Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Layered Season

It's a wintry grey day here in the Land of Enchantment, as New Mexico is known. It's almost always sunny, but it makes everything feel more festive for the time being.

We have begun the first layer of trimmings. Being away from home for awhile has me hugging my own things a little harder than usual.

The mantel looks pretty with all the candles lit even in the daytime, but I wanted to see it in natural light through the camera lens. Not quite enough up there for me yet!

The little white tree has been put up. I like how little space it takes. I love fresh greens but haven't ventured out for any yet. It's early for that, but I like to freshen them up a couple of times throughout the season. 

I enjoy the simplicity of a single wreath on the cupboard doors, but have layered up my linens on the table nearby. (This is where my new lacy tablecloth ended up for a spell.)

The tabletop will change regularly for the next few weeks.

The small transferware platter that I chose feels Christmasy to me. A shame to cover it up with goodies!

Five layers here, from a thick cover underneath, to a plain ivory grain sack on top of the large monogrammed linen.

Starting off with plain white vanilla dishes for everything!

 A wreath. . . . A tree. . . .
If I broke my leg tomorrow I would feel already decorated for the holidays and not worry about it!
 (Knock on wood!!) 

I hope it's all falling in place for you too. . . .

Thanks so much for coming by for a peek!
(How can it already be Thursday???)


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  1. Have to comment on the brown transferware platter -- love that pattern with the deer in the 'cookie'. Your layered look is wonderful - so serene. That's in contrast to my house which is in the process of being covered in red and green; I'm too old and my family too set in their expectations to change things after 57 Christmases. I'll just visit your house through the blog to achieve some serenity!!! Thanks. Sally

  2. It's beautiful against the backdrop of that whitewashed adobe brick. I also love the way you layer linens. It's raining here, and you are right about the weather. I am in the low desert, and if it rains in the winters or it's gray it feels more festive to me. xoxo

  3. I love the single wreath on the cupboard, too. It all looks so beautiful. Deb

  4. I love your layering and that cloth on the mantel is absolutely gorgeous.

  5. I love your layering and your posts. They always gives me ideas on how to use my whites. I'm doing a pink and white table for our ladies meeting this month and I'll look at your ideas again to use.

  6. Your home looks absolutely enchanting, Jacqueline!! You can never have too much layering when you're using such pretty and festive whites!!
    Mary Alice

  7. So pretty and inspiring, Jacqueline. I love how you layered the linens on the table and all of your wonderful white touches!

  8. So peaceful and serene! Aside from the white plates that I covet, would you believe my most fav part of it all is the lone wreath on the cabinet? It's all so beautiful!

  9. Très belle mise en scène !
    J'adore le blanc !

  10. Your home looks so beautiful with the soft whites and candle light. Very very pretty! Have a lovely weekend. Pam

  11. Your layers are serene and beautiful. And yes, I do love that single green wreath on your lovely cabinet! Perfect!

  12. LOVE your layering! The mantel looks gorgeous!

  13. Hi Jacqueline,
    Your home and layers of white add to all is calm over here. I love all the whites here, your tree looks perfect in your home. My favorite piece is the cupboard perfectly white with the boxwood wreath of greens, I to love a single wreath hanging all alone up against a statement pieces as yours.

    Thank you dear for taking the time to visit my French Theatre holiday post, I am so looking forward to all that Christmas inspires from you.

    See you soon.


  14. Soft and beautiful.

    I haven't started decorating yet. I'm enjoying visiting everyone else to see what they're doing. :)

    Have a lovely weekend,

  15. Everything is so beautiful...lovely thing´s!
    Have a great weekend,

  16. Jacqueline, it is beginning to look alot like Christmas at your house. That is the sweetest tree and I love the simplicity of it. Everything is as it should be..Happy Weekend..Judy

  17. Your home looks so pretty all decorated up for the Holiday Season! I love the tall white tree...


  18. Oh so so lovely....adore that transferware plate with the sweet deer!
    Happy Holidays!

  19. So peaceful to visit here . . . and I love the layering.

  20. Hi J,
    You have me lusting for layers around here... the tablecloths are amazing, luscious!!! I had forgotten about your skinny tree what a big effect, lovely!! But, that mantle is anything but skinny, I am LOVING your FAT mantle... completely adorable, the fabulous details... little rabbits and paper crowns... it's good to be fat, ha ha :-D

  21. no matter what you take a picture of, it comes out looking so soft and charming, jaqueline:) love your mantle! and the skinny white tree is perfect! and the white cupboard is darling lit up and decked out with the wreath! thanks for joining in the fun with creating christmas!!

  22. I love your white tree! Your mantle is sweet and that mirror is just breathtaking! It all looks lovely Jacqueline.


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