Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December White Wednesday

It's been a while since I posted white on a Wednesday. I miss the old White Wednesday party, and December seems to call for it! We do get an occasional snow here in New Mexico, but not enough to keep me from romanticizing about it. I told myself that the little ones would enjoy the fanciful little snow globe, but it's truly just for me.

But it is these matelasse Christmas stockings that I intended to show you today! My friend and fellow linen lover, Natalie, made them for me. I have always wanted at least one, and she has stitched up some wonderful versions.

The touches of lace and pearly buttons are wonderful! She has used a red fabric underneath to highlight the bird pattern on one of them, and I love the heart motif of the delicate crocheted lace cuff on the rest.

Several different designs have been selected from the old coverlets they came from. I have them set in front of a window to better show the beautiful raised patterns of the fabric.

The afternoon light casts a dreamy glow on all the textures, and I find it easy to imagine a storied scene from a fairytale. I am more than willing to be carried away by the magic of the season!

The soft light brings a certain drama to everything within its reach as winter stealthily approaches, the days becoming ever shorter.

I like the slower pace of the early days of December, and the gentle unfolding of what can become a frenetic season. Don't we always vow to savor the small enchantments of this time each year?

Let there be only softness and peace and beauty in the world. . . .

The chiming clock reminds me to move on to the realities of the hour.

Always much to be done.

But a good dose of white always brings a lightness to even the heaviest of days, and little more celebration to this season of light. 

May your days be merry and bright,

And may all your Wednesdays be white!



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  1. The snow globe and stockings are beautiful. I had a booth once at Round Top right across from a lady's booth that sold only linens and lacy things. You would have died. You must only buy perfect pieces since they all look so perfect....

  2. Beautifully said Jacqueline. I always feel relaxed when I look at your beautiful and serene pictures of items so lovely. The stockings are so pretty and the detailed buttons are amazing. You are so right about finding peace in this hectic world.


  3. Lovely post , white is always a peaceful colour.

  4. Tranquility is what your post brought to me. I love the white on white. Those are beautiful stockings. Love your snow globe too!

  5. Lovely to see these exquisite stockings and the darling snow globe! Very pretty and serene. xo Karen

  6. Everyday white day...
    Jacqueline, I adore the vintage that went into making the stockings, this is what I put into making mine, well most of them, unless I come across an of sham and then I will turn it into a stocking.
    All the etsy stockings of mine are from French Mattelasse coverlets and linen table cloths.
    I use quilts if found to work will. Yours are exceptional and detailing charm with old buttons and laces.

    It's really starting to look a whole like Christmas here, and I am inspired by your white and vintage.

    Keeping it real and white.

    Un Joyeux December

  7. Oh, my word, Jacqueline - those stockings are absolutely gorgeous - such love and craftmanship went into making them! She is such a talent!

    Have you ever considered taking over White Wednesdays? It's been sorely missing out there - and you'd be perfect for the job! You really should consider doing so!

    Hugs. ♥

  8. Thanks so much for the lovely comment and the lovely thought, Michele! I have nothing but admiration for all the wonderful and talented party hosts out there. It's a huge commitment, and we all enjoy the benefits!!!

  9. Oh Jacqueline, Such gorgeousness! *sigh* Your photography is amazing too~ I appreciate the peace and softness I find here : ) It's a blessing and a soothing break from the reality of 'life & stuff.'
    Truly beautiful stockings! you must have been soo pleased~ And lovely tablescape and details. Thank you for sharing: ) Karen O

  10. Just Beautiful Jacqueline. Love the snow globes and the stockings. Everything is a vision. Enjoy the season and thank you for all the inspiration. xo

  11. The buttons on those beautiful stockings made my heart stop and do somersaults of joy! What treasures you have!

  12. Oh...Your white Christmas stockings are wonderful! Always a treat to visit your Blog...

  13. Really beautiful pieces, and your lovely photography is always enjoyed. I miss seeing White Wednesday too! Thanks for the treat. Patty/NS

  14. You make everything look so lovely. Mother of Pearl buttons always make me smile. I made a crazy quilt in 2000 using silks in neutral colors and embellished with embroidery stitches and mother of pearl buttons from my grandmother's button box.

  15. Completely shabbilicious and beautiful Jacqueline. I'm always so envious of your gorgeous linens. I'll be featuring your beautiful winter whites at Shabbilicious Friday later today. Thank you for always sharing :)
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  16. Jacqueline,
    Oh, dear friend.. .I could gaze upon the exquisite textile fabric in your Christmas stockings for hours upon end!!!
    I adore the lace toppings and the button detailing, as well!!!
    I agree. . .more WHITE on Wednesday!!!

  17. Dear Jacqueline,
    Yours is such a calming place to be...
    I, too, LOVE these stockings!
    Happy New Year!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas


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