Monday, January 25, 2016

New Chairs And A Few Easy Change Ups

We have made a sort of major change in the living room since the last post. We took out a small farmhouse table that had been "stored" here for a few years, and rearranged the chairs. There is never enough seating during the holidays and family visits, so I have been looking for small occasional chairs to bring in that are also comfortable for a long visit. I was even thinking bean bags for the older kids. 

What I found were these pretty cool folding chairs from Target that really fit the bill! They come in black fleece as well as this thick and cushy white cover, and they take up no room at all. Small enough to pop into a closet when folded. The room has so much more breathing space now!

It was also an opportunity to show the less photographic side of the room and how the chairs fit in.

The big screen commands one whole corner, but isn't seen from the room entrance letting the fireplace be the focal point. Easy to flip the chair for TV.

The other corner has just enough room for another small chair. The light is tricky for photos in this direction and I rarely show it, but the room screen peeks through now and then and some of you have asked about it. It is an antique leather oil painting of a clipper ship that once graced the fine home of my husband's grandfather. One of his siblings took it to her college dorm room decades ago, and it was still languishing in the family garage when we claimed it. Screens are so versatile, and this one makes for great privacy for an overnight guest on the sofa when it is pulled across the doorway.

The wing chair was placed next to the sofa and got a new faux fleece from Target as well.

I wish we had enjoyed this set up when the house was so full! (But, soon enough!)

Stay cozy and safe from the storm!
Hope it's a great new week for you!


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  1. what a welcoming and lovely place! i love these folding chairs. beautiful!

    have a great week ahead~

  2. Funny I was just re-arranging my weird shaped living room yet again - I am exhausted doing so and think after all this I am going back to how it was - I am ready for a change but it looked and functioned better before. Ugh. Now I need a cuppa to get the energy to do this.

    I have been considering new furniture lately - I think 2 love seats versus the extra long sofa and love seat would work better - but I love this set and would want something very similar. Hugs thinks I am crazy to have less seating - but it is only really technically one person less and hardly ever do three people sit on it - people are funny, they always seem to need their individual I don't the expense, yikes.

    I think your problem solving is just perfect for the days when you need more seats - bravo! Your fleece is fun too. Well done, and Target rocks, doesn't it? I never ever EVER go there because I know how much I will spend. There is something about that store that just calls me name loudly and says "you need this awesome new thing, Michele!" I pledged in Jan 2015 to see if I could go a whole year staying out of the stores and thrifts, and have done fairly well. It's a new year and I still have too much stuff, I need to clean and organize and purge. I wish I could hire someone to help me get started, you know?

    Anyway, I am babbling. Love your new things, big hugs. Stay warm - you will with that nifty fleece piece for sure! ♥

  3. The butterfly chairs are a perfect fit and choice. I have been happy to see them making a come back. We have had a butterfly chair for 25 yrs. it came with a natural canvas cover that was worn thru at some point. So now it has a black canvas cover. We have always used it and it gets moved around from room to room. We use faux furs on it too. You will never regret your purchase. We purchased ours from World Market when we were first married. It has endured four children and all their friends! We love them.

  4. Jacqueline,
    Great choice for "extra" seating, dear friend!!!
    Your "grands" will love the look of the new chairs!!!
    I adore that they have button tufting!!!
    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the less photographed portions of your living room!!!
    NO SNOW here on the Prairie!!!
    I know we'll be warm and cozy with 50~60+ predicted temperatures for this week!!!

  5. Hi J,
    Small and comfy seems like a hard thing to find... but they look like just that!! cute too! I always admire your use of screens, I have never had one and always add one to my list of wish I hads when I see how nicely you use yours :-)

  6. That is a really Nice chair...and it fit Perfect with all the other Furniture...Looks Great...

  7. Very smart solution Jacqueline! I like the light weight and storable idea~ Hope all is well. ~Karen O in CO

  8. What a nice -- and functional -- arrangement. I'm getting antsy to rearrange space again, though I suspect it will wait till summer when it will be a little more pleasant to have the sofa by the window! I did get a fun new red chair that makes me smile. Such a lift! Don't you think when you rearrange it is like being in a whole new space? Very nice!

  9. Looking warm and cosy.

  10. Love everything and would give anything for a chaise!


  11. I don't think you could go wrong in any choice you make for comfort, space, and flexibility in changing pieces around.
    Jacqueline, I have been wanting to add a chair to my very small sitting room in the main room of our small cottage, it would have to be one that functioned as your chair so it could be easily moved about.
    I don't think you can have enough to chairs for various occasions as well as a quiet place to and enjoy a great inspiring magazine or book.
    Love love your cozy room, and your chairs work comfortably well together.

    See you soon, Jacqueline I am now more inspired to rethink another chair or piece to lounge in :)

    Enjoy the beauty you create.


  12. Hi Jacqueline, your seating looks comfy, cozy and just charming. I am sure when you have a house full again it will be perfect. Love your fleece throw. I've been changing furniture around too and swapping from one room to another.
    Enjoy the week ahead!! xo

  13. That chair is a wonderful idea - it fits in perfectly with the room. I have been looking everywhere for a small chair for my son's new apt. but never thought to look in Target. This chair will fit perfectly in his space - thanks so much for sharing. I am off to Target!!!

  14. LOVE the faux fleece throw
    I always wanted a area rug like that seen one once years ago and always have regretted not buying it
    my daughter got those chairs for the boys game room

  15. I must visit Target soon. Nice chairs when having guests. Love the screen too. Screens do work well for privacy when a guest visits. I have one that is plain which works well to keep some light coming into the room when they sleep. I keep thinking I should decorate it.

  16. Jacqueline, your new chairs seem perfect and they remind me of what was called 'butterfly' chairs ( back in my day). They were so comfortable and I had one for many years but can't imagine now what happened to it. I need to go to Target to pick up a fuzzy throw. They looks so perfect for making a warm, winter day.Happy Tuesday..Judy

  17. You've created such a cosy nest there. It has that 'sink into it' feeling!

  18. Your new chairs and fleece throw look so warm and inviting. The older I get, the greater my wish for soft, padded seats, and your new seats look much softer than usual for that style. Stay warm and toasty. Our weather forecast for Saturday is predicting highs in the 70s.


  19. Your new chairs look so comfortable and cozy! Such a bonus that they can be folded up and put away, too! I love the fleece and your beautiful screen. It's extra special because it was passed down in the family. Always nice to see your beautiful and cozy living room. xx Karen

  20. We downsized our seating because our room was not functioning well at all. This would be the perfect answer to needing more seating on special occasions.
    Have a wonderful week.

  21. Very comfy/cozy sitting area! Your family and guests will enjoy having the extra seating. Blessings, Cindy

  22. Absolutely beautiful. Simplicity at its best! Visiting from French Country Cottage's link party.


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