Friday, December 7, 2012

On Gift Giving

If you had a choice of months to be born would you choose December? We have a large number of Christmastime birthdays in the family so we focus on gift giving for those instead.


But I wonder if we are really that unusual in not exchanging gifts as a rule at Christmas. What do you do?

Happy Weekend!


  1. We exchange gifts. I wish people in general, just enjoyed the season with caroling, hot cider, just an old fashioned Christmas without all the hoopla! I just think that would be so much more fun. But what we started long ago is now the tradition for our family, so we enjoy the time together.

    I love the gift and roses in your photos, and the doily is beautiful!

  2. These photos are just lovely, so many beautiful ideas! You might enjoy my recently posted projects with vintage hankies! At
    Keep up the lovely work and creativity!

  3. Beautiful photos. My sister and I both have December birthdays. I always loved the fact that my parents treated our just as special as everyone else's. Yes, we do exchange gifts at Christmas, but we have simplified our gift giving. There are so many other aspects of the holiday that I enjoy more.


  4. I have always wondered what it would be like for those with birthdays in December
    I think Christmas ...and the whole gift getting to frenzied and taking away from what should be the simplicity of Christmas.
    My thoughts.

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  6. Hubs and I seldom do- we think Christmas is a y ear round thing, but at Christmas we concentrate on others.

    We always buy for MIL, and for nieces and nephews and god children.

    This is the first year my girls are both in their 30s, so it is a cash gift for th em to take advantage of the after holiday sales and/or just buy something "spoil me."

    I used to go all out, and this year feels so much more relaxed.

    My Mom's, Dad's, brother and SIL's birthdays are in December - so I understand how that can be!

  7. I fear that I espouse Jo March's thoughts about the holiday, Jacqueline: "Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents!" But not for myself but for giving to others. I adore choosing (or making) small things and then wrapping them and giving them to family and loved ones either on Christmas day or whenever I'm able to see them throughout the Twelve Days of Christmas. (Although with some who live at great distances, our coming together to exchange gifts sometimes does extend beyond Twelfth Night!) But they are always small whimsical things... our family was never one for exchanging large or expensive presents. (Except when we received bicycles as children!) But with all your December birthdays, I think it's lovely to give gifts then rather than at Christmas, and to simply enjoy your loved ones being around. What better gift than that!


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