blue grey, in a ticking and in butter yellows and Dijon mustard Browns and French bleus in a table cloth weave. I plan to layer the fabrics making envelope euro shams out of it all... Now here's the deal with all the new tones I am working with for my etsy shop you will see that there will be ones added to my home, that pop of pale in their limpid tones almost transparent. And with the blaxk and cream ticking it's really giving me inspiration to turn things around with for French Farmhouse drama!

    Jacqueline, I have always felt a strong farmhouse feel from you here with your home, loving the dish cabinet filled to the brim with lustful stoneware, and amazingingly aged transferware!
    Love the direction you are heading in, and believe me not its a great dusty rural fit for your part of the desert.
    Here in Southern California on the desert where I live I am an hour and a half from the desert to the Southern California beaches, I get torn with a mood and draw to the sea, and the other pull to a more rural south European feel to the countryside of French rural living.
    A few pillows and an area rug and tons of pottery will be a good start in leaning towards a desire for a bit more colour :)

    Love how your post inspires the best in the direction I am heading.
    I have filled my etsy with my Burlap Luxe hand thrown wheel pottery, and a new post with it, come visit, see my direction.

    Beautiful spring
    All it inspires


  16. Always love seeing transferware. The large bowl is just lovely. I believe I have one that is quite similar.

  17. Love very much. Pinned. Mimi xxx

  18. Yes, I have been thinking about changing everything up, but that's about as far as it goes, because then I realize that I love everything the way it is now. For now I just rearranged the furniture and that was it :)
    I love your home and love the little farmhouse changes you have made. The grain sacks were a wonderful find!

  19. The cows and the grain sacks do bring the farmhouse charm. A favorite of mine! Thanks for sharing at HSH!

  20. I love it. Neutrals are the best. It's so fun to move things around and they feel new and fresh when you do.
    So precious.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week.


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