Thursday, February 13, 2014

Celebrating Grey

Ever since Michelle started her Grey Dey Thursday party I've been wanting to join in. I love the color, and have a big pile of French and Nordic books to prove it. But I would never have realized how quiet a part gray plays in my daily life and how much I would have to look for it!

The hue is like a reliable steadfast friend. A little taken for granted, but beloved just the same.

Supportive of so many things.

Gracious and unassuming.

Often barely there. . . .

Its subtle beauty underlies many of my favorite things. 

It was worth the hunt to go looking for it.

I especially love its weathered presence in quiet corners.

Its stalwart utility. . . .

Ever present, aged or new.

Pleasing in print.

Or stealing softly through the landscape of nature.

Containing endless possibilities.

Bringing beauty. . . 

Even as it weathers silently away. . . .

Cheerio 'til next time!


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  1. BRAVO and well done, Jacqueline!

    Love every single one of those gorgeous subtle-grey pics.


  2. Lovely!!! You made me look around and notice all the gray...and I was surprized!!!

  3. Beautifully done! a the subtle beauty of grey....

  4. I don't think of myself as using gray at all, but after looking at all of your beautiful photos, I looked across my dining room.

    There on a shelf were 3 shelves of gray items mixed with my primary colors. I guess I use gray without even being aware of it.

  5. lovely pics, as always, jacqueline:) happy heart day to you!

  6. All your gray is so lovely, Jacqueline... so subtle and supportive, barely there, but making things stand out and playing such a beautiful role throughout your home. (And you made another collage! I've missed them and this one is so wonderful!) Wishing you a Happy Valentine's day, and a lovely weekend.

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  8. I love the last photo of the adobe wall with the snow covered tree in front of it.

    Great photos!

  9. Jacqueline, all your touches of gray are so lovely!

  10. Grey is à deeper tone of white in my book of colour. I love all the grey touches here, and your kitchen makes me want to do mine exactly like yours. I love the whites, grey's, and darker woods in the mix of it all.
    If I stumble across some sort of grey object and it speaks to me well, then it's combing home with me.
    I really wish I were your neighbor so I could peer through your windows taking a much closer peek, or maybe you will invite me in from the cold and I could snoop around :)

    It looks so inviting and so beautiful.


    Happy Valentine


  11. Jacqueline,
    I was completely transformed into a tranquil state of being with each and every photo, dear friend!!!
    Shades of gray are serene and relaxing!
    I have a real "thing" for galvanized metal!I use accessories throughout my creative space to store supplies made from galvanized metal...trays, baskets, bins. . .
    Thank you for all the gorgeous photography. I absolutely adore the snow against the adobe wall!!

  12. Love this whole post and I am loving grey. Have a wonderful day ~

  13. Hello, I think you are my very most favorite Blogs! You are an artist that brings peace and beauty.
    You always inspire me to love and care for my home and to enjoy the treasures and the lovely things I have. I am always inspired!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Blessings, Roxy

  14. Hi J,
    So much loveliness for a "grey dey'. I have thought about joining that party too, and I have very little grey in my world. less you count the skies!! Is this new snow I see?.... in the first pic the snow on the blades of tall grass is magical, streamers whipping in the air!

  15. Its all beautiful but the view into your kitchen says it all to me. You could have just posted that photo with the lovely galvanized vintage bucket in the forefront and that would be enough for me to sigh over. just so lovely.

  16. I love your spotlight on the grays you have around your home. Some of them seem so very humble, like your wonderful enamelware pieces, yet add so much charm in their setting!
    Always a treat to visit, Jacqueline!
    Mary Alice

  17. What a lovely ode to gray...I don't have any in my home but it is a color that I enjoy wearing and it comes in so many wonderful new hues.

  18. Love love your beautiful Photos!
    Whish you a happy WVlentines Day!
    Hugs Kathrine

  19. Preciosas todas las imágenes de hoy. tan blanco queda tan relajante. me encanta la decoración tal y como la has reflejado.

  20. So DREAMY!!! Love all the photos.. But your white china is LOVELY!!!

  21. So very beautiful and inspiring, Jacqueline! I especially love the roses in the zinc bucket.

    I am adding more gray to our cottage this year. I love the soft, serene look. This week I'm sewing a skirt for the bottom tier of the baker's rack - a French farmhouse toile with grays & blues.

    Happy Valentine's Day,

  22. What a stunning grey post you have here. Happy Valentine's Day!!!


  23. Your platter/plate with the mug on is beautiful, what a lovely and calming post! Happy Valentines Day! xx

  24. Jacqueline, this is yet another stellar post filled with stunning images and thoughtful words. Visits here are endless treats!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

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  26. im SO happy you joined in on Grey Dey! your post is full of dreamy shades of grey. i especially love the platter.....SO beautiful! ;)

  27. You can make even grey beautiful, Jacqueline! Like magic -- such sweet vignettes. I love grey, too. xo Karen

  28. Grey is like the a woman whose beauty is revealed to you over time.

  29. Love your subtle greys! I love the china cupboard with your dishes in the background too.

    Pretty snow pics too!


  30. There's not much grey in my home, but I like it.

  31. We used to have so much grey in our home. It looks beautiful in your home. I moved on to color. Love your white dishes....

  32. That is exactly how I feel about grey absolute favorite !
    How beautifully written post !
    Hello from Florida !

  33. Can I get those note pads on-line?

  34. Oh, that collage is perfection! Love your grey.

  35. Top to bottom here - lovely photos. Love the pink crochet doilies on the dresser scarves and pieces at the top post! Would make darling pillows and purses.

  36. What a great montage of gray beauty! You described it perfectly too. Gray is so unassuming, and at the same time it makes everything else look more beautiful...



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