Saturday, October 16, 2010

What's in a Frame?

I love photos showcased in vintage frames. To me it's as much about the frame as it is the photo. I found this hand-colored antique photo mounted on canvas without a frame and thought to have a vintage frame cut to fit. But that is not possible with all antique and vintage frames.

An interesting solution is to simply float the photo by hanging it within the space of the frame. This method also gives lots of flexibility if you like to change things out as much as I do! If the wire showing bothers you, remove it and hang the frame with another type of hanger hardware.

Rarer still, are round vintage frames like this French grey version. Here a small collage has been arranged inside making the frame itself part of the art.

A round frame also lends a lot more interest to a grouping than one with all straight lines. The upper frame in this example brings the smaller picure within it into scale with the round frame below, and echoes the color tones.

The oval frame displayed behind botanicals on this dresser not only lends height and focus, but interest, contrast, and movement as well.

I enjoy frames grouped together on their own for something out of the ordinary on a wall or leaning together, as here.

There is simply no limit to the ways of display with a beautiful empty frame!

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  1. I was given a pair of desk frames from my grandfather's office. I put pictures of my grandsons in them and they are on my desk now.

  2. Thanks James! I love that generational connection while using something simple and utilitarian. I'd love to see them!

  3. Hi JQ... Oh these are fantastic, very clever and very fun to build a collage right on the wires!! The round frame with the violets print, way delightful.. Love it!!

  4. How gorgeous!!! I LOVE the unique pieces you've chosen as frames. I truly think they make pictures even more fabulous to look at.

    Love it!


  5. Those are beautiful frames. Very rarely do I ever buy a frame for the picture that comes with it and vise versa, I never find a picture with a great frame. Isn't the hunt the best part. I love how you hung the pictures in the empty frames.

  6. Oh wow what beautiful frames and I love what you did with them!
    I have been a lover of old frames for years but only started to collect a few at garage sales recently. You have a wonderful collection!
    Tina xo

  7. I loved the idea of being able to change things around........the frames them self are art. HUGS MARY

  8. i'm looking at empty frames in a WHOLE new way now mon amie! Just lovely!!

  9. I love the pictures and other paper ephemera floating inside those gorgeous frames. Great post for SNS.

    Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage

  10. These are lovely! I'm your newest follower

  11. What a interesting idea to use the frames in this manner. I love your blog.

  12. LOVE this!!! What creative inspiration, JQ! Needs to be in a magazine!!


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