Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Tea

As much as I enjoy tradition, I enjoy adding something new to the celebration every year, don't you? One of those things for me this season is this darling alabaster cherub. I made new wings for it, and it sits on the sitting room hearth for now.

On a table nearby are wings of a different kind just in time for a Christmas tea. A new little birdie teapot! 

The details are full of charm. I have since learned that there are a few more related products available. The little brown birdie and berries are now bringing cheer to our holidays, . . .

You may be familiar with the traditional New Mexico Christmas cookies called biscochitsos that I am serving wih tea. Flavored with anise seed and with the texture of a sable cookie, they are available everywhere in Albuquerque this time of year.

They are perfect with hot chocolate, so my new little teapot may be doing double duty! 

Hedge Rose by Wedgewood.

Adagio by Noritake.

Vintage cut glass compotes make for a sparkly centerpiece and stand ready to hold decorations or more treats.

Finally, a few Rose Point teacups by Pope Gosser show their luscious embossed pattern. 

 Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit!

I hope it is turning into a beautiful season for you!


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  1. A friend whose kids live in Santa Fe was just telling me about biscochitsos. They had them at Thanksgiving. Surely they have made their way up to Colorado -- must check the ethnic grocery store section! Thanks for the reminder. Sally

  2. Yummm. That flavoring really makes a great flavor.
    I have notied that many blogs have the word verifcation. Hmmm, wonder what's going on. It's numbers though.

  3. LOVE your birdie teapot and your cookies look so yummy! Thanks for sharing, and I do hop you enjoy lots of hot chocolate this season!

  4. Your table goodies are lovely and I love your sweet little cherub!
    I have seen many blogs coming up with a simple word verification now...maybe it's something blogger has done.

  5. Everything is beautiful. My favorite is the plate that your cookies are on. Well and I have a soft spot for the silver baubles in the crystal bowl too.

    I think Blogger has a mind of its own these days. I cannot find the friend connect to add to my new Seawashed Living blog. I do not want to join Google + and that is all that I can find available. Though four ladies have begun following me! And I do not know how they were able to? I am glad they are though.

    You may want to try going into your actual post rather than settings to see if you can remove that word verification. I have learned that when I disable my comments I have to then enable them in both my settings and post when I want them back on! That took me awhile to figure out! Good luck.

  6. Hi Jacqueline,
    Love your darling birdie teapot and all your precious touches.
    Your home is beautiful and an inspiration for "all is calm"

    Wishing you Christmas Blessings.

  7. How sweet of you to rescue that damaged angel and make a home and new wings for it. It is really pretty. I love the new teapot too. Your vignettes are so lovely. Enjoy. Hugs. Pam

  8. Tea with you is always such a treat!

  9. What a beautiful post. I LOVE your sweet angel with the musical wings. The teapot is darling and I love ALL your cups! xo Diana

  10. danke für die tollen inspirationen, eine schöne woche wünscht angie

  11. This is lovely, Jacqueline! Soft and serene. The cookies look delicious too. Your little cherub is adorable with his new musical wings. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!


  12. I do love the sound of those cookies though have never heard of them. I also really like that teapot with the bird. So sweet!

  13. Your tea time is lovely and the cookies so good. I have not heard of these cookies before. They would be delicious with tea.

  14. Soft and inviting. I love it all. Everything in this post is lovely. I just ordered a bunch of the Sadek items for my store. I had seen where Susan Branch had them too. Have a lovely Christmas and I so enjoy your blog and Facebook!

  15. I love those angel wings...what a great idea. ....and the cookies look delicious too.

  16. Jacqueline, your little white angel finally got her wings and very pretty she looks. Love the little tea pot. So sweet..It's almost Christmas!..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  17. On another blog I visited, the word verification was there, but one can post without filling it in. If I MUST fill it in, I will let you know. If I don't, I have managed to bypass it. Weird! I don't suppose Blogger would let anyone know...even though they have everyone's email. Must be an "enhancement" to make our visit much more pleasant. At least they aren't messing with you all the time like I hear Ebay is!

  18. What a lovely, soothing tea time collection. It would be so nice to try those cookie, and so nice to be in New Mexico!

  19. Jacqueline,
    A perfect Tea Pot for a perfect Christmas Tea, dear friend!!!
    The cherub is charming!!!
    Exquisite photography of the ethereal white Christmas tree, wreath, silver ornaments within the crystal bowl!!!

  20. Lovely! Love that little teapot.

  21. I love your table setting - it is so romantic and beautiful! I love, love your choice of China!
    House of Highlands

  22. Mmmmm... all the cookies and sweetness here! LOVE the cut glass compote, all sparkly :-) The cookies sound delicious... It is a cozy Christmas at your place... stunning!!

  23. Lovely tea! Thanks for sharing about those cookies, I've never heard of them.


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