Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wreaths In The Dining Room

So the truth is that I always have at least one wreath in the dining room all year. If you lean toward country style (as I often do) twig wreaths are common year 'round. But it has sunk into me this year that I really do have a thing for wreaths. I haven't yet hung all of those that I own, and I can think of a few more types that I would want to have!

I am also slow to give up the seedy woodsy things from autumn, and never really do. You're going to think I hang around Pottery Barn an awful lot (and it might be true!), but I grabbed these dried artichokes when they went on clearance there.

I collected these acorn looking pods on a walk in the park this fall. They're huge, extremely hard, and so interesting looking, but the trees they came from look not at all like oak. We have a stand of pecans in the park as well that sponsor a crow festival for a week or two each year, but the pecans are different from these. Anyway, I love them whatever they are!

I have hung a faded eucalyptus wreath in the big empty frame with a graphic background. I fashioned one two Christmas seasons ago when I saw a dried wreath featured in a Jeanne d'Arc Living publication and fell in love with it. Theirs had aged to a light brown. It's a little wonky, but it grows on you! An old carved piece I found long ago at a flea market hangs beneath. It may be from an old cuckoo clock. I like to think so anyway! A row of pitchers keep company in the old wicker plant stand.

The latest bouquet of roses is on the wane, and I love the way they look when they get all droopy. Hot house roses always feel too stiff to me when they start out.

I haven't dressed the hutch for Christmas yet, so a small boxwood wreath lends the holiday spirit to the old cupboard in the meantime.

Some years Christmas Day just sneaks up on us. But when the tree is up and the wreaths are hung I feel ready for anything. Adding ribbon and greens and candles and cards here and there as time goes on just adds to the layers and joys of the season as it unfolds. 

It was so wonderful to have you stop by to see our snow! Loved the cheery comments!

Wishing you many more beautiful days ahead!


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  1. Everything looks so pretty in your home. Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. You have such a knack of making all things, whether fresh or dried, look beautiful and special! I adore your home, Jacqueline, which speaks loudly of comfort, welcome, and friendliness!
    Mary Alice

  3. Jacqueline, your wreaths are breathtaking. I love that they are dried and wonky. Your words not mine! I added an old divided box to a wall today and hubby said I may know decorating but he knows well finished furniture and that is not it. I told him he knows nothing!! Right?..Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and will it still be white?..Judy

  4. Everything is so lovely Jacqueline! I love your wreaths and how beautifully you have shown them in these photos. May you enjoy a wonderful week leading up to Christmas! Blessings, Cindy

  5. A twiggy wreath was a big contender this year for my home, loving all the different twig wreaths I would come across... Love how you have what I was aiming for and it looks amazing in your home Jacqueline... What I now am in Awww over is the dried leafy silvery greens, now my number one choice, I love how soft and silvery it looks against all your whites. Love all your coziness here for Christmas.
    It will be a merry one.


  6. Ahhhhhh Jacqueline. So beautiful. Love your hutch that piece is gorgeous. Everything is so soft and beautiful for the holidays. Love it all.

  7. Love everything as always. If you find out what those acorn-like things are, please let us know. You could sell least to me! Also, you certainly don't need to wait for artichokes to go on sale! I think our weather in northern Colorado probably is not unlike yours, semi-arid, and I dry fresh ones throughout the year. Just throw them in a basket and let them dry. I love the fact that they are like two alike.

  8. My favorite is the large white frame with the graphics behind your dried wreath. Love it

    Merry Christmas

  9. So many people posting beautiful Christmas decorations and I love them all but this one really gets me because I'm a huge wreath fan and I love each and every one of your wreaths. (Like you, I have at least one up all year, too!). The eucalyptus in the frame is particularly striking and looks wonderful in your environment!

  10. Those are bur oak acorns you've gathered. I have lots of them I put out in bowls in the fall. thanks

  11. Jacqueline, can you tell me where to find the beautiful frame you have with the wreath in it? Is it available for purchase somewhere? Thank you!!

  12. I stumbled into your blog through a Pinterest post and I totally feel like I belong right here! I can’t wait to rummage through your site!


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