Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Christmas Scene in New Mexico

We've been playing a bit of the tourist in our own home town. Old Town Albuquerque has the flavor of Old Santa Fe before it became a "product."

Smaller, quieter, and decked out for the season, not a bad place to grab a bite on a rare drizzly evening in December.

Chili strings take the shape of wreaths during the holidays and are available outside many gift shops and produce stands.

The traditional blue trim on windows and doors is for keeping out evil spirits. But the spirit is festive and lively in these old adobe dwellings turned shops and restaurants.

Reflected light on an ancient banco.

The official Old Town Christmas Tree.

San Felipe de Neri on Church Street.

The lit gazebo band stand in the middle of the square.

Night is falling fast, and it's time to duck in for a bowl of spicy posole and tamales! We have to indulge a bit early in the traditional Christmas feast because we're not in our home state for Christmas.

I hope things are festive wherever this finds you!
Feliz Navidad!

Hasta, and Ciao! for now!

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  1. I always wonder in warm climates, is it hard to have it feel like Christmas? I can tell your town has the feel of Christmas, just gorgeous!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your hometown all decorated for Christmas. It looks so pretty. The big tree is beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and yours. Blessings, Pamela

  3. How pretty everything is and it does remind me of Santa Fe! I know you live in New Mexico but when I look at your blog it's hard to think you live there. Your home is so romantic and all. I don't know if I've told you, but we lived in Roswell for 10 years as our children were growing up. Loved it and it was not UFO city then! :)
    Be a sweetie,

  4. I love all of that..such a neat town. We used to own some property there but sold it. It looks beautiful all dressed up for Christmas! :D

  5. So pretty--I would love to visit there one day. I especially love the town tree and the festive lights nearby. The church is lovely too.

  6. Amazing, festive & just beautiful! :) Would love to visit there one day, thanks for sharing those pics! Here's wishing you a wonderful Christmas Season!!!


  7. I have been there! Not at Christmas...but I recognized it right away!! So pretty lit up!

  8. I love Old Town Albq., but have never been there during Christmas. Thanks for sharing. Sally

  9. They certainly know how to do Christmas! I'd love to visit!

    Happy Holidays, Jacqueline!


  10. I love these pics! Great Christmas decorations! Such inspirations and fun!

  11. Hi J,
    I have been to your Old Town many (many) years ago, and it is a beautiful place (and yummy food!)! I LOVE seeing it decked out for Christmas, so festive! Your photos are gorgeous and show it off so well!
    We are having Christmas Tamales too, I can't wait :-)

  12. So nice to see romantic old town once again. I love seeing a chile wreath- that one looks like pequin. I tried to dry a fresh ristra here- big mistake- too darn humid! Need to buy one already dried. Oh, having traditional northern NM tamales would be wonderful! It has been ages!! Hope you enjoy a lovely holiday season. :-) Sue

  13. Such a pretty place. Thanks for sharing your town.

  14. Thanks for the wonderful tour around Albuquerque! It has been years since I've been there, and it's really nice to see it decorated so pretty at Christmastime!

  15. …....... /)
    ……... ( , )
    ……..|░░░|☆ merry _(♥)_
    …¨˜“გª¤.¸::¸.¤ª☆“˜¨¨happy new year.

  16. Such lovely decorations and such a huge tree. Merry Christmas xx jeanetteann

  17. Thanks for the memories!!!! Happy Happy and a Merry Merry to You!

  18. Wonderful! I know you are enjoying yourselves.

  19. I think your town looks very welcoming at Christmas time.

  20. I so love Albuquerque. I've always said it had all the charm of Santa Fe but so accessible. My grandfather was a structural engineer for the Santa Fe and built the round house there. Papa lived there when he was in grade school. I made a post on my blog about his work there on the Albuquerque Santa Fe Roundhouse.
    Thank you for your tour of Old Town. What a treat!

  21. I'm not sure the link worked. Sorry, let's try again.

  22. Fabulous.. only left NM on Sunday and I'm already missing the festive air.. Great photos. It's posole and tamales at our house this weekend.. Merry Christmas, xo marlis

  23. Old Town looks so lovely at Christmas time. I would love to be there to enjoy some NM food.

  24. Ooh! I'm staying with my daughter and her family in Milan, NM and haven't had much of a visit yet in Albuquerque. We'll be in town Friday night, though, and I'll be sure to keep my eyes open and camera ready. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Lovely! Is that little shop window yours? Very charming!

  26. Thank you so much when I asked for help and you respond. I makes me feel so happy.


  27. What a pretty Christmas stroll you've taken us on...thank you!


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