Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Finding Spring

I visited no less than six junk markets this weekend. We had beautiful weather for kicking around in, and I had a bit of spring fever. Amazingly, I found the goods to support the theme in a colorful assortment of things.

I'm always on the lookout for old baskets like this nice big hamper. I also encountered a small stack of these pieces of vintage fabric in a yummy dusty pink. They are soft and hemmed. and would make wonderful enormous napkins for a country picnic. I've been tossing them over everything! 

A darling little side table. . . 

I couldn't resist this antique French platter that I had seen in a local shop weeks ago. It was reduced by thirty percent when I visited this time.

An antique transferware jug was my most astounding find. Fittingly, the name of this pattern by Doulton of Burslem, England is Spring! 

Such wonderful and unusual details . . .

I love the rusty yellow nozzle of this small vintage watering can that turned up for the occasion. 

I would never think to myself that I wanted a mix of indigo, mustard yellow, and pink! But it's all so "spring cottage" and cheery together!

I hope that you're finding a little bit of spring too!
Have a great week no matter what you do!

Thanks so much for popping in!


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  1. Is that Burslem piece pale pink on the outside? -- WOW! Unusual and beautiful. I think we need another trip to Albq. - you must have the best junk markets. I've always found the best bargains there. Sally

  2. You always find the best things. I need to start going to the markets more than I do the thrift shops!

  3. Hi J,
    Thanks for the big cheery dose of spring this morning (gloomy here)! I NEED to get out and do some shopping! LOVE the birdie plates, so spring and so adorable!! I am going to keep a mental image of the big pink floral napkins and picnics in my mind all day 'cause it sound fabulous!!

  4. Gorgeous finds as always, Jacqueline. One of the items on my wish-list is a transferware platter with birds - yours is lovely!

    Spring weather is quite a ways out there yet for us, but I'm with you... I'm starting to fill the cottage with the "signs" of spring. :)

  5. Glad you are out and about in the warmer weather.

  6. wonderful finds! love them all, esp. the pitcher and platter :)
    Thank you for the Spring inspiration!!

  7. Jacqueline,
    Thank you for the "Touch of Spring", dear friend. . .it's 26 degrees on the Prairie today. ..with GRAY skies!
    I love how the print of the fabric pulls all your new Spring finds together!!! Love the platter and the pitcher!!!
    Sewing today, not my favorite thing to do. . .so I welcome your refreshing post!!!

  8. Beautiful finds!! I am in love with the fabric....very unusual! I have a couple of pieces of a bluebird pattern...they are on my kitchen shelf as we speak and look so sweet and cheerful!!
    Blessings to you,

  9. So awesome and totally makes me smile. It's been grey and snowing all day so the pick-me-up was needed very much, thank you!!

  10. You have the touch! I never would have thought to put all these colors together, but your vignette in that last shot is absolutely yummy. You definitely found spring!

  11. Those are such pretty images, Jacqueline. A treat for the eyes.

  12. Dear Jacqueline, So beautiful and it all just spoke of Spring and lively colors. My kitchen has been slowly transformed into a French Country.
    It has the lovely mustard yellow and blues and green. It sounds like a bit much, but I just love it!
    I also have a beautiful complete set of flow blue canister set. I need to post it one day. I enjoy seeing all your treasures.
    Blessings, Roxy

  13. Oh, how incredibly springy! It'll be sometime before spring comes here, but I can live it vicariously through your blog!


  14. It's such a beautiful colorful finds.
    very pretty.plz do stop by my post for few words...Thank sujatha...:):)

  15. Lovely photo treasures. I have been posting for the same search of springtime. It comes for a day and then pulls away again leaving us with cold temps.
    Looking forward to Friday. They are saying 75 degrees.
    Your post is filled with spring inspiration. Love it!

  16. Of course I love your feeling of what spring offers in the way of Birds singing in the wild as your transfer ware makes one feel. Love your stoneware of aged beauty and the added colour is not overwhelming in your home of white paleness. I too have a thing for birds, with using places setting to charm what spring offers.

    Thank you Lady "J " for your beautiful visit and always joying my heart with your comments.

    Beautiful rest of the week to you, and happy soulful hunting for the beauty you share.


    Ps. I àm making a brave move on my part this week, I have been pulling out carpeted areas in my small cottage to then paint the cement floors, it reminds me of something you would inspire in your home.
    Will be sharing it soon.

  17. Thanks for sharing such beautiful finds with us. I am happy you are sharing some spring with us. In NJ winter just will not quit. Very depressing and frustrating.


  18. Jacqueline,
    Beautiful finds. My fav is the watering can with the yellow spout. Too cute. It is all beautiful.

  19. Such beauty! Love the pitcher, platter, linens......everything!!

  20. wow -- you scored some great finds. I love the pink vintage towels, the platter, and that lovely little pitcher! Everything looks beautiful together, too.

  21. You've captured spring beautifully!! That pitcher and platter are just darling.

  22. Really nice finds Jacqueline. I like the jug the most; the flower pictures inside make it quite special.

  23. Very nice finds, Jacqueline. Love the colours and they do look like springtime. Love the platter! Thanks for your visit and the giggle about where you store your goodies! Have a lovely day.


  24. Oh what a fun shopping trip that must have been! Love the finds, especially the fabric... it's too wonderful!


  25. I love the blue and white plate with the little birds on it. It's very springy looking. The basket with the floral liner is very pretty too. We are buried under snow here so I'm going to try to get out some spring things inside tomorrow to cheer me up. Have a wonderful weekend. Pamela

  26. What a beautiful collection of treasures....and the jug is my favourite. HPS Michelle

  27. What a lovely pitcher.....a great tablescape idea comes to mind!

    Please stop by for New Recipe Sunday and share with me a something new you have cooked lately

  28. Interesting and lovely blog
    JM Illinois

  29. I love the jug, its a beauty. I would have bought the platter too. So useful to have. I was also thrifting this weekend, its so much fund to find bargains. If the snow ever goes some will find their way into my garden. Can't wait to go back and find more treasures, you did well.

  30. Such beautiful finds, Jacqueline, and so cheering! We are still waiting for spring, here, but are ever hopeful! Wishing you a lovely week.

  31. Your spring finds are wonderful. I love the pitcher.
    Thanks for sharing.

  32. I love the blue pottery. I have found a thrift shop that has been very resourceful. I have found some pretty plates and loads of good stuff. I have become very fond of going there and spent way too much but I am now well and truly hooked. I have always collected linens and vintage things and it got way out of hand. I was recently redoing a bedroom and the blues are my theme there so I just love what you have found.


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