Sunday, November 27, 2011

After Math

We're just barely back from our Thanksgiving vacation marathon. I've missed so much online, and it's so beautiful catching up. Christmas decorating is so unique and beautiful, and I'm so dazzled already.

Thanks so much to those who visited and followed while I've been away! So nice to come home to.

Our house was full of visiting family that I had to miss because I was away visiting my lovely in-law family. Odd, because my in-law family all gathered in the gorgeous house of a family member who was also away for the holiday.

Everyone hit the door after long travels through airports and traffic at a crazy travel time of year. The two of us were still sick and wondered what on earth we were doing leaving home. I got singled out and all but strip searched right off the bat at the airport. It also took us two hours to travel just twelve miles through LA traffic at the other end.

You start counting up the costs and man hours, and get a bit curmudgeony. But when everyone starts to gather, it dissipates, and all we see is the miracle of love and cooperation.

We chose our absent hostesses' Potuguese china that she once hauled home in a suitcase. Our chef brother used the gas grill after finding that the turkey wouldn't fit in the oven. Delicious! Three or four other cooks dove into the search for implements in a strange kitchen.

The flatware on the table was gifted, one place-setting at a time since the reciever was a teenager, by the eighty-eight year old aunt who now sat with us at the table. 

A few in the group gathered flowers on a morning walk through the lovely woods of Santa Barbara.

I was assigned the happy task to arrange them on the table.

 I chose to simply lay them in a garland. No one was scandalized by the one or two stray ants that crawled out later!

It was one of the most enjoyable gatherings I've ever attended. Well worth the cost.

A little bit like camping out for a few days, and just as fun. The mix of young and old is so refreshing. At brunch the next morning my hip young nephew ordered a little hair of the dog Bloody Mary. Jane, the family matriarch quipped, "I'd have one of those too if I wasn't ninety years old!"

It all adds up to priceless.

Right down to the ponies in the paddock.

I'm travel exhausted, but so mentally ready for the rest!
 The SEASON has launched!
 Happy, Merry, Ya'll!

Ciao! for now!


  1. What a wonderful holiday. Glad you had such a good time. Beautiful table decorating and pictures!

  2. It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time even in a strange house. Your flower arrangement was beautiful! I can't imagine 2 hours to travel 12 miles! Certainly not here in slow N.B.! :) Now the Christmas decorating can begin!

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday despite the body search! The photos of the ocean and the table (fabulous china) are gorgeous. It's so interesting about the "round robin" of host homes.

    Welcome home.

  4. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful getaway!

  5. What beautiful pictures. Here in Sweden where I live we have a storm right now with the wind and the light disappears sometimes. It is nice to have nice weather :-)


  6. What a wonderful picture of a multi-generational Thanksgiving. The flowers and china are gorgeous.

  7. What a wonderful holiday! And it also sounds like a nice adventure! Your table looks so pretty as do all of your pictures!

    Rest now...there is time to do everything soon enough!


  8. Hello my dear Jacqueline, your holiday sounds splendid and the photographs are stunning! I an imagine all the travelling must be quite arduous! As I always say at the end of the holiday, I could do with another holiday! Have a nice week!

  9. So happy you had a nice holiday!
    I remember my Nana always wanting a juice glass of beer on ice...just a taste! So funny!

  10. I loved your table and the story that goes with it.. I know the feeling of wanting a bloody mary in the morning,, takes the edge off of the day. Beautiful home, Love the painting still. glad you are back safe and sound, but surely Santa Barbara is gorgeous too.. Headed to SF on the 9th.. maybe just maybe I can convince the driver to go to ABQ! xo marlis

  11. Hope you feel better soon. Love the plate!


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