Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Styling An Antique Baker's Rack

I've been considering the possibilities for this antique baker's rack I just found. Rather than loading it down to capacity, I want to show off every one of it's fabulous chippy rusty features.

I'm feeling that we are at the russet end of summer. And while rust colors used to be a major part of my palette back in the day (pumpkin colored walls and carpet, and deep colored sofas, for instance),  I hardly even recognize that person now! The old wool rug that blends with the terracotta floors is about all I have left from that era.

I've been looking for the perfect place for this old Victorian picnic basket that I first showed you a few months ago. It makes for excellent storage on the bottom shelf.

I chose a few willow baskets to crown the top.

The shelves are perfect for larger platters and serving pieces, and for showing them off!

And I like having a place to put these napkins on display. The cheery piles of linen can be rotated as often as you want. I prefer linens at hand rather than tucked away where you can forget about them.

Beautiful swirls.

The baskets hold bits that I have gathered here and there, like the sunflower head from the public gardens last fall. I almost tossed the dried lemons some time ago, but so glad I didn't! Their color seems to deepen every year. And I love the bunch of dried hydrangeas that my sister-in-law and her husband sent me in a big box last winter from up at the villa. 

A good spot for the large wicker tray to gather a few handy table things.

So that's me. What are you up to?
So nice that you stopped by for a visit!

Hope you're having a fantastic week!


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  1. I'm totally smitten with that amazing baker's rack, it's the perfect display piece. love all that yummy rust!

  2. Everything looks right at home in its perfect place on that ultra-fabulous rusty shelving unit.

    Makes me want to take out my oh-golly-I-spent-entirely-too-much-on-this-a-while-back pristine rack - I looooove the rust on yours.

  3. I am IN LOVE with this! Those baskets up top and that large picnic basket on the bottom rack balance this piece so nicely! The dried hydrangeas add texture and interest to this amazing baker's rack. If you ever tire of it... ;) Nice job! ~julie

  4. I'm a basket fan too. I love that white wicker trunk. Beautiful!

  5. It's just perfect. Like you grabbed some beautiful things that you really will use and put them in a place easy to get to. Lovely!

  6. OOOhhhhhh, can we say perfect patina? Luv it.
    Me, I am fresh8ng up the vignettes... we have at least another 2 months of summertime here in N.C. Florida, so I get tired of the 'same' summertime display . Have to tweak.
    Hugs, Gee

  7. Oh yes, less is better!!! All of your wonderful finds show so nicely. So says my Victorian cluttered heart! Have a great week ~ Mickie

  8. I am so amazed how you can take a rustic bakers rack and make it a show piece.
    Everything about it just makes you feel comfy and cozy! And I also like to have linen napkins around! Paper ones have their place, but linen has class!
    This morning I just put an all white linen tablecloth on my kitchen table and I got it for a song last week...
    Blessings, Roxy


  9. That is a wonderful Bakers Rack
    I know what you mean by trying to to load it down
    I have that trouble
    Of course what ever you do is just so dreamy to see

  10. Quell you know it's a piece I would have in my home, it looks amazing and that greyish basket, my heart is skipping beats over it.
    Jacqueline, I had the oppertunity of picking up a massive bakery french bakers rack from Paris, and I can kick myself over and over that I did not get it. Yet all I could think of is I don't have the wall space, yet I would move it I to the front room if I have to :)

    I love the paved floors, the rug, the rusted and aged bakers rack.... it all screams out my love for your style !
    Really this sweet space feels so French and I could look at this all day long and never tire of seeing it.

    See you soon


  11. You have me drooling here, Jacqueline!! That is such a gorgeous, perfectly rusty baker's rack. Love how you've styled it so it's graceful swirlys show off so nicely.
    Mary Alice

  12. Jacquelyn, your iron shelving is so wonderful. Perfect with all the right distressing, and then way you have curated the vignettes is gorgeous! Have a mighty fine day! Jo

  13. Oh, my! Such beautiful things to see here on Cabin & Cottage. Breathtaking and inspiring! I'm now following by e-mail for more beautiful ideas. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Joanne @ Sea Glass Cottage

  14. Hi Jacqueline, Be still my heart!! I love your bakers rack and the vintage rustic charm. Beautifully styled and inspiring.
    Enjoy the last of July.

  15. Looks simply divine! The rack is wonderful as are the beautiful muted hydrangeas in that basket. All in all gorgeous photos!

  16. Ohhhhhh Jacqueline did you ever see a piece and fall completely in love I did that today with the bakers rack. Ohhhhh my heart beat went a little faster seeing this piece. If you ever want to sell that piece please let me know. I had a connection with it right away lol! Just beautiful.

  17. Just love your chippy rustic bakers rack, so beautifully displayed with baskets, one of my favourite things. I dried a few lemons a few years ago and My perfect Mr France keeps asking isn't it about time I got rid of them, along with the brown dried Hydrangea, but like you haven't the heart to throw them away. Loved your pictures, of all those shabby chic items.

  18. It's such a gorgeous piece, and IMHO, you've styled it perfectly, Jacqueline. I ADORE the French script napkins too ~ so lovely!!!
    Wishing you & yours a beautiful day,

  19. That is a pretty bakers rack. In my old house I used one outside by the spa for towels, books, etc.

  20. Jacqueline, the baker's rack is just perfect. Just perfectly rusty and abused!I love that you didn't cover all that up. What is that painting? or door or screen behind the rack with the ship and the gorgeous colors? Have you ever shown that before? If not, you must..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  21. Lovely! Your chippy baker's rack is the perfect display piece.
    Me ~ not doing much of anything. Too hot to be outdoors and pretty lazy here in the house. I need to do some chores. '-)

  22. Hello Jackie
    What a spectacular rack and a perfect place to sit those great baskets. I like and agree with displaying napkins.

    Helen xx

  23. The baker's rack is beautiful. You styled it so wonderfully. Love the picnic hamper, baskets and tureen with platter. Just lovely!!!

  24. Jacqueline,
    Gorgeous rusty baker's rack, dear friend!!!
    I adore the pieces you've chosen for display!!!
    I've been enjoying Summer's Season in the Gardens and in Studio One!!!
    Thanks for asking!!!

  25. Oh my my my!!!! Love, love, love, love, love that bakers rack---and all your baskets, linens, and dishes!!!! Just so so gorgeous!!! I must admit to envy!

  26. I love the natural state of the baker's rack, the patina is just perfect! The simple way you've styled it gives each piece just that much more presence. Fabulous!

  27. So charming! I love the soup tureen pattern and those cute flower plates. Happy Sunday! Blessings, Linda

  28. What a gorgeous piece, Jacqueline! You've decorated it beautifully.
    i just love the clay pot napkin rings, and those ruffly napkins they are holding.

  29. Such an amazing piece Jacqueline. I love all your china, linen and baskets too. Off to Pin this gorgeousness.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  30. Helloooo Jacqueline!*!*!
    LONG TIME since I've popped on over!
    JuSt LoVe your BAKER'S RACK with fab hints of Rust!*!*!
    Jeanine Burkhardt


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