Friday, December 2, 2011

Red Checked Farmhouse Quilt

'Tis the season to be searching for things. Gifts, lights, tape, scissors, those old ornaments I put somewhere. . . . I hope you're way better than me at this sort of thing. When I found this gift bag at my little stationary shop right around the corner, I thought it would be a good thing to be sitting in my house somewhere as a reminder.

We're having one of those overcast days that may seem endless for some of you. But we have a dusting of snow predicted, and here in our sunny state it can feel very festive.

It's a big weekend. Everybody knows that you have to have your party at the beginning of December because all the other weekends are taken up. We'll be traveling all month to the four corners of the country, so I'm glad. Works for me.

I went and got my first basket of greens to spread around. They can stay right here while I decide where to tuck them. Stanny (short for Stanford Bear) is modeling for me, and waiting for story time. One of my many illustrated versions of a classic tale stands by too.

Stanny is looking a bit abject since being a bit over-loved last weekend. Seems he lost a button on his overalls. Tsk, tsk.

Another of our favorites is Mary Beth Owens' seasonal naturalist book. A page and a brief poem for each month of the year.

 All is spread on the antique quilt that gets a good airing in July and December, the seasons of RED at our house. It's old and frail, and deserves special treatment. But it's so wonderful for making merry!

It makes me feel all farmhouse cozy, and cures a little of my own frailty.

This is a new book to add to my collection, just released. I'm always on the look out, but I only select a new book if it has the right criteria.

The opening drawings charmed me.

And the pages depict the farmhouse I wish Santa found me at!

I hope you have a wonderful December weekend ahead!
Keep calm and be merry.
And Be Blest.

Ciao! for now!


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  1. What a cute bear and he has his own little chair:-)


  2. Wow Jacqueline, that just says Country Christmas in the sweetest way! So pretty, i love pulling out the old red quilts this time of year too............they really add that special touch to holiday decorating the country home!

  3. I want to cozy down in your pretty vignette and take in all the Christmas prettiness! You have such a gorgeous soft, welcoming style!
    I love the pretty quilt with the greens!

  4. So much warmth and charm in that sweet old quilt , and the illistations in that newest book are wonderful !

  5. Stanny is so cute! He looks well loved!

    Your quilt and collection of books are just charming. The artwork in the books is wonderful!

    Happy Holidays, Jacqueline!


  6. That quilt is fabulous. Perfect for your vignette.

  7. Everything looks warm and cozy, just like that quilt.

  8. Love the post and all the beautiful pictures. Before blogging I would only put quilts on the bed. Now I see them being used for so much more and love the ideas. I plan on getting more for my home now and use them everywhere.

  9. Love that red checked quilt, of course. I need to get that Twas the Night Before Christmas book. The illustrations look amazing.

  10. Love the red and white quilt, beautiful! And the bag it is the perfect sentiment for this holiday season! Laura

  11. That you use books in your vignettes and adore them so much makes me happy.

  12. The illustrations in your new book look amazing, along with your red-checked quilt. We are all blessed, aren't we?

  13. I would have bought that cute little bag, too. Wonderful quilt for holiday decorating!

  14. I love the has a soul. I also love books for the illustrations, this is beautiful. :D

  15. I LOVE that quilt...and everything in this post....such beautiful Christmas details...classic....timeless....


  16. I'd love to snuggle in and enjoy Christmas, but... I'm not done decorating.

    I hope you and all of your decorating join me for Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  17. Jacqueline, I love seeing your beautiful vignettes for the Christmas books. This post is delightful.

  18. Jacqueline, oh my dear, absoultely stunning!!!

  19. Lovely - the old quilt brings just the right touch of Christmas to your home.

    The home in the illustration reminds me of the one in the movie of my favorites, though is was just a movie set.


  20. thanks for reminding me in such a beautiful way to take it easy and enjoy the season!

  21. The quilt is so pretty...a lovely presentation, thanks:)


  22. Jacqueline everything looks so beautiful and I love the quilt/table-topper! I hope you have the loveliest time traveling this season and come home safe and sound. Do post lots of photos of the trip for those of us who will be staying home.
    Have a lovely Sunday!
    Tina xo

  23. Love the books and their lovely illustrations. That red quilt is a beauty :)

    CHRISTmas Blessings!

  24. I'm your neighbor at BNOTP stopping by. I absolutely LOVE that vintage quilt! It makes everything look so soft and relaxed to go with your shopping bag! We all need one of those bags at this time of the year!

  25. I love coming here and getting my dose of cottage. And that quilt is tops!!

  26. I adore your posts & pics...they have such warmth & character. Of course, all your red is beautiful!!

  27. What a wonderful blog you have! I love the coziness here with your beautiful red quilt. I'll be back to visit again!
    Merry Christmas

  28. I adore quilts..collect them, BUT, I do not have any that are vintage and this lovely! Yours is so beautiful and I just can't take my eyes off of it! Red and white vinage quilts are hard to fine! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

  29. Good morning Jacqueline. Love this post. I love vintage quilts and have some amazing ones from my grandmother, hand stitched and appliqued. Love the red one you are blessed to have. It just makes a beautiful display all on its own. Hope your week is wonderful!

  30. I am salivating over the beauty of that quilt ... all so worn and comfortable. And red and white to boot. Thanks for the lovely pictures.

    Mary @ Sea Quilts

  31. Your things are just beautiful! What a gorgeous quilt. I have a big basket of Christmas books that I bring out every year. It is so nice to curl up with a blanket and read these "friends" that only come out at Christmas time!


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