Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Bit of Thrifting Therapy

Everything about this little creamer tells me that it is French. Do you know the pattern? I can only imagine the exquisite set that it once belonged to. The creamer is one of a handful of sweet little finds from this week that cost me next to nothing, and gives me a little cheap therapy. 

These dessert/salad plates, Rose Point by Pope-Gosser, are one of my top favorite patterns. I found six of them for a dollar each. The close-up shows you what great condition they are in. I snapped them up almost quicker than I spied them!

The little creamer was two dollars.

Someone was also unloading a milk glass collection of double ruffled Fenton. I picked out two beautiful compotes from the few pieces that were there.

Though they are not something that I would usually be looking out for, they are striking together.

These monogrammed damask napkins are thin and oh so soft from long use. I will either finish wearing them out, or fashion some project from them. (At least that's what I tell myself!)

A beautiful natural linen tea cloth with four napkins to match stole my heart. For me, it is all about the texture and color.

I love the details on this darling little work of art! You can see that the handle is curved left and right rather than straight, and the hand-painted details also enhance the shape.

Doesn't it make for a sweet little portrait?

What's good therapy for you?

I hope you find time for it this weekend!

Happy days!


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  1. Your ability to find the most gorgeous linens amazes me!

  2. I'm amazed at the beautiful things you find for almost nothing when you are out thrifting. Wow, the little creamer is a beauty as are the stack of plates. Fantastic finds, Jacqueline!

  3. What wonderful finds! Your little creamer does look Limoge-esque. I have a little Limoge chamberstick with almost the exact same gold design. Thrifting is a favorite pastime here also. And I really love estate sales for poking around in. Went to three this week. Didn't find anything, but they were still fun!


  4. Nice treasures!! Love the linens. I sought that same therapy this weekend and did some shopping.....brought home just 2 small things....but enjoyed walking around and looking at everything, so much to see!!!

  5. I have learned to love linens and beautiful china through your posts, Jacqueline. I do not have room to store collections myself, but just to see them through your eyes is pure bliss.

    I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend.

  6. Everything beautiful as usual. I have some mismatched cups similar to that darling pitcher, but they don't have that adorable handle...and who need an excuse to buy lovely textiles?! It is so nice to be able to enjoy your finds with you. There are so many people who just don't "get it." They are the ones who question what you're going to do with something, why you need it, and whether you're wasting money. If it makes your heart sing and it's a bargain, then put it in your environment. It's worth every penny.

  7. Beautiful treasures Jacqueline. I love those milk glass compotes. They are so sweet and pretty with their ruffles. The linens are so delicate and pretty too. You scored some wonderful finds.

  8. Jacqueline, You asked, "What is good therapy for you?" Well, for me, checking your blog out each day is good therapy. I look forward to seeing what you have found and love seeing how you use these beautiful things in your home. It's great fun and very inspirational. Thank you so much for sharing it all with us. Today, I will appreciate that tiny pitcher, and the monograms. Delightful!!! And, maybe I'll play with a few things I have around my own home...that is always good therapy. Have a lovely day!

  9. Oh my! Love everything you found! The plates are so beautiful with that delicate design---but around here, they would never ever be just $1 each! You find the greatest deals! Thanks for sharing them with us. As another commenter mentioned about people not "getting it", I am the only one I know personally who gives much care about linens and dishes and pretty and cute! So I love to get my fix with your blog!! Thanks!!

  10. Yes, The "hunt" is the best therapy! and you are so good at it! Love the sweet pitcher, the plates are my favorite... and more monograms, maybe you are the monogram whisperer?? you find them so frequently!!
    Hope you are good after all that therapy :-)

    hugs from me...

  11. oh yes! I engage in this kind of therapy regularly and w/o apology :) Your home must be so peaceful with all that white.

  12. Perhaps I need to try harder but I never see anything as nice or interesting as you do. Anything of value is always high priced so I avoid it. That little creamer is so sweet. I'm imagining it fits the fingers nicely for pouring with that little offset. The double compotes are so pretty- love the ruffle design and how the clear glass shows along the edge. Those plates are lovely! Great linens- you made out real well!

  13. That sweet creamer stole my heart!! And I do like the milk glass with the ruffled pretty! You find the most wonderful treasures including the lovely linens.
    Mary Alice

  14. Again another great find, or should I say finds....
    You seem to always fall into the best pieces, it's real excitement when I discover something super cool, here we have so many shops and dealers that you kind of have to camp out to be first in line so you have first dibs on something great when it comes in.

    Love that sweet French creamer... And that would be a piece I would bring home as well.

    See you and your lovely finds soon.


  15. What sweet little finds! The creamer is charming and the linens and dishes are so lovely. The Fostoria is so feminine and pretty. I can see these in the bath filled with soaps and roses. Or anywhere, filled with anything! :) One of my favorite things to do is hunting for vintage treasures. Hope your week is sweet! xo K

  16. Oh my, these are gorgeous linens, and the creamer is adorable. I love the white bowls too. You find the greatest old things. I guess I don't look too hard as I have some stashed away that I don't use now so why get more. They are so pretty though! Have a wonderful week Jacqueline.

  17. Coming from Coastal Charm... love that sweet little creamer, very pretty!

  18. Such lovely Linens.. you always capture me with them... The double ruffled Fostoria I have found two pieces like those at my Mama's house.. One is a pedestal and one short pedestal.. lovely. dishes.. Have a great new week with love Janice

  19. what a lovely group of things,especially the linens. I do believe those are Fenton and not Fostoria though.

  20. I love retail therapy and junking retail therapy is even better! you found a gem!

  21. Thank you for the correction Wendy! I really did mean to say Fenton! I'm editing it right now!

  22. Jacqueline,
    Gorgeous finds, dear friend!!!
    I went to an Annual Warehouse $ale that was a bit of a disappointment. . .
    so~o~o I stopped in at our local Antique Mall and s c o r e d!!!
    I found a serving platter and two pitchers of varying heights!!!
    I'm not especially found of milkglass, but your compotes are exquisite!!!
    LOVE the ruffled rim and the clear glass edging is elegantly made!!!
    Thank you for sharing your finds with us!!!

  23. The linens you find always swoon me. You have the most beautiful vintage linens I have ever seen

    I would have to say that the best therapy for me will always be painting or sketching. It has been ever since I was a little girl.

  24. I am taking my Mom for some thrifting therapy today! Your looks lovely! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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