Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bunnies In Winter Tablescape

My 2016 calendar begins with dancing bunnies for January. But bunnies are never far from my heart. (You will want to know that the calender is "Animalia" from

When I posted this image from my last post onto Facebook I got a flood of inquiries as to where to buy the plates. They are last year's design from Magenta that I found at Home Goods and seem to be no where to buy at present.

They really are an Easter design, but I knew when I bought them that they would never be saved only for that! Bunnies are forever!

I am more apt to do buffet style tables these days. So much more workable for small crowds in a small space. But bunny plates are perfect for a "Come over and we'll eat" kind of table like this one.

So January bunnies it is! I am not much of a cook, so a simple soup and sandwich affair is planned. But this adorable mustard/jam pot will help to elevate the humble menu. It was a gift from sweet friends some time ago, and will probably hold apricot jam for biscuits.

An old muffin tin is so versatile. Mine will serve up the biscuits. (Or warm cookies for dessert!)

Ironstone mugs will hold a savory soup and keep it nice and hot. Nothing more needed for an intimate cozy winter farmhouse style lunch. 

And I wonder if you noticed the lettered napkins peeking out from between the plates? I have been thinking about when and how to use them for some time now.

They are one version from a company called Sir/Madam. Mine are letters of advice from famous writers like Dickens to their children. Another set has love letters. I have seen them various places. Recently at Anthropolgie.

They make a fun setting for your bookish friends or for a book club meeting.

I'm so glad that you stopped by!

I hope it's a beautiful day for you!


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Isabell Kruse said...

Ohhhhh...i Love the bunny plate...Beautiful pictures...

sweet violets said...

There are tooooooo many elements to love in your post!! First off, bunnies are forever, love the plates. I searched for those last year and found them in many places esp. on Ebay, very pricey so I never bought them. Your pot for jam is adorable, love it!!! The napkins are so clever and a must have, what a conversation piece!!!

At holiday time I purchased 5 various strands of fairy lights from, they were very reasonable. Like you, I am using them everywhere!! They are so pretty and spritly in floral arrangements.......Happy New Year to you!!! xoxoxo

Bella's Rose Cottage said...

Oh how wonderful to have two days in a row of your peaceful charm! Bunnies are forever!!!! I adore mine, it is the best page:-) the table scape is cozy are as always loaded with interesting details, you are the master :-) Oh and besides you had me at warm cookies:-)

Roosterhead Designs said...

Sooo lovely Jacqueline! Thanks for sharing~

Georgina Malcolm said...

Lovely bunnies! I had a Peter Rabbit bowl when I was little. I expect it got broken at some stage but once a bunny fan, always a bunny fan.
Great napkins too.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely all the white. The rabbit plates are wonderful!

Blondie's Journal said...

The bunny plates are so cure. I know that when HomeGoods sells out you will never see it again. A pity. I love everything here, you are the best at vignettes.

Jane x

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jacqueline, I just love the bunny plates. The napkins are just charming too. Love the way you've mingled the little lights around your table. I love those lights and use them too. The timer styles are my favorites.
Have a beautiful weekend. xo

Pat Cantwell said...

Adorable Tablescape, dear friend!!!
Love the Apricot Jelly lidded dish!!! (wink)
Like you, bunnies aren't just for Easter here on the Prairie!!!
That being said, mine are patiently awaiting to make their 2016 debut!!!

lala said...

I would like nothing better than to sit at your charming table and enjoy a cup of soup from a lovely ironstone mug, and a sandwich from the adorable bunny plates! This is truly a lovely and sweet tablescape, just perfect for a cold,dreary afternoon.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Love your sweet Bunny plates and Bunny dish.
Darn it that makes me want some Bunny plates LOL

I love Beatrice Potter and have a set of her little books so I do have some Bunnies

iris said...

restons dans le monde de Béatrix Potters
ce monde rempli de petits lapins
les assiettes sont superbes
avoir un tablier avec des mots de Dickens le RÊVE
bonne journée
Peter Rabbit vous salut bien

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

Those are the sweetest bunny plates I've seen! I hope they show up again at Home Goods. Those lettered napkins are such a great find. I can imagine everyone taking a moment to read aloud what's on them- what a fun idea!

Junkchiccottage said...

These plates are just adorable along with the napkins. So sweet.

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

I love it all so very much, Jacqueline! My cottage is small, but there are bunnies everywhere year-round ~ inside & out!
Have a lovely one!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Ah, bunnies, they're so adorable! This time of year we see white ones scampering about in our back yard. I always pray they don't meet up with Mr. Fox. Your table is very sweet and I love the bunny plates. The napkins are quite unique. I have never seen them with script {print} on them like that. Your table is very welcoming and I love my soup in a mug too. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.


Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Jacqueline, just sweet and such fun at the same time..Happy Weekend..Judy

Marilyn Miller said...

Your table is so whimsical and wonderful. I love the napkins and the bunnies. Oh I must go browsing at Anthropologie and Home Goods.

sarah said...

I love that bunny plate, I would have swooned over it as a child.

Katie Mansfield said...

Adorable. I love the twinkle lights too. Looks cozy and warm.

Jeanie said...

I hear Anthropologie calling my name. Like I need another set of napkins. Love the table setting and the dishes. The brownish bunnies are especially nice -- they don't scream Easter/spring and are perfect for year round! And love the lights. In fact, there isn't a photo or a word or an idea or a bit of imagination in this post that I don't love to death!

Ornella said...

Have a good weekend whit your bunnies!!

Lulu said...

A great table. It would go oh so well with Beatrix Potter stories.

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