Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn Blue

 I don't decorate with blue, but if I did, it would be the gray-blues that would attract me. Casting around for Blue Monday blues I found an old Holly Hobbie calendar which got me down a whole other track.

 I was so inspired by her drawings when I was lucky enough to have raised my daughter in the old Holly Hobbie heyday. The greeting card line centered on the "Blue Girl", patch-skirted and big bonneted as she was. This later drawing shows a less whimsical, more romantic phase of the art which was also characterized by nature studies.

Holly Hobbie still lives and works in New England. There is a wonderfully informative website devoted to all things Holly Hobbie that you might enjoy perusing, as I did, Karen's Holly Hobbie World.
It's overcast and moody in The Land of Enchantment today. Much like in the picture above. Temps are dipping this week after a run of unseasonal highs. Being in retail, Monday is my "unscheduled" day, so oddly, my current favorite of the week. I'll probably scope around the net for some Holly Hobbie memorabilia, call my own Hobby Girl, as I used to call my daughter, and hear snippets from the lives of the upcoming Hobby Girl generation. 

Best Blues to you! Thanks for stopping by!
Ciao! for now!


Check out the smiles over at Smiling Sally's Blue Monday!


  1. Beautiful post! I never new Holly Hobbie was in New England(do you know where?)I have all boys SO we were into "Winnie the pooh" and "Smurfs"(VERY BLUE! hehe)...I LOVE the picture you posted, it looks like a blustery fall day, AS it IS today in New England!
    Hugs to you,

  2. Just beautiful JQ, I appreciate blues, but they have just never been my best color. love turquiose, robin's egg blue, I just don't use it in my home decor, unless in small doses. Love Holly Hobbie, I'm off to check out the website!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love visiting NM and will be there Nov 6 for a wedding. Of course, if there is any spare time I will stop and visit your lovely antique store.

  4. I love Holly Hobby. I have a tree ornament with her on it.

    Blues are all over--not only in our homes. Keep watching; you'll see plenty.

    Happy Blue Monday, Jacqueline.

  5. I love blue, these pieces have the right hues for my taste.

  6. I always loved my Holly Hobbie and I'd forgotten all about her until now!

  7. Your post brings back many memories of my teen years during the Holly Hobbie heyday. I came across a sweet H. H. chocolate pot and mugs the other day. Need to get it into my Etsy shop...

  8. Oh I love that plate. a great looking dish.I remember Holly Hobbie.

  9. Great photos - I love your blue things. Happy Blue Monday.

  10. I loved Holly Hobbie growing up - I had HH curtains and cloth dolls. Sometimes I see some of my childhood remnants at antique stores. Why, I JUST was thinking about HH yesterday while antiquing! I'm going to check out that site! Thanks!

  11. Hi JQ... Look at you rekindeling the Hobby Flame!! I haven't thought about her in years and like everyone else loved her as a girl:-)) I am not a blue girl either, but that later day HH is gorgeous... very whimsical:-)) Hope your blue skies return soon... I'm betting you don't like snow?

  12. love the blue shades.. not so bright but more to soft blue and very calming.. such lovely post! thanks for sharing.

  13. I REALLY love the picture that you posted. The colors are just wonderful!


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