Thursday, November 10, 2011

In Search of Lost Time

I'm a little bit sick. A touch of sore throat and an irritating cough. The kind where you can really do much of whatever you want anyway. But I decided to indulge myself and be sick like a Victorian. I think of Mrs. Wilcox feeling unwell in her library (I guess it is) where she entertains Margaret Schlegel, and tells her about Howard's End. The rooms are dark, and filled with treasures. Tables tucked in close. I want some of that for my headache. 

I'm almost always ready to take a fanciful journey into a book or movie. But when you're under the weather, it's like having a license to drive full speed ahead into your reveries. 

I wonder if you've noticed my penchant for tapestries. I love them draped over tables, desks, and pianos. They are like a little mystery peeking through the corners of your decor.  

I like laying one under the bills, or correspondence, or any kind of "busy work." It insulates and stimulates, and is great for armchair travel. Or feeling a little off.

This one depicts the turn of the last century in Paris, with its recent automations and modes of travel. A satisfying scene to place your laptop on in the twenty-first century!

The wonderful details make it easy to venture out into its woven world. . . .

I hope you're enjoying wherever your day takes you!
Ciao! for now!



  1. Do go right ahead and revel in being sick. I had a pj day on Tuesday and it was divine.

  2. If you are going to be sick, why not do it in style? Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Feel better soon!

  4. Awww, well at least you put your illness to good use. Nice post! That tapestry is really pretty. Sometimes indulging yourself keeps you from getting sicker too.

  5. How you are feeling better so. Sipping tea from that beautiful cup should speed recovery! Feel good, Laura

  6. Oh I hope you feel better soon. I'm just nicely getting over my 2 weeks of coughing! Beautiful tapestry and post. Hugs, Pamela

  7. Get well soon my dear. Sometimes we just have to take things easy and pamper ourselves!

  8. Once again I really enjoyed my visit!


  9. I love that mug. Just the thing for feeling more gooder. Get well soon!

  10. Ah, just the thing. A cozy book or movie with some herbal tea to soothe the savage beast in the throat. I find the English countryside to be my place of choice when I'm under the weather. Just last week I went there with Miss Potter. Feel better and until then...pamper away.

  11. Feel better...enjoy a little down time, you sure know how to do it prettily!

  12. Hope you are feeling better, Jacqueline...I've been down this week, too! Good time to rest and relax!


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