Friday, May 3, 2013

Staging A Spring Romance

The same colors keep turning up for me this spring. That didn't really occur to me until now. Green is a natural choice this time of year, of course. And pink is so often found in cottage style to go with it.

A little mint green chippy table is the foundation for it all, and the inspiration for this first weekend in May. I wanted a bit of ironstone for a farmhouse feeling, and a cheery embroidered towel to tie the colors together.

A simple ironstone pitcher is at home anywhere.

I never get tired of beautifully patterned transferware. A big washstand bowl can be used for display in numberless ways.

The romantic flowers on this piece never fail to please me. I like the simple motifs on the outside as well as the allover pattern on the inside.

A favorite vintage crocheted cloth adds to the spring romance. . . .

Are you enjoying a few of your favorite things this week too? It's been such a busy couple of weeks! I've been happily buzzing around finding wonderful things to stock my Cabin & Cottage corner. I haven't spent much time on the blog, but I've so much enjoyed your visits and comments. Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know that you stopped by!

A lovely weekend to you!

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Jeanette Ann O'Donnell said...

OOOh I so love mint green with pale pink,especially roses. We have those 2 colours in our bedroom and I never tire of them. We spent the day in the garden too. We went shopping for more roses, but they won't be at the garden centre until next week so bought another hibiscus. That makes 6, another of my favourite screening trees. They are still blooming even though it's Autumn. x

Shabby soul said...

How lovely vignette Jaqueline!
I love that little mint table, and especially the washstand bowl with roses, so sweet!

Donna said...

Very lovely pictures. Love the pink roses. Love it all.

SizzleandZoom said...

I love your linens. Every one! What a pretty idea putting pink roses in your vintage pot.

Merlesworld said...

Very pretty I can almost smell the roses.

Things and Thoughts said...

You have such lovely,vintage corners in this little paradise of the world!
You take nicely care of all your things Jacqueline!
Have a happy week end !

Ivy and Elephants said...

I must say you really have staged that romance to perfection! The soft pink is just the perfect pop of color.
Happy weekend!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely.
The colors are so sweet together, love the quilt in the basket under the table!

Glad your booth is keeping you busy too, must be working out quite well.

chateau chic said...

Oh Jacqueline, This is such a sweet, yummy, charming vignette!!! LOVE the colors you put together, and the green table...well, it captured my heart from the start!!
Mary Alice

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Green and pink are my favorite color combination. Love the watering can and those gorgeous bowls. Beautiful as always!

Lululiz said...

Your photographs are beautiful, the colours are delightful and the whole vignette is gorgeous. It just oozes Spring charm.

Dianne said...

Jacqueline, So sweet and you always blow me away with your creative staging. Your photographs are stunning. You have such a knack for creating a feeling with the arrangement of carefully selected beauties. I need some lessons! Dianne

Patty Wiles said...

so pretty Jacqueline....

Marigene said...

Lovely...that wash bowl is gorgeous!

Bella said...

Hi J,
Beautiful garden vignette.... LOVE that tea towel with the little lattice pattern, spring perfection. Just like that perfect mint green table, garden fresh! Happy spring weekend:-)

ImSoVintage said...

It's all so pretty and perfect for spring.
Hugs, Laura

Lavender Cottage said...

The pink container the roses are in sure does play up their pretty colour. The light mint green is a nice pairing with the pink and I like the embroidered towel.
Came across your name on a blog last week as someone was commenting on all your gorgeous linens.

American Cottage Antiques said...

So inspiring, great photos Jacqueline! Mary

Pat Cantwell said...

The entire presentation of this Spring Romance is exquisite!!!
I adore all the variety of textures within this staging, dear friend!!!
The galvanized watering can and the ties across the wicker basket are so elegantly displayed!!! Romance at its finest!!! I'm sure your booth is just as amazing!!!
Have a marvelous week ahead!!!

Art and Sand said...

You have inspired me. I have a bench I put in the yard and after seeing your sweet vignette I know what I want to put on in.


Kay said...

Jacqueline, this is gorgeous eye candy and I LOVE every element---that sweet mint green table is adorable, as are the linens, pink container of roses, wicker basket, rustic watering can, and that large bowl is so beautiful!!! All your photos of the bits and pieces of your vignette are fabulous, and I especially liked the one of the whole thing!! I love seeing how it all looks together and it is, of course, perfectly beautiful! Kay

val's alentejo said...

A lovely pink and green post Jaqueline..
My pink roses are blooming at Rose cottage.
I love your linens and cottens.
I am going to visit your shop..
you must have so much fun.
happy shopping ..

Haworth said...

It's impossible to pick one item to love from these photos, Jacqueline. I love them all. And they go so beautifully together.. your usual painterly touch. If hard-pressed to choose, I'd say the wash basin. What a pretty pattern, and I love that the inside is different from the outside. So wonderful and unexpected. Is the little container holding the rose plant made of tin? That's so pretty! Pale green and pink certainly captures spring in my book.

Greenmare said...

I am totally in love with everything about this photo shoot! I went through a phase where I skipped pink things, but now I adore them!

Cindy said...

Oh wow... what a great bowl!, and of course the ironstone pitcher is good anywhere... pretty staging too!


Sherry Hahn said...

I love green and pink! The close-up of the embroidery is the sweetest. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home! Happy Mother's Day!

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