Monday, July 6, 2015

Patio In Process

Does your patio ever drive you crazy? Or are you one of those "neat as a pin" people that I envy so much?

Our patio gets stuffed with all kinds of things over time until it reaches a critical mass that demands action. The holiday weekend was a good inspiration for finally getting something done about it.

We are gone a lot in summer so we have to take a low maintenance approach to a patio garden. (I mean besides the fact that we are not gardeners.) So one or two trips to the nursery for plants that can hold their own just being plopped in a cachepot has to do the trick.

This is all usually done in May rather than July, but there you have it!

Ferns under the eaves are very forgiving, and a patio garden basic.

One of the problems we always have is taking care of our outdoor cushions. We have strong sun and monsoon rains on a regular basis and so it's not good to leave it all out. I know there are those giant bins you can buy, but for now I'm going to give this big wicker basket a go. 

I am relying on patio sculpture more for interest this year.

I was loving this urn after a good whitewash this year, but my heart broke a little when it had a terrible mishap.

I still like it, and maybe it will get a repair. 

A citronella or "mosquito" plant is perfect for patios.

Our herb pots are usually much further along than this, but right outside the door is ideal. Having them close by smells so good! 

A little bee balm, a basil variety, and lavender plopped together in an Italian pot.

Parsley, basil, and thyme. These all need their own pots because they really go to town for us!

Love this pink and yellow Lantana for a bit of yummy color.

A few creature comforts (vintage preferred), and we're good to go.

Now if we can just keep it this way!

How about a nice glass of ice tea?

Here's to more Happy Summer Days!


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  1. Lovely pictures. We don't have a patio but we do have a concrete back yard. I hate it, but its better I suppose than the weedy bricks that were there beforehand. The landlords were not interested in grass or any kind of garden - orange concrete was their dream. Low maintenance. I only go out there to hang my laundry. But we do have a magnificent fern there. It grew up between two bricks in one corner and I loved it, so when the concrete layer left it there I was delighted. I could put furniture out there but ugh, all that orange! So your patio is really charming to my eyes.

  2. Your patio looks beautiful and peaceful! I know what you mean - - our back porch has turned into the summer "catch-all" and I almost can't stand it... soon, I will tackle it and feel so much better! Enjoy the beauty in your special little oasis... Xo, ~julie

  3. So pretty Jacqueline. I am so sorry about your pretty urn. It will still be beautiful after a fix I think. I am not a fan of those cushion hide away things. White ugly I think. Like your idea so much better. We have hot sunshine and monsoons as well. Almost a daily occurrence in the summer here in N.C.Florida.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer.
    Hugs, Gee

  4. I am so sorry that you urn broke - I would love to have a gorgeous urn in our garden. Right now we are looking for a Buddha to tuck in between flowers.

    I laugh because my garden house has become the nighttime home of all my cushions. For years I left pillows in the garden and they just got destroyed. Now, I put things out each morning to enjoy and put them back in my little house each night. The garden house doesn't have electricity so I can't work out there at night anyway.

    Have a lovely summer.

  5. Total loveliness, Jacqueline!

    I tend to keep my covered patio space pretty tidy - except for all the dirt and leaves and such that blow into it. I need to sweep it a few times a day - and with my broken foot I am just not up to it like normal. Plus it is sooooo danged hot. I got out there for my morning wake-up coffee and prayer time, check the pots and hummer feeder, then go back out when the hot sun is behind the line of trees we planted 11 years ago. WOW have they grown. I gotta find an old pic of this house when we bought it - hard to believe it is even the same one.

    Love your patio and I am so so sorry about your broken pot. At least it's up at the top and can still hold water. Man, when I break something it is smashed beyond all recognition, haha. Have a great week. Hugs. ♥

  6. Very pretty Jacqueline! Looks so relaxing and inviting. I don't even use my deck anymore since the chickens think it is theirs and poop all over it. I try to make it as pretty as I can and just look at it from a distance and use my screened porch instead.

  7. loving your patio from afar. when we lived in ABQ the best thing was coming home to our patio in the hills where we could see the mountains across the valley. you make me miss it every time I see one of your posts.

  8. Your patio is gorgeous with all of your chippy vintage finds, J. Mine would be a modge podge for sure in comparison. We deal with harsh elements and even in the warmer weather, the rain and wind wreaks havoc. You have a great, relaxing spot. :)

    Jane x

  9. Beautiful patio, Jacqueline. Sorry about the mishap with the pretty urn. What about just planting it with something that will cascade over the broken edge?
    Happy Summer!

  10. It's all so pretty - just perfect. I love the plants and the architectural accents you chose.

    We just had patio/sidewalks put in last year, so our patio is just in the beginning stages. I hope to purchase French style chairs & a table this summer. The bunnies really are a challenge here, so I'm still researching/learning what will grow with a minimum amount of bunny nibbles.

    Enjoy your patio!

  11. Looks gorgeous. I love the salvage and architectural pieces you add in with the plants. Very pretty.

  12. What a lovely patio. The scattered pots of herbs here and there waiting to be picked to sprinkle on top of a salad. We spend morning till dusk on our terrace, most of the time during the summer months, each year I try to change things around.
    Enjoy your time spent on your patio.

  13. Your patio is amazing J! It looks so lovely! I know what you mean about the storage of the cushions---I haven't found a solution for it yet and keep my eye on the sky and have to stack them in the house till it's over.

  14. Sigh. It's absolutely enchanting. I struggle with my lake porch and can never get it to have this sort of charm. A different spot, to be sure. Nonetheless, I am entranced and in a different world here!

  15. Your patio looks very cool and inviting! Too bad about the urn - now it looks like a priceless 'relic'! Your plants look very happy in their shady oasis. I have the same issue with cushions outside...I like your solution. xo Karen

  16. I would love a small patio, but we have a lawn that gets chairs, etc scattered about. I would have an easier time keeping it organized if it were smaller. Love seeing your delights.

  17. Hi Jacqueline, what a lovely patio. Every little detail is perfect right done to the broken pieces although I am sorry your urn broke. I know you will put the pieces to gorgeous display. Yes, my patio goes in directions I don't like and that's when I know I have to start over and give it a fresh look.
    Your is gorgeous and inspiring.
    Hugs, cm

  18. It looks so pretty, love the white umbrella

  19. Jacqueline,
    Always, always pristine and exquisite decor, dear friend!!!
    I adore your Garden sculptures!!!
    This time of year, I search our local Garden Shops and Antique Malls for $avings on them, but they are few in our area!!!
    We've had unseasonable rains here on the Prairie, which keeps me taking the cushions out and bringing the cushions in!!! Not really complaining, as I'm lovin' all the lush green lawns!!!
    I adore your use of the wicker hamper for your cushions!!!
    Wishing you cooler temperatures and cool breezes!!!

  20. This post is charming and motivating me to get out in my back yard and put some vintage feel in it. Have a lovely summer.

  21. Your little patio is so cozy looking. I was going to suggest plopping in a pot of creeping jenny or a potato vine that can grow right over the side of the urn until you can repair it.

  22. You have the most beautiful patio area, Jacqueline...I can't imagine it every looking "messy." It's the perfect place to relax with something cold to drink. Just love the ambiance you create for all your spaces!!
    Mary Alice

  23. Absolutely Beautiful!! LOVE LOVE the stone walls!

  24. Oh, your patio is stunning! I would just sit out there all the time and gaze around at the beauty! :)

  25. What a beautiful place to relax. I can't tell you how many pots I have that are cracked. lol A little like me but I keep them around because they are still useful and pretty. I guess we are kindred spirits.


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