Friday, December 12, 2014

Decking Up the Bathroom and Our Little Shower Redo

We are doing some entertaining this weekend. Are you having company too? I thought I would dress up the bathroom just a tad. Not something I usually do. But I have always loved the idea of a touch of Christmas in the powder room. I suppose I am usually busy running around getting other things ready!

Turns out that it doesn't take much to do. I hung up some of my prettiest linens and then tucked in a sprig of greens. I spent a minute chasing down a bit of red ribbon, but I'll have to add that later if I come across it soon enough.

These were tucked away in a drawer just asking to be brought out for a party!

The light is coming from a skylight directly overhead lending an unexpected softness to this corner of the bathroom. This little stool is usually here with a more utilitarian look.

I brought out a small embroidered cloth that I had kinda forgotten about since I only use it during the holidays. Perfect for the theme.

I have a mini renovation going on in here that started out slick and spare with a sort of spa vibe. What was I thinking? Ha ha! 

After I added a ruffled curtain to go with the new shower stall, I realized what direction I really wanted to go.

We had a glass shower door removed along with pink and turquoise ceramic tiles. I would show you the before pictures, but I wouldn't dream of ever having anything so ugly put up on the blog! But here are a couple of "after" shots.

The river stones add a nice earthy vibe. (I have called this a little shower redo, but in reality we learned that two exterior walls had to be rebuilt in order to re-tile. OUCH!!!)

Greens in a pitcher fit here nicely.

And a little Frasier Fir soap and candle add to the ambience.

A few vinatge linens can add so much!

A nice and simple way to say welcome in the loo!

Lots of activity going on from here on out!

 But at least there's a little tranquility to escape to! 

(only half  kidding . . .)

I hope it's a wonderfully festive weekend for you!


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  1. Your bath is the prettiest I have seen in a long time. Can I live in your bathroom! The vintage print with all the white just whispers tranquility to me. I absolutely love it. Our guest bath has always bothered me. It is so dark and very difficult to decorate. And with my young adult children it looks like a college dorm!!! Enjoy your active weekend. Merry merry...

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  3. I love the pretty monogrammed linens...can't get enough of them...once you find one you just can't stop the hunt for more. They make a perfect backdrop for the holiday greenery. Your bath looks very festive.


  4. ihr bad ist wunderschön!!! ich liebe die feinen tücher mit monogram und spitze!!! ein schönes wochenende wünscht angie

  5. Jacqueline, its perfect and fits in with your whole house decor.....just beautiful
    I bet no one wants to dry their hands on those vintage beautiful towels.....that happens to me all the time
    ; ) enjoy your weekend .....


  6. Your cottage is just lovely. I love the light and airy look you've created with all of your lights and whites. So pretty!

  7. Completely gorgeous! Those stones will feel so good on your feet. I have a friend who once had an office where the entire waiting room floor was done in pebbles. It felt wonderful.

  8. I love your white linens, they complement each other very nicely, enjoy your company and have a lovely weekend:)

  9. Love your linens, so fresh and charming......LOVE the river rock shower floor, great look!!!

  10. It's wonderful to feel the spirit of the holidays and dress up a room often forgotten. Your linens add beauty in age to your room of calm when one enters for a bath.

    Thank you for another room of sharing over here.


  11. it's SO pretty, jacqueline!! love the river rock with all of the ruffles and lace:) your guests will feel so pampered! the crazy starts today for us--out of state family is coming in-merry christmas!!

  12. Hi Jacqueline, lovely touches in the bathroom for the season. So perfect when having guests. I did the same but used reds and greens this year. Love your wrapped Frasier Fur soap!
    Have a nice weekend.
    Merry Christmas

  13. Oh my, what a treat it would be to be a guest in your home, Jacqueline! I think I could come up with lots of excuses to spend time in your lovely bathroom. A spot of green with beautiful white linens is sheer perfection.
    Mary Alice

  14. Oh my!! I want the cloth on your little table!! So, so pretty. Beautiful as always!

  15. Beautifully soft and spa like! Love that shower!! Just lovely.

  16. Oh it looks beautiful and I love the Fraser Fir line....I can imagine how fragrant your sweet powder room must be!

  17. That is SOOO pretty...and just pure loveliness from the monogrammed linens to the embroidered cloth. Just gorgeous. Love the bathroom shower, too. That is a big deal-rebuilding walls! xo Diana

  18. Beautiful! Love the simple touch of greenery.

  19. This is beautifully done! You remind me of a friend of mine who could arrange things so artfully and beautifully. It's a joy to see what post.

  20. I love the stones in the shower. I wouldn't want to get out of that bathroom,it's so tranquil x

  21. Jacqueline, this is a surprise room that I have never seen. How special you have made it with your linens and the greens. I bet you are so happy to get rid of the colorful tile. Your guests will never come out..Happy Weekend..Judy


  22. What a pretty Bathroom, the lovely Linen and the smell of fresh greenery and the beautiful soap...
    and the old embroidered cloth...simple and beautiful and your shower....fantastic....enjoy your pré-christmastime...greetz Marjon

  23. Hi J,
    The new shower looks very nice in the big glossy pics of your blog, you must be sooo happy to have it behind you! The linens steal the show delicious!!! Nicer than a spa!!

  24. Pretty, soothing and exactly right! Isn't it amazing what just how bit of greenery can say, Christmas.

  25. Jacqueline,
    You put such exquisite details into everything you do, dear friend!!!
    Welcome to the loo. . .your guests will feel quite pamper, indeed!
    Today,in preparation for Christmas, we celebrate with the Joy of Music!!!

  26. I think it turned out perfect. It is lovely. The linens are delicate and very beautiful.

    Happy Holidays,


  27. Beautiful!
    Love the rock floor in the shower.

  28. This post is lovely, and the shower floor is amazing!!
    I thought of you this weekend when I was putting the polish on our guest bath. One of the towels that I put out was embroidered with a big cactus complete with Christmas decorations. It made me smile and think of you up in your mountains!

  29. Looks like the kind of room to have a massage in....all cozy and clean and soothing. So pretty!

  30. It's al so very pretty and thank you for sharing at my party. Merry Christmas!!!


  31. Oh my gosh, look at that perfect little bathroom! I absolutely love your new tile and that river stone - keeps with your color scheme throughout the house, but new and clean and easy on the eyes.

    You decorated it so perfectly for winter, too - love love love it.

    Isn't that fraser fir stuff awesome? I bought one of those mini potpourri envelopes to stick in my decor basket in the downstairs guest bath, and it has made the entire room smell so good - next year may have to buy more, as a really real and good smelling pine is a good find. Oftentimes the discounted stuff smells like cleanser, which is better than not, but more than artificial smelling.

    Well done on the bath, Jacqueline, looks AWESOME!


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