Sunday, September 5, 2010

Philosophical Blue

Generally when you think of, or say, BLUE, you don't mean indigo. Indigo carries the weight of ancient history, and is a hue all to itself. It's a heavy, deep, and mysterious color.

I tried a couple of times over the summer to use my indigo pheasant toile tablecloth from Lucca, and it wouldn't stay on the table!

For me indigo blue works more for September than July!

And of course to balance deep blue, you use russets or orange from the opposite side of the color wheel. I got a few questions on a former post about my dried lemons like: What do I use them for?

Not for consumption, although they are commonly used in Persian cooking, and more often the rind alone is dried. I just like the way they look. And they do still give off a mild lemon scent. But I don't DO anything with them. They just ARE.

They also bridge the space here between the two-dimensional painting and the three-dimensional table arrangement. A suggestion of inter-connectivity and transition. Something a little M. C. Escher-esque. . . . The color INDIGO made me do it.

I hope you're enjoying the seasonal transition!
Thanks so much for stopping by! Ciao! for now!


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  1. Oh I so agree with you. Dark blue is stunning, but it really is hard to work with. It needs tons of white and soft yellow. Love your tablecloth and the lemon are such a great accessory. Hugs, Marty

  2. I have never seen dried lemons before, but I love the color and texture. I may have to do some for here for the winter.
    Indigo is one of my favorite colors, and you did it well.
    Hugs- Tete

  3. Very pretty, I love your tablecloth!

  4. I love that indigo blue, and now it's September! Go for it!

    Happy Blue Monday! Check out my book giveaway.

  5. Hi Jacqueline,
    Your indigo table cloth is beautiful, perfect for the feel of the new season :-) I love to dry oranges into pomanders for the holidays... I have never seen lemons! Love them, beautiful!

  6. Love your tablecloth-I always love toile. I am still hanging on to summer here but soon I will have to give it up! I do love Fall too but not just yet.


  7. I am a huge blue and white fan so of course I love the tablecloth!

  8. Jacqueline, this is such a delightful post. I love the indigo tablecloth from Lucca. We spent two weeks in Lucca, in 1999. It was a wonderful trip!
    Your vignette could be a beautiful painting of its own. Well done! ~ Sarah

  9. This is beautiful!! I m hosting a 50 dollar CSN Giveaway and would love for you to stop by. Thanks Anu!

  10. Beautiful tablecloth! I love the indigo!

  11. The Lucca toile tablecloth is magnificent. I wonder if next summer you mix it with the brighter yellow of fresh lemons..or limes or oranges, it might figure out a way to reside on the table for a longer period? Your vignette is gorgeous and sophisticated. Thank you for sharing your design. Cherry Kay

  12. You know--you are absolutely right about the bright yellows, Cherry Kay! And the brights are just not an instinct of mine. But it would be perfect that way for summer, and it's not too late!

  13. I love the tablecloth...perfect for now. The shade of indigo blue is just gorgeous! They look great with the dried lemons and those are inspiring!!



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