Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gifts to Myself

 Some of the bests gifts I've ever gotten have been the ones I've given myself. Maybe it has something to do with guilty pleasure, I don't know.

 But I do know that I'm not alone.

 I'm not just talking about physical and material things. Although those things count.

I'm also referring to intangibles like time, and rest. Giving yourself space for friendship, talents, education, hobbies.

Indulging your small rituals like tea, or a serious magazine break in the day. (Teacup is White Chapel, by Harbor China Co., USA, vintage.)

 One of the best gifts I still get myself is Victoria magazine. I've always loved the small joys it offers in the merest details.

There is always something to dream about indulging yourself in, from a little French porcelain box...

To a trip abroad to Paris itself!

 I found this little box with the mark of France on the bottom for nothing in my own home town, but I dreamed a lot about France before I ever imagined I would get there someday.

 I love the travel themed articles, and objects.

 All the beautiful pictures are like smalls gift that keep on giving.

I love unwrapping the new month's past issues all over again. I find it hard to imagine which season's beauty I like best. But October is definitely at the top of the list!

I hope you're enjoying a gift to yourself today!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Ciao! for now!


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  1. Such a beautiful post. That looks like a magazine I need to get. Love your pink box.

  2. Your porcelain box is so beautiful! I just read today that pink and gold is an up and coming design trend. So feminine!

  3. Dearest Jacqueline,

    You are so right... To sit with a cup of tea and with such a great magazine like Victoria you 'own' the world! A world, all to yourself that is as you forget what goes on around you for the time you linger with it.
    Your teacup is darling and I love your perfect antique linens with the crocheted lace and embroidery ton-sur-ton.

    It was a treat to visit; almost as good as reading Victoria!

    Sunny greetings from Georgia,


  4. Jacqueline, such a lovely post -- and so very true! I took a much-needed "magazine break in the day" recently when I realized I was two months behind on reading the few I receive. That's far too busy, isn't it? So tonight, last thing before I turn in for the night, I gave myself the gift of soaking in the beauty of this post. Thanks for the treat!

  5. Hi Jacqueline, What an amazing post! Your pictures are dreamy. I love the porcelain box and the little Eiffel Tower and postcards. Outstanding! *hugs*

  6. Jacqui dear, your porcelain box is beautiful. some more in pink! awesome and so is this post of yours! Nothing beats the happiness one could get by having a cup of tea and good magazine in hand and enjoy both on comfy chair at the corner! have a great day!

  7. Lovely sentiments.....The gifts of relaxation and peace are so important!

    Art by Karena

  8. How right you are.... I rarely take the time to give a "gift" to myself.... but, one of these days I'm gonna sit right down and enjoy myself...

    Lovely post.

    Warm blessings,

  9. Hello, I came over your blog and had to stop and look at your beautiful pictures and enjoyed reading your text. You are so right about giving ourselfs gifts. Your porcelain was so beautiful :)

  10. Thank you for your beautiful comments and pictures. Thank you for giving us permission to do something special for ourselves. As busy women, we take care of everyone but ourselves and when we do, we so often feel guilty. I will work at the not feeling guilty part and taking time to indulge myself a wee bit every day until it feels natural.

  11. My Mother taught me to be kind to others and to myself. I make sure I treat myself every day with a little downtime (and sometimes a little purchase). I truly believe it makes me a better person, wife and mother. Even 15 minutes to relax gives me the energy at the end of the day to give back to them!

  12. How is it that we are practically a nation apart and seem to be in sync with each other! I believe those who love Victoria as we do also have a fondness for all things French! I love this post - you hit upon the best things we can give to ourselves -
    I have found that one of the best things I have given myself is this opportunity through blogging to meet wonderful ladies such as yourself!
    God Bless and thanks for joining me again at
    A Return to Loveliness!

  13. Oh Jacqueline how true it is that we so often forget to honor ourselves as much as we honor others....your pictures were just beautiful. Today I am going to start setting aside time just for me. Time to enjoy the loveliness....
    Tina xo

  14. I don't think the simple pleasures in life can be beat. I really love Victoria magazine and your proclain box is beautiful, Char

  15. Rosebuds & White, A Beautiful Combination.....

  16. I agree-time is the most valuable gift we have-and we realize it more and more as we get older!

  17. Hello Jacqueline,
    Your gifts are all lovely...I see that you like Victoria mag too, so do I. I hope you get to Paris will love it. It's my fave city of all!

    BTW, I'm having a gift raffle. Hope you can stop by and enter to win some cutesy things. Stopping by from WW.

  18. Love the simple pleasures of life. They keep us going in the hard times. Is that a new Victoria magazine or an older issue? It is beautiful!!

  19. ...All those images are lovely...wonderful to treat ourselves...time & joy...
    I see you have a link to a table top tuesday!...I had started on ea while back b4 I knew about the linky thing! I will have to see how this is done!
    Thanks for the inspiration and the tips!

  20. Such lovely images...and I love the idea of gifting ourselves, I probably don't do that enough. Loved your post.
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. That is my Heaven. Someday I hope to sit uninterrupted, enjoying a lovely cup of HOT tea (by the time I get to mine its always lukewarm) and get past the editors letter in Victoria. But that porcelain box is just too lovely.

  22. I am indeed. I'm enjoying my solitude and the peace and quiet. It's been hectic around here. I still have one dog sick. But otherwise, I'm a happy camper. I do love my magazines coming in the mail. Always feels like an unexpected gift!

  23. Pure beauty! You certainly have a way with sharing lovely thoughts. I always feel refreshed after a visit to Cabin & Cottage. Thank you! ~ Sarah

  24. A lovely post, and so true, we need to pamper ourselves sometimes!

    Beautiful tea cup!


  25. I, too, love Victoria magazine - I was a subscriber in the 1980s and missed it terribly when it took a break from publication a few years ago. I'm still a subscriber.
    That magazine has helped me shape, foment my style. Although I haven't wrapped it in a pretty bow like you, I consider it a present to myself.


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