Thursday, January 28, 2016

Winter Morning Tea

Winter mornings call for something relaxed. Recumbent even. Perhaps in bed before the day warms up.

Mornings require easy options. A no more taxing decision than "coffee or tea?"

Soothing white with a weathered tarnish to match. Spring will be soon enough for a good polish!

Today I wanted to feature the new Pope Gosser coffee pot that matches my other collected pieces.

And also a little fat silver teapot that sat on the shelf at the shop begging "Oh, take me home with you, please!"

I even love the moss green marks on the bottom of the china.

And the rose knob on top.

The silver plated teapot has a softly burnished pewter-like finish.

But it was that adorable knob on top that captivated me!

I just brought home this perky round wicker tray so perfect for carrying and serving an easy tea. It cradles everything as cozily as a baby bassinet!

Or draws you awake to morning light at the kitchen table. . .

Even the linens suggest the look of a rumpled bed.

We're down to the last few busy days of January! A new month will have us all looking toward spring. But for now it's just time for a few soothing sips to begin a another winter's day.

So nice to have your company!

Thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. Well Good Morning to You J! So cozy.... perfect for a cold Winters morning... Lovely lovely dishes... the rose bud tops stole my heart of course! Funny you are cold because we are warm, I cant say that often :-) Thanks for sharing your lovely morning!

  2. Simply lovely Jacqueline~ Your words always seem to capture the photo's so perfectly : )
    Thank you for sharing. The knobs on the teapots are delightful!
    You encourage me to remember the 'little things' @ home; and how
    the smallest things can brighten your day and make a small difference
    in the way we see things~ Take care, Karen O

  3. Lovely tea set. I have been enjoying alot of tea since we have had so much snow this past week. In fact I need to buy some more.

  4. Be still my heart! That is gorgeous! Nice teapot, it is a charming "old faithful" style! Love it!!

  5. You just take the best photos, you should think of photo shooting for food because you can make anything look edible. BEautiful. Stay warm and recumbent :D

  6. Perfect tea service in that lovely wicker basket! So pretty -- just elegant!

  7. Lovely setting. Your photography is stunning. I enjoyed your post.

  8. Jacqueline, I like the way you think. This is the perfect way to greet the morning, especially a winter morning. You teapots are both charmers! Love this pretty post.

  9. Love this tea setting! The China and linens are beautiful and so elegant.

  10. Gorgeousness!!! I have a soft heart for tea things and these are all lovely.

  11. I love the way you gathered all of your beautiful goodies in the wicker tray! The monogrammed spoons are lovely...wish I could join you for a cup of tea, Jacqueline!

  12. Hi Jacqueline, the tea sets are so sweetly call out for a tea party, even if it's just for one?

    Loving it all, I have to say the tea pot in aged silver plate pewter like would call out my name as well. I tend to gravitate to these unique pieces,mand the lid with the oak leaf and acron type knob is really attention getting. The linens, the silver flatware is all so heirloom feeling and even if it were no tea I would even use it as a coco pot, serving up a perfect cup of hot coco and some cream.

    I think this weekend I will sit and enjoy a long morning into the mid day enjoying hot tea. I have a dentist appointment Friday, dental surgery, so my Saturday will be spent not as active and tea might comfort me.
    While I lay around and catch up on some inspiring reading.

    Have a beautiful weekend dear,
    Thank you for taking the time to visit me, I always love hearing what you have to say in your comments that joy my days.


  13. I would be so happy to start the day off with a tray frothing with lace and gleaming with a fat little silver teapot. So pretty!

  14. Your new coffee pot is a beauty! Never seen one as pretty.

  15. Jacqueline,
    What a wonderful way to begin a Winter's Day, dear friend!!!
    I'm fortunate enough that "Mr.Ed" makes the coffee each morning,
    so I won't press my luck for a beautiful tray presentation!!!
    However, that doesn't mean I won't suggest it for upcoming "special" days!!!
    P.S. I agree wholeheartedly, that Silver Tea Pot had your name written on it!!!

  16. Your pictures are so charming and pretty makes me want to hurry home and play with my silver tea pot and my china tea pots as well.
    I love silver tea pots they look great with any tea cup

  17. One big SIGH from me Jacqueline!!! So lovely----your home---your vignettes---
    and the way you cherish life! It really is the simple things isn't it?
    sending hugs...

  18. Rich and creamy white. Beautiful. Those knobs are so cute.

  19. My latest blog post is titled, "Living Well" and I think your posts are the epitome of living well. You surround yourself with beautifully crafted items - oh, the lovely detail in your linens, teacups, silver and that precious teapot.

    I enjoy peeking into your home!

  20. Jacqueline, I missed this post earlier. I love the stories you tell and the way you articulate them along with your wonderful pictures of your collections. What is really amazing to me is that you always find just the right embellishments, in just the right colors, to set the scene. Always beautifully done..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  21. Your tea is so absolutely charming! Winter perfection. Visiting you from The Charm of Home.

  22. What a :Beautiful" teapot. Where can we find the white wicker basket and lovely lines?

    Love Your Blog


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