Friday, May 19, 2023

Dusting Off The Patio

Well, hello again friends! What a delight to see that a few of you have found me back already! So sweet of you to give me the kindness of knowing that you are visiting. It's been a bit of an exercise getting everything working on the blog again. 

But today I am just getting started dusting off the east patio for the season.

I habitually just leave things out here to chance over the winter (I am so sorry to tell you). But first things first. 

The coverlet and pillows need to be washed and tidied. 

I had a cotton bed throw on the settee, but just grabbed this big cotton drop cloth.

Last year I removed these faded pillow covers and sewed them back on to clean them up. 

Starting over with just a very few potted plants out here. As much as I love a pretty patio, I am not much of a yard putterer.

Lots to do! . . . someday, . . . maybe, . . . soon. But I will need to have something neat and pretty to look at.

In the mornings, the sun coming up is cozy and warm and cheering. There are really just a few bird sounds, but the swaying branches against the sky are peaceful and soothing. 

This little oxalis gal is taking a breather out here. She needs some TLC.

I think we're in business!

I'll take you for a wee stroll before I sign off for a while. And then I think I have some sitting to do! 

Valerian blooms all summer.

And the sweet peas will be coming on soon. They barely climb, but spread out wide. Roses are all in bud, and grass is greening up. Soon it will be HOT.

So that's me for now. Hope you are also finding joy in what spring has to offer. So glad you came by for a visit!




  1. Lovely! Thanks for reminding me that I love valerian and must plant some!

  2. Good for you! Take time to enjoy this LOVELY space in the mornings:)

  3. Everything looks crisp and clean. Love the flowers, and sunshine. Your pictures are always so beautiful. Debbie xxoo

  4. Your patio is so inviting. I especially love your two-level round wicker table -- perfect for tea time!


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