Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Few Elegant Details

I like to get my brain warmed up by looking over a few pretty books or magazines in the morning. Inevitably I encounter something that gives me a good decorating idea, or reminds me of what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing today. You never know what will spark your creativity. I usually have a magnifyer nearby because I don't like missing the details. Because it's all in the details isn't it?

Nautical themes always catch my interest.

Little clothes are like delicate flowers. Do you see the birds here?

Lace is like an unsolved mystery to me.

There are so many similar graceful curves to the universe.

Beautiful china tops the list of elegant details.

I guess I need more lists!
 I hope you're enjoying the details in your day!
Ciao! for now!


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  1. Jacqueline Hey, if I visit your window is an inspiration to me. So many beautiful details in these beautiful colors, and submit conbined know very well what surrounds you. That beautiful embroidery! impressive in their details! thanks for sharing. Greetings, Rose Marie

  2. beautiful post and pictures
    love all your white ironstone too

  3. Your pictures are always exquisite, Jacqueline! You know all too well what we like to see!!


  4. Jacqueline, such gorgeous china, you always inspire me. I did just purchase a lovely white table cloth this morning, linens are some of my favorite things to collect. Yours are stunning as always. Wonderful post.

  5. Lovely post - sometimes blogger can be so annoying! Lets just love the beauty we can see.

  6. i too adore the details, makes you stop and take it all in~

  7. Beautiful 'details' and I agree with you, they are very important, they add so much to the total effect.

  8. I love your pretty details, Jacqueline...especially the little embroidered birds!

  9. Nautical themes always catch my interest too! What a great post & some super photos! And I am HOOKED on Pottery Barn's things right now. Just bought one of the $59 pillows for the bed in our new RV! Gonna do the bedroom in a "beach theme". I have spent a fortune but, am having a ball designing in my head. Charlene

  10. The birds are absolutely adorable! I love seeing how you use your beautiful china and linens. It's always stunning!


  11. Very beautiful details!!
    Happy WW!

  12. Ohhhh so LOVELY, especially that white china with the details!

  13. Such lovely whites, Jacqueline! I love each photo. I know what you mean about gaining inspiration by reading books or mags. I'll have to use your magnifying glass trick!
    - susan

  14. Hi Jacqueline, thanks for stopping by my Blog and for the sweet comment!! Also, thanks for clearing the 'Google sign-in' mess up, I was wondering if I did something wrong.
    Oh your photos are so beautiful and inspiring, I can never have enough lace, it must be like you said 'the unsolved mystery' hehe.

    Jannet (Jannet's Country Cottage)

  15. Your whites and details are all gorgeous!

    I was caught in the Blogger/Google sign in mess too. Seems to be working right now. Fingers crossed.

  16. Hi again Jacqueline! I just found this helpfull link that said to remove the mark at the -stay signed in- Box when you sign in with google and your ready to post your comments ;)

  17. Jackeline, my long lost sister.
    If we were closer we will never go shopping together. We love the same things!
    i just became a follower and will go back to check your old posts, too much beauty there. Blessings,Marta.

  18. Oh my gosh, this is all so breathtaking--WOW!!


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